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Must Read: The Salary Needed To Buy A Home In 50 US Metro Areas, Women With Different Salaries Talk Money

Christina Biagioli
May 3, 2019

These are the top stories in personal finance this week.

9 Ways To Reclaim The Joy, Inner Freedom And Zest For Life You Knew As A Kid

A lot of the time we live in our own minds for extended periods of time and it can be hard to remove ourselves from our thoughts. Remember being a child and alertness and curiosity was all you knew? Somewhere throughout time, our memories and plans for the future take precedence in our heads and we forget to remain present and take time for our imagination. Returning to that is how we’ll get back to joy. (Thrive Global)

The Age Most People Switch Jobs

It’s common to change careers at some point in life, but did you know that certain ages are more common than others to make a big switch? And certain careers are more likely to be present in peoples’ lives at specific ages. Here are the numbers! (Flowing Data)

Surviving A Brain Aneurysm Taught Me This About Personal Finance

Sharon Epperson, CNBC’s senior personal finance correspondent, was perfectly healthy until one morning when she felt a pain in her head and neck – and suffered a brain aneurysm. Her strength and recovery is inspiring, and so is her advice on why having her finances in order helped her family throughout that time. (NBC)

Mapped: The Salary Needed To Buy A Home In 50 US Metro Areas

Visual Capitalist has mapped out how much you need to make to be able to afford the median price of a home in the 50 largest metro areas in the United States. Home prices have increased in almost all of these markets over the last year, and they’re typically more expensive than the average $257k average home in the country, regardless. (Visual Capitalist)

Women With Different Salaries On Anxiety About Money

We all worry about money – having too little of it now, not having enough of it in the future, and everything in between. It never seems to end – whether you’re just starting out and making entry-level wages or at the helm of a newsroom and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Glamour)

How To Deal With Unexpected Expenses

When you’re going through lots of unexpected costs, it’s hard to stay positive about it – especially when you’re one of the 50% of Americans who can’t cover $400 in emergency expenses. Here’s how to work past that and prepare for any future emergencies. (Cameron Huddleston)

The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over

That brightly-colored wall in your town where everyone would pose and take photos for their social media feeds is no longer in style. It’s true! The Instagram aesthetic is fading away – much to the relief of many – and it’s being replaced. Let your social stresses melt away (at least in terms of looking “perfect”) and only feel the pressure from everyone posting photos of how “amazing” their lives are. For now… (The Atlantic)

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