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Rocket Money vs Copilot [2024]

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Stressed about money? You’ve got company. 

A recent survey found that 72% of Americans felt financial stress in the previous month. 

Budgeting is one way to alleviate stress and improve your finances. And it’s easier than ever thanks to budgeting apps like Rocket Money and Copilot.

Both of these platforms can help you set goals and track your progress. So, which is better?

In this Rocket Money vs Copilot breakdown, I’ll explain exactly how these apps work. That way, you can choose between them and feel confident you’re making the right decision!

Rocket Money vs Copilot Overview

At first glance, Rocket Money and Copilot are practically the same thing: a budgeting app that helps you understand your spending habits and meet your financial goals.

But there are actually some serious differences, and they make the Rocket Money vs Copilot decision a tough one!

Let’s take a closer look at how each platform operates.

What is Rocket Money and How Does Rocket Money Work?

Rocket Money is a personal finance and budgeting app available for iOS and Android. You can also access the platform through a web browser. This accessibility gives Rocket Money a big leg up in the Rocket Money vs Copilot debate. 

The Rocket Money app has some pretty incredible features:

  • Budgeting: You can set spending limits by category, giving you more control of where your money goes. 
  • Spending Insights: When you see your transactions divided by category, it can help you cut down on unnecessary spending. 
  • Credit Score: Not only will you get your score, but you’ll also see something even more important: the reasons behind the score. These details can help you make important changes in your habits. 
  • Net Worth Tracker: How much money do you have to your name, really? Rocket Money looks at your debts and assets before giving you a figure. 
  • Smart Savings: Not only will Rocket Money set you up with a savings account that’s insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), but it will also let you schedule automatic deposits. 
  • Subscription Manager: From streaming services to digital newsletters, you’ve probably got a lot of monthly subscriptions. Rocket Money compiles them for you, and then it helps you cancel the ones you don’t want. 
  • Bill Negotiation: For an extra cost, the folks at Rocket Money will do what it takes, including waiting on hold, to try to lower your bills. 

Those last two features, the subscription manager and bill negotiation, set Rocket Money apart in the Rocket Monet vs Copilot conversation. These are add-ons that Copilot and most other budgeting apps simply don’t offer. That’s why Rocket Money is a good choice for anyone who wants some “heavy artillery” in their fight against overspending. 

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Using Rocket Money is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Create a Rocket Money account. You can download the Rocket Money app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or simply head to the official Rocket Money website and click “Get Started.” 
  2. Choose between the free version and a paid “Premium” subscription. You can also try Premium with a 7-day free trial. 
  3. Sync your existing financial accounts to the Rocket Money app. From bank accounts to investment platforms, you can bring everything together in a single space, and the details will appear automatically. 

From there, you can start completing tasks like creating budgets, canceling subscriptions, tracking your spending – you know, all the stuff that will improve your financial standing!

Interested in Rocket Money? Learn even more with this full Rocket Money review.

A cell phone displaying Rocket Money's spending categories.
Rocket Money will track how much money you spend in certain categories. 
Source: Rocket Money

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What is Copilot and How Does Copilot Work?

Copilot is a money-tracker app that’s available for iOS, but not Android or Windows.

So, if you don’t have an Apple device, then Copilot is the clear loser in the Rocket Money vs Copilot debate. You can’t even use it!

But if you have a Mac or iPhone, then Copilot is seriously worth considering.

Copilot’s main function is to track key components of your financial activity, including:

  • Spending: Copilot’s artificial intelligence (AI) will place your purchases into separate categories, allowing you to see where your money is going. You can also track recurring expenses like mortgage payments, utility bills, and subscriptions.
  • Budgets: You can even set your budgets to “roll over,” so if you remain under your budget one month, you can treat yourself the next month with the money you’ve saved.
  • Investments: You can track the performance of all your assets, from stocks to crypto, in a single space.
  • Net worth: Copilot will look at your complete financial situation and tell you how much you’re worth.

All of this information will appear within a user-friendly dashboard. You’ll feel like an air-traffic controller, assessing your financial details on a single screen!

Getting started with Copilot is easy. All you have to do is download the Copilot app. You can find it on the Apple App Store or head to the official Copilot website and click “Download” at the bottom of the first page.

A screenshot of the Copilot financial dashboard.
Copilot gives you an all-in-one dashboard for financial information. 
Source: Copilot

Rocket Money vs Copilot Cost

When you’re using a budgeting app, your goal is to save money, right? So, you don’t want to overpay for the service!

Luckily, both platforms in the Rocket Money vs Copilot debate are reasonably priced.

