MIstplay Gaming App Review The Money Manual

Is Mistplay Legit? Can You Actually Make Money? We Investigate

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Ever wonder if you can make a little extra cash if you enjoy playing games on your phone? This can actually be accomplished through an app called Mistplay.

Mistplay is a mobile gaming app that has garnered much attention lately and many folks wonder, is Mistplay legit? Can you actually make money playing games on your phone? We’re here to investigate with this Mistplay review. 

Mistplay At A Glance

Download Mistplay & Get Rewarded To Play

What Is Mistplay?

Mistplay is the app that lets you earn gift cards while playing games. It curates games just for you and acts as a testing ground for game developers so they can make the games even better. Mistplay empowers game studios to help them reach and engage mobile players like you for their games around the world.

Think of it as a loyalty platform for gamers on Android phones.

How Does Mistplay Work?

Think of Mistplay as a loyalty program for mobile gamers. The longer you play a game, the more loyalty points you’ll receive which you can exchange for gift cards. In fact, Mistplay is one of our favorite Android games that pay instantly to cash app.

Here’s what you need to do. Once you have downloaded the app, simply choose a free game from your “mixlist” and start earning.


Download Mistplay Now


Discover new games


Play and collect points. There are different types of points including:

  • Units = the in-app currency that can be accumulated and redeemed for gift cards
  • PXP = Player Experience Points. Users have one PXP level for their entire Mistplay account. Advance to a new PXP level to earn more GXP (and indirectly more units) while playing games in Mistplay.
  • GXP = Gamer Experience Points. Spend time in the game and earn more GXP to advance to higher GXP levels. GXPs are specific to the particular game being played.


Redeem units for rewards, either as e-gift cards or cash directly deposited to your PayPal account


Unlock achievement badges when you complete missions. Every badge you earn will give you more Units to spend on rewards. You can also enter weekly contests and the last contest of each month offers an epic grand prize. 

You can also unlock achievement badges by completing missions. Each earned badge equals more units to spend on rewards.

How to earn units on Mistplay:

Earn points on Mistplay simply by playing various mobile games on the Mistplay platform. The more you play the more you’ll earn. Earn units by advancing through levels of each game and completing specific tasks to earn badges.

Easy ways to earn Mistplay units

  • Signup welcome bonus – 200 units
  • Boosted games
  • Higher reward speed-rated games get you more units to earn
  • Gain Game Experience Points (GXP) the longer you play
    • Reach checkpoints by earning GXP to earn even more units
  • Connect to Mistplay social media platforms
  • Subscribe to the newsletter (sign up through the Bonus tab of Mistplay and opt into the emails) – 15 units
  • Join contests 
  • Refer a friend – 100 units

Is Mistplay Legit?

Mistplay is definitely legit. Mistplay is an Android gaming app that lets you earn rewards for playing new games. Earn points when you play and those points can be redeemed for gift cards. Get gift cards for places like: 

  • Amazon
  • VISA
  • Google play store
  • Uber Eats
  • Xbox
  • GameStop
  • Playstation
  • Starbucks
  • eBay
  • H&M
  • Nintendo
  • Sephora
  • Spotify

Is Mistplay Safe?

Mistplay isn’t a scam at all. Redeem your units for rewards such as gift cards to Amazon, Visa, Google Play, Paypal, and more. So far the app has had over 250,000 users per day, and over 10 million downloads. Over $19,000,000 has been given away at the time of this writing.  

Mistplay doesn’t sell your data

Mistplay collects and discloses certain personal information to the game developers including:

  • Identifiers:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Postal address 
    • IP address
    • Internet Protocol address
    • Age 
    • Gender
  • Internet or similar network activity
    • Browsing and search history
    • Information on a consumer’s interaction with a website, application, or advertisement
  • Geolocation location

However, they do not sell your personal information to other entities. You can see all the details here.

What games are on Mistplay?

This depends on where you are located as games and offers are specific to your area. Some games you might find to play and earn points on Mistplay include games in the following categories:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Card
  • Casino
  • Casual
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Roleplaying
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy
  • Word

What is the fastest way to get money in Mistplay?

To increase your number of units quickly it helps to have a play streak, all you have to do is play some games through the Mistplay app every day. Once you play for seven days in a row, you’ll earn a unit bonus. As your streak gets longer, your weekly bonus will increase.

  1. Make sure you play for at least five minutes every day
  2. Look for games with high multipliers
  3. Badges and milestones earn you bonus units
  4. Look for boosted games where the payout is greatly increased for a limited time 
  5. Refer a friend to gain 100 units

How does Mistplay redeem units?

