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Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay [2024] Pay and Games Compared 

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Welcome to the great Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay debate!

Both contenders are legit apps that really do pay out to game players like us. We’ll look over the pros and cons of Cash Giraffe and Mistplay to help you decide.

The most recent government data reveals that on an average day, Americans spend 34 minutes playing video games. Since most people are playing games anyway, why not get paid for it!

People are getting paid hundreds of dollars per month playing games on Cash Giraffe and Mistplay. I’ll show you how to do this and reveal the top money-making strategies.

Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay Overview 

What is Cash Giraffe and How Does Cash Giraffe Work? 

Cash Giraffe is a free Android app that pays you in cash and in gift cards for playing games. 

With Cash Giraffe, you get a big selection of games to play. You earn tickets (sometimes also called “gems”) when you play the games. Then, you can redeem your tickets for electronic gift cards to stores like Amazon and Google Play or get real cash via PayPal.

A Cash Giraffe user looking through the avaiable games to play on the app.
Download the Cash Giraffe app and get real money or gift cards for playing games on your phone.
Source: Facebook

Cash Giraffe is legit, with over 5 million downloads and 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store. 

One key to Cash Giraffe is knowing that each game rewards tickets at a different rate. You can decide if you want to play for the most tickets possible, simply play the games you most enjoy, or a combination of the two!

With Cash Giraffe, you can choose the types of games you want to play, such as Adventure, Arcade, Strategy, and more.

Depending on your location, you may get games like Monopoly Go, Scrabble Go, Candy Crush Saga, and more.

Another way to earn money with Cash Giraffe is to refer friends. You get 200 tickets for each friend who joins Cash Giraffe. And you get a 25% bonus on each other’s earnings.

Cash Giraffe's Facebook page offering rewards for inviting friends to the app.
Cash Giraffe also rewards you for referring your friends and social media followers to their app.
Source: Facebook 

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What is Mistplay and How Does Mistplay Work? 

Mistplay is a free app for Android that lets you play fun games and win cash via PayPal or gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, DoorDash, Playstation, and more. 

How do you get these electronic gift cards? By winning points when you play games in the Mistplay app!

Available adventure games to play on the Mistplay app with reward gift cards in the background, including Amazon, DoorDash, Playstation, and Google Play.
In the Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay showdown, you’ll find that Mistplay has adventure games to play that can lead to winning points you can redeem for electronic gift cards or cash.
Source: Mistplay

When you sign up, Mistplay will recommend new games for you. Then, you play the games to collect what Mistplay calls “units.” The more time you play the games, the more units you earn. Finally, you can trade in your units for virtual gift cards.

There are other ways to win with Mistplay, too. There are grand prize sweepstakes that feature specific games and tasks. And you can unlock achievement badges when you complete missions for more Mistplay units. 

Mistplay has awarded over $60 million to game players so far. 

What’s the catch with Mistplay? Mistplay partners with the game makers. The game makers want you to play their games as much as possible so they can make money and become more popular.

But it’s totally up to you how much you play — and the good news is that Mistplay is legit and does actually pay out as promised!

Mistplay isn’t yet available for iOS, but the platform does claim to be working on a Mistplay app for iPhone and iPad. 

Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay Pay 

Cash Giraffe Pay 

When considering Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay, you should know that both apps offer the option to receive payment in cash via PayPal or in electronic gift cards.

You can turn the Cash Giraffe tickets you win into virtual gift cards for Amazon, Temu, Subway, Domino’s, and more.

Cash Giraffe is a fun way to get paid for playing games whenever you feel like it. You can expect to earn $2 to $3 per hour playing games on Cash Giraffe. 

2,000 Cash Giraffe tickets is worth about 20 cents. The Cash Giraffe cashout minimum is also 20 cents, so you can get paid fast.

In addition, Cash Giraffe often has bonus weekends where you can earn double the tickets you normally would.

Cash Giraffe advertising a Double Rewards Weekend on Facebook with available rewards in the background, including PayPal, Walmart, and Temu.
Look out for special Double Rewards Weekends with Cash Giraffe to earn even more gift cards.
Source: Facebook

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Mistplay Pay 

Some people are earning hundreds of dollars per month using Mistplay. 

