One lazy way to make an extra $1,624 this week 

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The free Blackout Bingo app lets you play for fun, play for real, and yes, accumulate extra cash – even while you’re working a full-time job! No wonder so many people swear by this app! Someone even won $46,000! Keep reading to find out more!

People are doing some pretty inventive things to earn cash on the side these days. One of the best hacks that we have heard of is people playing bingo on their phones – yup, you read that correctly, bingo – to score cash on the side. There’s one app in particular that people love – Blackout Bingo.

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Yup, You Can Actually Score Quick Cash Just For Playing Bingo

Blackout Bingo takes the classic game of Bingo and turns it on its head. Blackout Bingo puts more control in the hands of players by allowing all players to see the same balls and cards, turning it into a game of skill.

Now, with just concentration, speed and strategy, you can master the game of Bingo and with Blackout Bingo, you can play for real-world rewards and cash prizes.

Games only take about two minutes to play and the super fun graphics and effects transport you to different cities across the globe with each one. Special boosts can score you bingos and you can add up to four cards as you play to up the skill level and fun.

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Don’t take our word for it, look at all of the five-star reviews:

Blackout Bingo Is Totally The Real Deal…

Internet sports betting and skill-based fantasy football for real money is now legal in most states – and most of the world.

Blackout Bingo is a game of skill that really follows this trend. So if you live in a state where this type of activity is legal (as of writing the states that are excluded are Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee), you can make a deposit and play for real.

The prizes and jackpots are totally legit. Although it’s not a typical result one gamer took home a whopping $46,000 in 2014.* Yeah, holy cow is right.

You Can Also Play Totally For Fun!

The game is so much fun that a lot of people just play for fun. And while you are building up your bingo chops you can prepare to play for cash. Everyone, no matter what state you live in, is able to play the fun version!

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Bottom Line

We have played so many games online, but Blackout Bingo is easily one of our favorites. That you can use it to accumulate extra cash? Even better. Download it for free today!

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