  • Earn gems by playing games
  • Trade in enough gems for units
  • 100 gems for 15 units
  • 500 gems for 55 units
  • Once you have enough units to redeem a gift card, (400 units minimum for a $.50 Amazon e-gift card) open up the Mistplay app and click on the Shop tab
  • Select the gift card that you would like to redeem
  • Click BUY to submit your order for processing. You will receive a prompt to confirm your order before it is processed
  • As soon as your gift card has been approved (typically within 48 hours) you will get an email from one of Mistplay’s gift card partners with a link to redeem your gift card
  • Follow the instructions in the reward email to redeem your gift card

Check here for further details.

Does Mistplay Actually Work, Can You Really Earn Money From Mistplay?

Mistplay is not perfect. You won’t earn enough money on Mistplay to quit your job, but that’s not the point. It’s a fun app that gives you a way to earn some extra cash for playing games on your phone, which if you already love doing this is a no-brainer for saving a few bucks by earning money on gift cards.

Each gift card is worth a different amount of units ranging from $.50 on Amazon gift card for 400 units up to $30 on Spotify for 9,000 units.  

See details on gift cards available on Mistplay in the list below.

  • $.50 Amazon=400 units
  • $5 Amazon=1,800 units
  • $5 Visa=1,800 units
  • $10 Visa=3,000 units
  • $5 Google Play=1,800 units
  • $10 Google Play=3,000 units
  • $10 Uber Eats=3,000 units
  • $15 Uber Eats=4,500 units
  • $15 XBox=4,500 units
  • $25 XBox=7,500 units
  • $5 GameStop=1,800 units
  • $10 GamesStop=3,000 units
  • $10 PlayStation=3,000 units
  • $5 Starbucks=1,800 units
  • $10 Starbucks=3,000 units
  • $5 Ebay=1,800 units
  • $10 Ebay=3,000 units
  • $15 H&M=4,500 units
  • $25 H&M=7,500 units
  • $10 Nintendo=3,000 units
  • $20 Nintendo=6,000 units
  • $5 Sephora= 1,800 units
  • $10 Sephora=3,000 units
  • $10 Spotify=3,000 units
  • $30 Spotify=9,000 units

What Real Users Think About Mistplay

Most users have a great experience with using Mistplay and are happy to sing its praises. This user points out that you shouldn’t quit your day job but if you want a little bit of extra spending money Mistplay is a great option.

Another user points out that the app is good but they don’t feel that they enjoy many of the games and that the ones they like are slower to earn points with. 

This user points out they aren’t impressed with some of the technical security measures but otherwise that Mistplay is one of the best “play games for money” apps.

Try It For Yourself

Pros And Cons Of Mistplay


Receiving Gift Cards

No Credit Card Info Required

No Ads Within The App And Games

Free To Play

Pays Promptly (receive gift cards within 48 hours)


You Can’t Earn Direct Cash

Only For Android Phone Users

Earning Points Gets Challenging

Must download each individual game on top of the Mistplay App

Must permit usage access for Mistplay to track your time to earn units

Games must be launched and downloaded via Mistplay’s app

Low Earnings

Bottom Line: Is Mistplay Legit? Can You Actually Make Money?

If you are someone who plays a lot of mobile games, why not earn a gift card or two doing something you would do for free? Mistplay is great for folks who already love playing games on their phone. However, if you are looking for apps that pay cash and want to really make money, there are better apps for you. 

The bottom line is that if you are already an avid mobile gamer, Mistplay can be a great way to get a little something for the time you already spend playing mobile games. But it’s not something that can be made into a lucrative side hustle any time soon. 

It’s best for folks who are not busy with something else but if you are not particularly busy it may be a fun way to pass the time and make a couple of extra bucks. 


How does Mistplay make money?

Mistplay is essentially a middleman platform that connects game developers with players to test the games. They do have some ads in between gameplay.

The developers pay Mistplay so users can test the game and offer feedback and then they pay out a percentage of that payment in the form of points earned and redeemed as gift cards to the Mistplay users.

How old do you have to be to use Mistplay?

Mistplay is for people at least 18 years old as of November 1, 2021.

Is Mistplay free?

Mistplay is a free app in that you will not trade money to play however you will be trading your data and of course your time. 

What gift cards does Mistplay offer?

  • Amazon
  • Prepaid visa cards
  • Best Buy
  • Cineplex
  • Google Play Store Credit
  • iTunes credit

Does Mistplay have a PayPal cash-out option?

According to the Mistplay website, you can cash out your Mistplay earnings to your PayPal account. However, the writer was unable to substantiate this at the time of writing as there was no apparent way to do so within the app.  

Download Mistplay For Your Android & Get Rewarded To Play

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