Must Read: How To Get Free Furniture, Does Buying Less Make Us Happier?

Christina Biagioli
November 1, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

A Golden Opportunity To Buy Real Estate Is Upon Us

Buying and selling real estate can be stressful. When is the right time to make a move? What is the real value of the property? Can you get a better deal or a better offer? No matter the situation, you never know what the your situation may yield. Sam from Financial Samurai recounts his experience selling his place in 2017 and describes why now is a good time in real estate if you’re a buyer. (Financial Samurai)

Generation Rent: How Millennials Are Fueling The Rental Economy

We’ve all heard about how millennials are renting homes instead of buying them (for financial reasons), but did you know that they’re also renting a lot of other things for a variety of different reasons? If you’ve ever rented a dress or a tux for a formal event, you might understand why foregoing purchasing a product in favor of renting it would come in handy – it’s good for your wallet and it’s good for the environment, too! (Visual Capitalist)

Everything You Need To Know About Scholarships And 10 Websites To Find Them

The cost of an education is astronomical these days, and it’s often necessary to go through in order to secure employment after school. It’s a smart move to apply for scholarships while you’re in high school to lower the overall cost of your tuition. Here’s how to go about the search along with a bunch of places where you can find some great scholarships. (Freedom Sprout)

13 Places To Buy Cheap Contact Lenses Online

Can you read this line? How about this one? Whether or not you need glasses and/or contacts, you’ve probably heard someone you know complaining about their cost – particularly for contact lenses. The less expensive way to purchase them is online, but sometimes insurance won’t cover any part of an online order. So what’s a person to do when they need the ability to see things like road signs and the computer in front of them but contacts are too pricey? We have some ideas for you … (Huff Post)

A Reminder From Science: Buying Less Will Make You (And The Earth) Happier Than Buying Green

A new study from the University of Arizona shows that buying nothing at all is better than buying green. Now before you tell us that this is obvious, consider all of the things you have in your closets and pantries that you never end up using. Ok, now we have you with us! What’s more is having less and buying less will actually make you a happier person. (Inc.)

Jane Goodall Was Told She Was “Just A Girl.” But Grew Up To Define Mankind

Jane Goodall is known for her work with chimpanzees and other animals, but she was told growing up that she was “just a girl” and was often laughed at for her desire to work as a scientist. Her mother encouraged her to pursue her passions and told her that she shouldn’t give up on her dreams. Now, Goodall, at 85, delivers this message to those who are working toward their own goals. (CNBC)

Your Resource Guide To Finding Free (Or Cheap) Furniture

You read that right – free or cheap furniture. This list is a great way to find just that. You may have thought that the only answer to getting a good deal on a new couch was by browsing Craiglist, but did you know that there’s such a thing as a furniture bank?! (The Frugal Gene)

Feature Image: Unsplash