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Unclaimed Money Class Action Settlements [2024] 

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I can’t believe how much easy cash I missed. It turns out I knew nothing about unclaimed money class action settlements.

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Recent class action settlements include one against a popular car company that resulted in varied payouts of thousands of dollars per person. There were big class actions against Facebook and Walmart, too.

While many class actions have low payouts, several types average payouts of thousands of dollars per person

Here’s how you can get unclaimed money from class action settlements that’s rightfully yours. (It’s easier than you think!)

What Is Unclaimed Money? 

Unclaimed money is money owed to a person who hasn’t received it. Usually, this happens because the person either never claimed the money or can’t be located. 

The InjuryClaims.com website explaining the Bank of America class action suit.
Class action sites like InjuryClaims.com publish regular updates, so you’ll always know about the latest unclaimed money class action settlements. 
Source: InjuryClaims.com

Money often goes unclaimed when the person isn’t even aware they’re owed money, either from a class action settlement or from the government. 

You can see if you have unclaimed money from class action settlements at InjuryClaims.com

You’ll also find out about new unclaimed money class action settlements from news outlets such as this coverage on ABC 8:

To find out if you have unclaimed money held by state governments or tax refunds, you can check usa.gov/unclaimed-money.

You definitely want to find unclaimed money owed to you! Whether it’s hundreds of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, this money belongs to you. But you only get it if you claim it!

Here’s a full list of class action lawsuits at InjuryClaims.com that are free to join if you qualify. 

What Happens To Unclaimed Money Class Action Settlements? 

Lots of people search the internet for unclaimed money class action settlements. And with good reason. You could be owed money that’s rightfully yours!

So, what happens to unclaimed money from class action settlements? It depends on the agreement details of each particular class action. 

There are three main ways that unclaimed money is disbursed.

1. Unclaimed Money Is Given To Class Members Like You

The parties in the class action may reach an agreement that if there is money leftover due to unclaimed funds, it may be divided up among the class members who filed and qualified for claims.

What does that mean for you? If you joined the class action and qualified, you could be getting a second payment!

Learn more about current class action settlements you can join at InjuryClaims.com. It’s completely free to see the class action cases, and there are no upfront costs. 

And if you are due money, there are no out-of-pocket costs either. Oh, and if you’re wondering how the attorneys get paid — they automatically get a percentage from the settlement, separate from anything owed to you.

2. Unclaimed Money Class Action Settlements Are Given To Charity 

In some class action settlements, any unclaimed money will be given to charities agreed upon by the parties. In legal terms, this is called “cy pres distribution.”

Typically, the charity or nonprofit organization is related to the goal of the class action settlement. Giving unclaimed money from class action lawsuits to a charity stops the money from going back to the defendant who had to pay. 

Unfortunately, a cy pres distribution also stops the money from going to you. Remember, you and the other members of the class are the ones who are supposed to get the settlement money. It was you who suffered due to the plaintiff’s negligence. 

For example, in the Facebook class action settlement, it was your private data that was improperly shared, if you were a Facebook user.

But of course, you can always choose on your own to donate your portion to a charity of your own choosing.

Sometimes, class action settlements only go to charitable organizations. For example, in the Google Privacy class action, so many people were affected — 250 million people — that each person would only get 25 cents. So, instead, it made more sense to donate the settlement money to 21 nonprofit organizations such as the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation that advocate on behalf of data privacy. 

The organizations received grants of between $350,000 and $6 million. 

3. Unclaimed Money Could Go Back To The Defendant 

If you don’t claim the money owed to you from a class action lawsuit, and it’s not given to others in the class or to charity, it could go back to the company or organization that committed the wrongdoing.

It’s important to claim money owed to you from class action settlements because it’s rightfully yours. It’s often also intended to send a message to the organization and industry that committed the wrongful act. This way, they know there’s a serious financial penalty if they were to act in this way again.

You can easily look up current unclaimed money class action settlements at InjuryClaims.com.

How To Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Money From Class Action Settlements 

The best way to find out if you have unclaimed money from class action settlements is to visit reputable class action databases like this one at InjuryClaims.com.

The InjuryClaims.com class action search page offering an immediate and free case review to find out if you qualify for a potential settlement.
You can quickly find unclaimed money class action settlements at InjuryClaims.com
Source: InjuryClaims.com

And pay attention to news about big class action lawsuits! Your local TV news and websites will often cover major class actions that impact millions of people in your area.

ABC 8 in Dallas covered the $100 million Verizon class action lawsuit:

If you’re looking for more ways to claim cash, here is a list of secret websites to make money online.

Commonly Asked Questions About Unclaimed Money Class Action Settlements 

What is The Best Free Website To Find Unclaimed Money? 

The best free website to find unclaimed money is InjuryClaims.com. This site is fast and free to use. It also has all the information you need to see if you qualify for unclaimed money. 

How Do You Get Money From a Class Action Lawsuit?

To get money from a class action lawsuit, you need to: 

1. Become aware of the class action at InjuryClaims.com.

2. See if you qualify.

3. Join the class action at no upfront cost.

We recommend InjuryClaims.com to learn about new class action lawsuits as they happen. 

U.S. Treasury Unclaimed Money? 

Find out if you have unclaimed money from the U.S. Treasury by looking at usa.gov/unclaimed-money. And to see if you have unclaimed money class action settlements, check InjuryClaims.com

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Unclaimed Money Free Search? 

Start your free search for unclaimed money at InjuryClaims.com. And see if the IRS or local governments owe you money by going to this usa.gov/unclaimed-money. 

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