Rocket Money Cost

Rocket Money offers a free version – and don’t worry, there are no hidden costs. When they say “free,” they really mean it!

The free version has some pretty cool features, including:

  • Balance alerts
  • Subscription management
  • Spend tracking

But for the best of Rocket Money, you’ll have to get the “Premium” version, which comes with:

  • Subscription cancellation assistance
  • Net worth tracking
  • A “smart” savings account
  • Unlimited budget assistance

Premium costs $4 to $12 per month, and amazingly, you get to decide where the price should fall within that range. Rocket Money employs a “pay what’s fair” pricing model. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did that?

If you pay $4 to $5 per month, you’ll pay for an entire year at once to maximize convenience. If you opt to pay more, Rocket Money will bill you monthly. 

The bill negotiation feature has an extra cost, but only if it’s successful. You’ll be expected to pay 30% to 60% of the money you save in your first year. And if you don’t save anything? Then you won’t have to pay anything, either!

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Copilot Cost

You can download the Copilot app for free. You can also give it a “test drive” during an initial free trial period.

But if you want to use Copilot as a long-term budgeting solution, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee. 

There are two billing options for Copilot, and each has a different price:

  • Monthly billing: You’ll pay $13 per month.
  • Annual billing: you’ll pay $95 per year (which works out to $7.92 per month).

So, does Copilot lose this round of the Rocket Money vs Copilot battle? Maybe – because, unlike Rocket Money, Copilot doesn’t have a free version.

But if you choose Copilot’s annual billing option, the price is similar to what you’ll pay for Rocket Money Premium. A generous judge might say that this round of the Copilot vs Rocket Money bout is a tie!

Pros and Cons of Rocket Money vs Copilot

Both sides of the Rocket Money vs Copilot debate have genuine strengths and weaknesses. By considering these factors, you can decide which platform meets your specific needs. 

Pros and Cons of Rocket Money

Rocket Money Pros

  • There’s a free version of the Rocket Money app. That means you can track your spending – without adding to it!
  • The Rocket Money app is available for iOS and Android. So it’s definitely the more accessible option in the Rocket Money vs Copilot debate! 
  • Users praise the company’s customer support. If you encounter an issue, a representative should be able to help you. 

Rocket Money Cons

  • You have to pay for the best features. Yes, Rocket Money has a free version, but you can only get subscription cancellation assistance and unlimited budgeting if you pay for a Premium plan. 
  • Bill negotiation has a separate cost. It’s a handy service, but you’ll be expected to pay 30% to 60% of the money Rocket Money saves you in the first year. 
  • Rocket Money can’t successfully cancel every subscription. Some users report that they wanted to cancel a certain service, but Rocket Money couldn’t make it happen. 

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Pros and Cons of Copilot

Copilot Pros

  • The Copilot app is super user-friendly. It was built with Apple frameworks, so it’s both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing for Mac and iPhone users. 
  • All your money-related data is visible on a single dashboard. Getting a “snapshot” of your financial situation couldn’t be any easier than it is with Copilot.
  • The power of AI improves the user experience. Copilot automatically categorizes your purchases, allowing you to track your spending, change your habits, and improve your financial health. 

Copilot Cons

  • It’s only available for the Mac and iPhone users. Everyone else will have to be “Team Rocket Money” in the Rocket Money vs Copilot debate since Copilot is out of reach. 
  • There’s no free version. If you want to use Copilot, you’ll have to pay at least $95 per year. 
  • Some users report “bugginess.” People have had trouble properly categorizing their transactions and editing categories. 

Rocket Money vs Copilot Reviews

So I’ve discussed the main details of the Copilot vs Rocket Money debate, but we’re still missing a key ingredient: The opinions of actual users!

Luckily, both platforms have lots of reviews online.

In a 5-star Rocket Money review on Trustpilot, someone said the app has “amazing” support and lots of helpful features. 

A 5-star review from a Rocket Money user who says it has all the features they need and great support.
An enthusiastic user writes, “I love Rocket Money.”
Source: Trustpilot

Another user said that thanks to Rocket Money, “I feel like I can control my finances and make smarter financial choices.” They also praised the customer support, which gave them “detailed instructions” through the built-in chat feature. 

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A 5-star review from a Rocket Money user who feels more in control of their finances with the app.
In a 4-star review, someone praises Rocket Money for its “top-notch customer service.” 
Source: Trustpilot

Not everyone loves Rocket Money. One person even called the company “thieves.” The issue? Their cable was shut off after a bill negotiation gone wrong.

