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Is The Lucktastic App Legit? You'll Be Absolutely Amazed How Easy It Really Is

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Many people wonder if gaming apps are actually good for making some money on the side. One of these apps is called Lucktastic, an app that is similar to your favorite corner store that you buy scratch-off lottery tickets from, except it is so much better.

With Lucktastic, you simply download the app, “scratch” the ticket, and win or lose for free. Lucktastic is a popular mobile app that is giving users the opportunity to win real money by playing games and scratch cards. The app has been downloaded over 10 Million times on the Google Play store, but does anyone actually win money on Lucktastic? Is Lucktastic legit? Let’s take a look.

What Is Lucktastic?

With Lucktastic, you save the hassle of walking to the store, waiting in line, agonizing over how to choose your lucky ticket, buying it, digging for a coin or your keys to scratch it off, all to be let down by either losing or only winning just a few dollars.

Lucktastic is a 100% free-to-play digital scratch-off game (no coins needed to scratch). What this means is, no in-app purchases can be made to give some users an unfair advantage over others. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win.

The app is available on both Google Play and the app store. The concept of Lucktastic is simple- download it, “scratch” a ticket to reveal your potential winnings (which range from $0.05-$500), then hit claim if you’ve won anything or continue scratching for more chances at winning.

If you love a good game of trivia, Lucktastic is also the perfect app for you to add to your rotation. It gives you the experience of being on a live trivia game show, and like any good trivia show, and there are actual cash prizes and rewards you can win. 

How Does Lucktastic Work?

The first thing you need to know about Lucktastic is how it works. Lucktastic is an odds-based gaming app where the odds of winning are based on how many people are playing at the time. This makes it quite similar to its physical counterpart in that it is a gamble. 

There are no guarantees of winning, and next to no strategy to play other than playing consistently. 

Lucktastic calls itself a “free rewards app” because, in addition to the possibility of winning money by scratching off tickets, you can also earn tokens. Accumulated tokens can be used to enter different contests or saved up to redeem instant rewards such as gift cards from major brands including:

  • Amazon
  • Burger King
  • Gamestop

Keep in mind your tokens are not real money, redeem them for Instant Rewards or to enter Contests.

Here’s how Lucktastic works:

  • Download the app (Android only) and register an account
  • Play games and enter contests – To win any scratch card, simply match 3 of the winning symbols displayed on the scratch card.
  • Win prizes like giftcards, money, or trips

Heres how Lucktastic trivia works:

  • Download the app (Android only) and register an account
  • Check out the daily supply of trivia games 
  • Players will have 12 questions to answer on a wide variety of topics, like pop culture, sports, history, science, geography and so much more
  • Answer all 12 trivia questions correctly and you’ll automatically be entered to win the game’s daily prize

Whatever questions you answer correctly also earn you “stars” that can be used to enter free sweepstakes with cash prizes like jackpots 1 Million, Sweet Money $100,000 Thousand Dollar contest, vacation getaways, unique experiences, and more.

How does the Lucktastic VIP program work?

The Lucktastic VIP program is a reward for the most loyal players. VIPs get daily freebies like extra opportunities to win.
There are different tiers to the Lucktastic VIP Program:

  • Insider: Reach insider status just by registering your account. You’ll get access to enter contests and receive the secret email bonus codes. Snag your first daily freebie – a VIP Insider scratch card.
  • Bronze: Reach Bronze status by playing scratch cards and gathering crowns, then go to the VIP screen to unlock the next tier.
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond (coming soon)

Each tier gives you more access perks and freebies Crowns. Crowns are obtained by installing apps from partners or from the Prize Wheel. 

How to get bonus scratch cards

Lucktastic offers additional bonus cards every day from 1 – 5 pm EST. At 9 pm EST they also offer additional nightfall cards.

This is where the strategy of consistently playing comes in. With daily play, you get more chances to win.

Is Lucktastic Legit Or A Scam?

Lucktastic is a legitimate app and is not a scam. 

Lucktastic has been operating since 2012, and has millions of people playing daily and over 350,000 reviews on the Google Play store so it is definitely a legit app. However, you shouldn’t expect to be a winner every day as the odds of winning for the scratch cards depend upon the number of people playing the cards. 

There is no guarantee of winning of course, and the odds of winning anything big, say a paid-for family vacation, or a million dollars, is quite slim. You will also be required to watch ads.

For contests, the odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received. All entries have the same chance of winning and the winner will not be announced until they have confirmed their information. 

Lucktastic has already awarded over $10 million in cash prizes to players. 

What Real Users Think About Lucktastic

Real users of the Lucktastic apps have many criticisms.  The biggest one is that while some users have won a decent amount of money, most people who use the app are not winners.

Another common complaint from real Lucktastic users was about all the ads they had to watch in order to earn points and get free gift cards. Users reported having “watched hundreds” of videos just to earn a few dollars on a gift card. 

This recent one-star review mentions that the odds are not in your favor and you’re forced to watch ads.

In spite of these criticisms, Lucktastic still has a rating of 3.9 stars on the Google Play store, and 3.0 stars on The App Store, with most people saying they either like it or don’t mind it.

This user is loving how she won real money.

This happy player loves the app and knows that it’s all about having fun.

Lucktastic Pros And Cons

Bottom Line: Is The Lucktastic App Legit?

We want to stress to you that you are not going to make money with this app. This should be a fun gaming app that may lead to a payoff. But it may not. So treat it as a quick fun game and try not to get addicted. 

Is Lucktastic worth it?  Maybe. That’s why we’re making this post to give you the information YOU deserve. You’ll be able to decide for yourself if Lucktastic is legit or just another bogus app that wants your attention for the ads they put in front of you and doesn’t deliver any actual rewards in return.

Is it a scam? No. Lucktastic does what it says it will do. It is an odds-based gaming app where you can win money for free by scratching off virtual lottery tickets. But the odds of winning are small, and to win anything substantial, even smaller.

Is Lucktastic worth your time and effort? We really do not know. That is up to each individual to decide. The thrill of playing and the minimal time to put in can be worth it to some, but the ad watching and minimal chance of winning to others can make it not worth it. 

Ultimately it’s up to the individual player and their mobile gaming style.


Is Lucktastic legit? 

Yes, it’s a legitimate app.

Is Lucktatic safe to use? 

As far as gaming apps go, yes. Just remember that you’re not guaranteed to win- it’s all about luck.

Is Lucktastic a scam? 

No, you can definitely earn points for real gift cards in exchange for watching videos and taking surveys.

Is the Lucktastic app better than winning the lottery? 

This depends. Winning a free vacation could be pretty fantastic but winning the jackpot with a regular lottery game could lead to billionaire status.

Are there any other rewards besides free gift cards? 

Yes, but they are not as substantial. For example, you can enter contests to win things like an iPad or a $100 Amazon gift card.

What are the odds of winning? 

This depends on the game that you play and how many other users are playing at the time.

Can I use my points for cash instead of gift cards? 

No, Lucktastic only offers free gift cards as rewards.

Where is Lucktastic available to play? 

Lucktastic is a USA-only based app. 

How old do you have to be to play Lucktastic?

13 years old +

Download Lucktastic today (Android Only) and see if the odds are in your favor. 

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