But if you’re more casual about it, such as only playing Mistplay games in your spare time, you’ll likely earn less than that.

With Mistplay, you can turn the Mistplay units you earn into electronic gift cards or cash via PayPal.

And with Mistplay, 100 units is equal to about 12 cents.

You can cash out as soon as you reach 50 cents in your Mistplay account. This makes it easy to get paid for playing games online.

When looking at Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay, you’ll see that these are similar offerings. It makes a lot of sense to download both apps and try them out. 

That’s because both are free apps. Plus, you’ll want to see the selection of rewards before you start really getting into the games. You’ll want to see which games are available in your area, too. 

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Pros and Cons of Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay 

No game is completely perfect, so it’s time for this Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay review to break down the pros and cons of each game. 

Pros and Cons of Cash Giraffe 

Cash Giraffe Pros: 

  • Cash Giraffe is free. No in-app purchases are required with Cash Giraffe. 
  • No distracting ads. Cash Giraffe games have no ads in them.
  • A wide variety. Cash Giraffe offers lots of different games in various genres like adventure, arcade, and more. 
  • You can access rewards quickly. Cash Giraffe has a low minimum payout.

Cash Giraffe Cons:

  • Only available for Android. Currently, there is no iOS app for Cash Giraffe.
  • Hard to get help. The most common complaint is with Cash Giraffe customer service. But overall, people really like Cash Giraffe because it earned 4.4 stars out of 5 in the Google Play store.

Pros and Cons of Mistplay 

Mistplay Pros:

  • No cost to you. Mistplay is free. 
  • Never get bored. Mistplay offers lots of different types of games, from adventure games to word games.
  • Access your cash (almost) instantly. Mistplay has a low minimum payout.
  • The company cares. Mistplay customer service actually takes the time to respond to negative feedback and issues in the Google Play Store. They even give out the Mistplay customer service email address support@mistplay.com. Mistplay is doing a lot of things right because the app has 4.6 stars out of 5 in the Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads.

Mistplay Cons:

  • Android users only. Currently, there is no iOS app for Mistplay.
  • Can be glitchy. The few negative Mistplay reviews tend to be about glitches causing issues. Fortunately, customer service seems to address problems promptly. 

Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay Reviews

When it comes to Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay, people generally have positive things to say about both gaming apps. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Read these user reviews to help settle the Mistplay vs Cash Giraffe debate! 

A 5-star Google Play Mistplay review from a user who has been playing for years and finds it an enjoyable way to make an extra $100 a month.
Lori is earning $100 dollars per month with Mistplay. Her strategy is to download new games as much as possible, and then stop playing each game at around level 5.
Source: Google Play Store

Of course, not every user is going to have a super positive experience. One person complained that the Mistplay app wasn’t tracking their progress accurately. 

A 2-star Google Play review from a Mistplay user unhappy that a glitch takes their daily streak and a response from Mistplay asking them to email so they can help.
Mistplay complaints are mainly about glitches with the app. I really like that Mistplay customer service takes the time to reply to complaints and tries to help solve the problem.
Source: Google Play Store

Technical difficulties are bound to happen, and it seems that Mistplay actually tries to solve these problems — so I’d still recommend at least giving the Mistplay app a shot!

A Google Play 3-star Mistplay review from a user who has redeemed several gift cards but that with most of the games it takes too long to earn rewards.
Emily’s 3-star Mistplay review says she likes earning gift cards with Mistplay, but she thinks it’s too much effort compared to the rewards you get.
Source: Google Play Store

Although many users claim it becomes harder to earn more rewards over time, others are happy with just earning a couple hundred bucks extra. 

A 5-star Google Play review from a Mistplay user who has made nearly $200 in their free time over the past 2 years.
In this Mistplay review we learn that Ash has earned about $200 dollars with Mistplay using it here and there over the years.
Source: Google Play Store
A 5-star Trustpilot review from a Mistplay user who appreciates the fast payouts and enjoys making enough money to cover a bill or two each month.
If you’re considering Mistplay vs Cash Giraffe, Tanya is team Mistplay all day! She says she’s making about $200 a month with Mistplay, and her husband earns about $100 a month.
Source: Trustpilot

When it comes to Mistplay vs Cash Giraffe, it’s important to remember that these gaming apps won’t replace your regular income — but they can give it a boost!

