Stop What You Are Doing: Old Navy’s $1 Flip-Flops Sale Has Just Been Announced

Leah Bourne
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There are few yearly sales as culty as Old Navy’s $1 flip-flops sale. Well, the retailer has just announced the date of its beloved “One Dolla Holla” sale and drum roll, it will take place on Saturday, June 23.

Here’s what makes this year’s sale different from sales in previous years: it will only take place in stores. Yeah, we know, getting out of your pajamas and actually leaving your house in the era of Amazon Prime and one-hour delivery seems tough, but this is $1 flip-flops we are talking about, and you’ll wear them all summer!

And while you may not be able to buy Old Navy’s $1 flip-flops online, you can shop all of Old Navy’s other sales online that will certainly be coming up over the summer. And, here’s a little tip, when you do, shop via Ebates so you can earn 2% cash back on what you spend.

Hey, we never met a discount that we didn’t like. Happy shopping.

Feature Image: Old Navy

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