A 1-star review from a Rocket Money user unhappy that they got their cable cancelled instead of the bill reduced.
An unhappy Rocket Money user blames the platform for canceling their cable service. 
Source: Trustpilot 

Copilot doesn’t have a page on Trustpilot, but it’s gotten plenty of reviews on the Apple App Store. 

Surprisingly, Apple users only give Copilot an average of 3.5 stars. 

In a 4-star review, someone called Copilot a “great app” while also saying there’s “room for improvement.” 

One specific suggestion was to simplify the dashboard so that users can spot essential information “at a glance.”

A 4-star review from a Copilot user who switched from Mint and is happy so far but complains that the app crashes on their Mac.
A Copilot user says the app is great but could use some improvements.
Source: Apple App Store

Another Copilot user had complicated feelings, saying, “I want to love this, but I can’t yet.” They liked how the Copilot app presents all their transactions in a “really intuitive way,” but they were bothered by bugs that miscategorized some transactions. 

A 3-star review from a Copilot user who likes the design of the app but says some of the features aren't working correctly.
In a 3-star Copilot review, someone says the app looks good but is extremely buggy. 
Source: Apple App Store

In a 2-star review, someone called Copilot “too cluttered” and complained that there’s no “weekly view” for transactions. 

A 2-star review from a Copilot user who finds the app too cluttered and overwhelming.
A Copilot user complains about the complexity of the app’s design. 
Source: Apple App Store

Rocket Money vs Copilot Reddit

I found a Reddit thread with someone looking for the best budgeting app. Luckily, some of the responses are relevant to the Rocket Money vs Copilot discussion. 

A former Mint user on Reddit asking which budgeting app is most similar to Mint.
A Redditor asks about the best budgeting apps. 
Source: Reddit

One person described Rocket Money as “a good alternative for budgeting.” The problem was that Rocket Money wouldn’t sync up all of their accounts. 

A Reddit post from a Rocket Money user calling it a good budgeting alternative except that it wouldn't connect two of their accounts.
In a Reddit post, someone calls Rocket Money “a good alternative for budgeting.”
Source: Reddit

Another user described Rocket Money as the “GOAT” (greatest of all time), while praising the app’s interface and flexible payment model. 

A Rocket Money user on Reddit saying they've been very happy with the app since Mint shut down.
An enthusiastic user calls Rocket Money “the Goat.”
Source: Reddit

One person said they decided to use Copilot because it’s the “best-looking app with promising features.”

Someone on Reddit saying they liked Copilot better than other apps, including Rocket Money and Monarch.
A Redditor says they decided to use Copilot over Rocket Money and other budgeting apps. 
Source: Reddit

Rocket Money vs Copilot: Which is Better? 

For most users, Rocket Money is the clear winner in the Copilot vs Rocket Money debate.

Here are some reasons Rocket Money comes out on top:

  • It’s available for iOS, Android, and through web browsers (whereas the Copilot app is only available for iPhones and Macs).
  • It has a strong reputation, earning 4.5 stars from users on Trustpilot. (Copilot only has 3.6 stars on the Apple App Store.)
  • There’s a free version, which is perfect for people who just want basic budgeting help.
  • Rocket Money has additional features beyond standard budgeting tools, including subscription cancellation assistance and bill negotiation.

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Now, there are some people who might prefer Copilot. Like Mac/iPhone users who value an intuitive interface.

Copilot was designed specifically for iOS devices. That means it integrates seamlessly with Apple Cash, and its widgets show up perfectly on the iPhone. So, when you use the Copilot app with an iPhone or Mac, you’ll probably find yourself thinking, “Oh yeah. This app was clearly made for the device I’m using.”

Whichever side you choose in the Copilot vs Rocket Money debate, what matters most is that you commit to smart financial habits! For more budgeting help, check out this article on how to save $10,000 in a year.

Commonly Asked Questions About Rocket Money vs Copilot

Alternatives to Rocket Money / Alternatives to Copilot?

Here are some platforms like Rocket Money and Copilot that you can use to manage your finances:

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Meanwhile, learn how to budget for non recurring expenses so you can be prepared for unexpected costs going forward. 

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Then use a net worth tracker to see how your new financial strategies are paying off. 

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Is Copilot or Rocket Money Better?

In general, Rocket Money wins the Copilot vs Rocket Money debate because it offers a free version. It’s also available for iOS, Android, and web users, whereas Copilot is only accessible to iPhone and Mac users. That said, Copilot is a useful budgeting app if you have access to it. 

Rocket Money vs Copilot vs Monarch?

Rockey Money, Copilot, and Monarch are all budgeting apps that combine data from all your financial accounts and present them in a single space. Rocket Money stands out from Copilot and Monarch by offering a free version.