A 5-star Trustpilot review from a Mistplay user who has fun making gas money playing games while waiting in the school pickup line.
Ashlee likes to earn money with Mistplay while waiting to pick up the kids from school.
Source: Trustpilot

Now, let’s hear from the other side of the Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay debate.

A 5-star Google Play review from a Cash Giraffe user who says the app is easy to use, fun, and pays quickly.
Sherrylyn likes how fast Cash Giraffe pays her and says Cash Giraffe is the best app she’s tried.
Source: Google Play Store

Most people love how fast and easy it is to make money with the Cash Giraffe app. 

A 5-star Google Play review from a Cash Giraffe user who earned $20 in less than 2 days and thinks that's a good deal for playing games.
Sarah has made $20 in two days with Cash Giraffe.
Source: Google Play Store
A 5-star Google Play review from a user who feels cashing out is easy and likes the variety of rewards to choose from.
Can’t decide between Mistplay vs Cash Giraffe? Andrea votes for Cash Giraffe because of the ease of cashing out and for the variety of games.
Source: Google Play Store

The good news is that if you get tired of the games on one app, you could always switch to playing games on the other! (At least that’s what I’d tell this Cash Giraffe user.)

A 2-star Google Play review from a Cash Giraffe user who finds it a legit way to earn extra cash but didn't like that one of the games kept freezing up.
Michael likes earning extra money with Cash Giraffe but doesn’t like all of their games.
Source: Google Play Store
A 3-star Google Play review from a Cash Giraffe user who likes making cash playing games but only has a a few games to choose from and hopes for more.
Mary wants more games to play on Cash Giraffe so she can earn more gift cards.
Source: Google Play Store

For more ways to earn real money as opposed to gift cards, see our big list of apps that pay cash.

Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay: Which is Better?

If you’re deciding between Mistplay vs Cash Giraffe, the best answer is to try them both. Why? Because the one you like best will likely come down to the games and gift cards offered in your area.

Neither Cash Giraffe or Mistplay pays enough money to replace a job or full-time income, so the choice for you is going to be the app you most enjoy and that has the rewards you want.

Both apps are free to download, so you have nothing to lose. And both Cash Giraffe and Mistplay are legit and really pay users.

So, for this Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay debate, I’d say it really comes down to your personal preference once you’ve tried both apps.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay 

Alternatives to Cash Giraffe / Alternatives to Mistplay? 

Apps like Cash Giraffe and Mistplay that allow you to earn rewards for playing games include:

Is There a Better App than Mistplay?

The best app for you is the one that has the games and rewards you like. So, it’s really a matter of your personal preference. All of the following apps are legit, have good ratings, and pay people for playing games:

Which is Better, Rewarded Play or Mistplay? 

Whether you think Rewarded Play or Mistplay is better depends on the games you like and the rewards you want.

I recommend you download both Rewarded Play and Mistplay because they’re both free anyhow. That way, you can see which games each app has available in your area. You’ll also see which gift cards and rewards options are available to you as well.

Both Rewarded Play and Mistplay are legit and will pay you for playing games.

Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay iOS? 

Neither Cash Giraffe nor Mistplay is available for iOS devices just yet. Mistplay had a “Mistplay Early Access Pilot on iOS,” but they’re no longer allowing new people to sign up for it. If you’re looking at Cash Giraffe vs Mistplay, both are only available for Android at this time.

Rewarded Play vs Cash Giraffe? 

Trying to decide if you want to download Rewarded Play or Cash Giraffe? Download both! The reason is they’re both free, and you won’t really know which one you’ll like better until you see them on your phone. 

You’ll want to see which games are available in your area. You’ll also want to see which rewards and electronic gift cards are available in each app.

Rewarded Play and Cash Giraffe legits apps so you have nothing to worry about as far as getting paid for playing games.