You Can Get Married At McDonald’s For Less Than $400

Leah Bourne
October 28, 2019

We regularly write about how too people spend too much money on their weddings here at The Money Manual. After all, the average wedding in the US costs over $35,000. Who can really afford that? Not many people. Should people be spending that much money? Probably not.

Which is why when we heard about a little deal happening over at McDonald’s our eyes lit up: You can get married there for $381. Now, most people probably don’t dream of getting married around a Big Mac and a McFlurry machine, but imagine the financial possibilities if you simply spent $381 on your wedding and then went about your life. Taking into account gifts, you’d probably end up making money from your wedding.

So here’s the deal with what McDonald’s is offering: They have something called the “Happiness Party” which costs $381. The package includes a 2-hour venue rental, a party MC and basic audio equipment (for speeches, ect.). Then they also have the “Love Forever Party” for the bigger sum of $1,271 which includes a 2-hour venue rental, balloon wedding rings, a balloon bouquet and a party MC.

“We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating,” McDonald’s spokesperson Jessica Lee told CNBC in a statement. “McDonald’s is where their love stories grew.”

Unfortunately this is only available in Hong Kong at the moment, and there is no word on whether they will expand. Whether or not they ever do though, it’s a nice reminder that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a wedding, you barely need to spend any money at all, to make it a special occasion. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an emergency fund rather than pictures of a fancy wedding that you couldn’t really afford? Just something to think about.

All Images: YouTube