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Money Pickle Review [2024] Find a Financial Advisor

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Convenience is everything. 

Uber lets you easily summon a ride. DoorDash delivers food to your doorstep. 

But for getting financial advice, most people think you need a face-to-face interaction with a financial planner or an established relationship with an investment firm.

Money Pickle’s goal is to change all that. In a time when only 29 percent of people work with a financial planner, Money Pickle’s goal is to aggressively increase that statistic. 

In this Money Pickle review, I dive into what the app offers, what people like about it, and I’ll help you decide if it’s worth your time. 

What is Money Pickle?

Money Pickle is a website that helps people connect with financial advisors (referred to as “Pickle Pros”) simply and securely. In other words, Money Pickle acts as a “bridge” between the average person and financial planning professionals. 

Clients can schedule phone calls or video consultations for guidance on all things financial, from getting out of debt, paying for college, or planning for retirement. For example, if you have money to invest but don’t know how to get started, a Pickle Pro can help you decide if you want to invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

A view of a Money Pickle “schedule a call with an advisor” calendar. 
Money Pickle makes getting in touch with a trustworthy financial advisor easy. 
Source: Money Pickle

You can also get questions answered about how to minimize your tax liability. If you have recently come into an inheritance, an adviser can give you guidance on how to shield the inheritance from taxes and use it to build wealth. If you are in debt, an adviser can help you build a strategy to reduce or eliminate it.

Money Pickle advisors can even guide you on how to handle life events such as buying a home, paying for higher education, starting a business, or getting married. They can also help with alternative investments such as cryptocurrency.

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Now, Money Pickle won’t help you get free money, but it will put you in touch with advisors who can help your money work for you.

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How Does Money Pickle Work?

Getting started with Money Pickle is easy. 

The first step is answering a series of questions regarding your financial situation and preferences relating to the type of advice you need. The questions are pretty basic, like “What is your annual household income?” and “What kind of assets do you own?” And the entire survey takes only a few minutes to fill out. 

Once the form is complete, you can schedule a time for a free phone call or video consultation with a financial adviser. Money Pickle will provide you with a secure meeting link for the phone or video call.

There is no cost to the user for the initial consultation with a financial advisor. Any future contacts or subsequent services will be based on the rates that a particular advisor charges for their services.

Even if the initial consultation with your Pickle Pro just doesn’t give you the answers you need, you have options. Money Pickle solicits feedback from users about their advisor consultation. In some instances, Money Pickle will accommodate requests to change to a different advisor if the first consultation doesn’t address the client’s needs or meet their expectations.

*Note: It looks like there used to be a Money Pickle mobile app for iOS and Android, but it has since been removed from app stores. Be sure to check back here for any updates on a new app!

Is Money Pickle Legit?

Yes, Money Pickle is a legitimate financial services platform. 

Clients can rest assured knowing that all of the Money Pickle advisors come with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the financial industry and a Series 65 and/or Series 66 registration. This is important because the registration means the advisor is licensed to give investment and financial advice. 

A Money Pickle checklist of questions for individuals to ask a financial advisor before agreeing to work with them. 
Money Pickle provides consumers with educational resources to make informed financial decisions.
Source: Money Pickle

While doing research for this Money Pickle review, I found out that the company was started by three Michigan State University graduate students. Co-founder Brenton Thurman noticed that almost all of the clients at the financial firm where he worked were older, high-net-worth individuals. 

He realized that many middle and lower-class folks felt like they were locked out of the financial planning world. They felt like they either didn’t have enough money to get started or simply didn’t know where to start. 

So, Brenton and his co-founders decided to develop a platform that would make sound financial advice available to anyone, regardless of what stage of financial success they had attained.

Is Money Pickle Safe?

Yes, Money Pickle is safe. Money Pickle ensures safety for their customers in several ways. 

First, Money Pickle uses secure socket layers (SSL) in its information collection and connectivity to financial services pros. This protects the information that you provide to Money Pickle and ensures the confidentiality of your conversations with the Pickle Pros.

Money Pickle also thoroughly checks the professionals they work with for things like professional experience or certifications to ensure that they are acting in the best interests of their users and advises them on the best way to invest money.

Money Pickle checks references and certifications (Certified Financial Planner, Series 65, Series 66). The company also checks with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to ensure the advisor has a clean history with both current and former clients.

Pros and Cons of Money Pickle

Easy to use on both PCs and mobile devices. No app necessary.Fees for additional consultations are not made available until after the initial consultation.
Free initial consultation.The platform is young (founded in 2021). The advisor pool may be limited.
Accessible for all income, savings, investment, and asset levels.
Fully vetted fiduciary financial professionals.

Money Pickle Reviews

While Money Pickle reviews are not as numerous as other more established financial firms, it has been reviewed by several financial and tech websites. 

Google Reviews has given Money Pickle an almost perfect rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. One of the things reviewers noted was that Pickle Pros made them feel like their time was not wasted with real progress being made toward improving their financial situation.

A five star Money Pickle review from someone who had a wonderful experience. 
A Money Pickle review comment describing an initial consultation with a “Pickle Pro.”
Source: Google

Other reviewers have mentioned that they continued their relationship with their adviser after the initial consultation.

A positive Money Pickle review from someone who decided to continue working with their advisor after the initial consultation. 
A Money Pickle review describing a continued relationship with an adviser.
Source: Google 

Also, while scheduling hiccups do occur, the Money Pickle customer service department resolved the issue quickly.

A four-star Money Pickle review from someone who had a good customer service experience. 
A Money Pickle review describing how a problem was resolved by customer service.
Source: Google 

Money Pickle Reviews Reddit

For being a relatively young platform, Money Pickle has received favorable reviews from Reddit users. 

On Reddit’s r/CFP subreddit thread, users have lauded Money Pickle’s virtual appointment system as “Very high quality.”

A person on Reddit asking others for help getting in touch with a financial advisor. 
Reddit question looking for reputable appointment scheduling for financial adviser.
Source: Reddit
A person on Reddit recommending Money Pickle to easily get in touch with a financial advisor. 
Reddit response to above question recommending Money Pickle.
Source: Reddit

Money Pickle Reviews BBB

Money Pickle’s status as a fairly young app means it has not established the longevity of its much older competitors. As a result, Money Pickle has yet to be reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

But, Money Pickle has taken proper compliance steps by being registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It also offers full disclosures of how it operates on its website. All of this shows that the company takes very seriously its fiduciary responsibility to clients.

Is Money Pickle Worth It?

While Money Pickle’s advisors can meet a user at whatever stage of financial stability they are currently at, Money Pickle is most advantageous for those just starting out with a financial advisor. Money Pickle makes it easy to connect with an advisor who will give unbiased advice on the best ways to get a solid foundation in financial management, investing, and planning for the future.

Money Pickle sets itself apart from its competitors by being a platform that makes personalized financial advice easy to access and available to anyone. Its user interface is intuitive, and the scheduling options are flexible. The Pickle Pros are advisers who have been rigorously vetted. And for an initial consultation, it’s hard to beat free.

Money Pickle provides value to its users by being a bridge for the average person to financial advice that was once thought to be inaccessible. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Money Pickle

What Are Alternatives to Money Pickle? 

Here are some financial platforms that are similar to Money Pickle:

Each of these platforms has the advantage of having a longer history than Money Pickle. This may result in a deeper bench of financial advisors than Money Pickle may have access to.

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What is The Catch With Money Pickle?

If there is a “catch” with Money Pickle, it is the fact that the fees for advisors are not disclosed until after the initial consultation. This lack of (initial) transparency may give users pause when deciding whether they want to use the platform. 

Is Money Pickle a Scam?

Money Pickle isn’t a scam. It delivers on its promise to provide fee-free initial consultations from trusted financial advisors. Advisors pay a fee to use the platform. Those advisors, in turn, have the opportunity to connect with prospective future clients by providing consultations through the Money Pickle platform.