Cashyy App Review [2024] How To Win Real Money Playing Mobile Games With Cashyy

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According to a recent study, 57% percent of Americans say they’re addicted to their cell phones. Is that healthy? Probably not.

But hey, there is a plus-side to having your cell phone glued to your hand: You can make some money through gaming apps!

Yes, there are apps that will pay you to play games. Cashyy is one of them – and it’s been getting a lot of positive reviews.

But how does it work? And is Cashyy legit?

I’ll explain all of that in this Cashyy app review. Keep reading to learn if Cashyy is right for you!

What Is Cashyy?

Cashyy is an app available on the Google Play store. It was developed by JustDice, an app developer located in Germany. They first released it on October 3, 2020.

People have downloaded the app more than a million times. Cashyy is free to download (for Android only), requires no deposit, and has no in-app purchases.

Get More Cash With Cashyy

Cashyy lets user play games for prizes and real money. 
With the Cashyy app, you can complete gaming “missions” for rewards. 
Source: Google Play

How Does The Cashyy App Work?

To keep the player’s interest, Cashyy has a wide range of games to suit different kinds of players. Games are separated into categories like:

  • Strategy
  • Adventure
  • Puzzle
  • Arcade

When you download the app (for Android only), you are required to create your own profile. To save time, Cashyy allows you to authenticate using your Google or Facebook login rather than going through the process of creating a separate account.

Cashyy requires users to be at least 18 years old. This is because there are potential money transfers involved, and to collect your rewards on this app, they require verification from each user before any transfers can be initiated or completed.

Cashyy rewards its users for playing games. However, the app starts by rewarding you the instant you begin the registration process. Once you have logged in for the first time, you’ll be given 9,444 points added to your account for completing the process of creating your account.

Once logged in, you’ll be able to click on a mission from your home screen that you can complete. This will lead you to game apps relevant to the mission you selected. You’ll need to go to Google Play to download the relevant app.

Once the Cashyy app is downloaded, you can begin playing games to accumulate coins. It’s very important that when you want to play a game for the purpose of earning coins in Cashyy, you open the game from within the Cashyy app. It is also important that you give Cashyy permission to track your data usage so that you can be properly credited for the time that you spend playing each game.

Completing a mission rewards you with an in-app currency called coins. There are several different kinds of missions, each with a specific objective. Some missions require that you play a game for a specified amount of time which can be as little as 5 minutes, while other missions may require you to continue playing until a certain level of the game is reached. 

One restriction of the app is that you’re not always able to withdraw your earnings immediately after the completion of a mission. Coins accumulate in your account and are allowed to be converted or withdrawn once a minimum balance is reached.

Some missions pay enough coins to be able to cash out after completion, but those missions often have stages that are completed over several days. Cashyy also limits the number of available missions that are viewable at one time. Other missions are unlocked as you continue to complete missions. However, Cashyy does give you the option for both short and long missions in the list that is presented to you.

Is Cashyy a Scam?

So now you know how the platform works, but is Cashyy legit? Cashyy (for Android only) is not a scam in that they deliver what is promised. If you play the games they offer, you will earn Cashyy coins which can be later converted to gift cards or actual cash.

However, Cashyy lures you in by offering you a large coin bonus simply for registering, and easy initial missions. As you progress, missions become longer, and accumulating coins becomes more and more time-consuming.

This doesn’t make Cashyy a scam as the app clearly spells out what you need to accomplish to receive the rewards the missions offer. But it does put into perspective how much money you can realistically earn for your invested time. So don’t quit your day job.

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Is Cashyy Legit?

Cashyy is a legitimate app for playing games and getting paid. It’s owned by justDice, a game developer based in Hamburg, Germany. And sure, justDice isn’t a household name, but it has over 50 employees, and its apps have been downloaded over 200 million times. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Cashyy itself isn’t some massive operation with offices around the world. The Cashyy website has only three pages! 

But with a gaming app, what matters is that the company actually pays. And on this front, Cashyy seems to deliver. 

Some reviewers say that their Cashyy account won’t pay out to PayPal – which sounds super annoying. But does the average Cashyy user have this experience? I don’t think so. Otherwise, the Cashyy app wouldn’t have 4.3 stars on the Google Play store. 

Is Cashyy Safe?

While researching for this Cashyy review, we determined that using the Cashyy app is completely safe. There are no reports of data theft, and the app takes fraud prevention seriously.

In order to earn cash bonuses on Cashyy, you’ll have to link your PayPal account and then take a selfie. That selfie part can seem invasive – but they’re doing it for a good reason! The goal is to verify your identity. 

Cashyy does store some personal information, including your device’s IP address and how you’re using Cashyy. But it’s not like they’re sneaky about it. All Cashyy’s practices are clearly described in their data privacy statement, and that transparency reinforces the idea that Cashyy is completely safe!

Cashyy has gaming missions that users can complete for cash rewards and gift cards.
You’ll earn prizes on Cashyy as you complete your gaming missions. 
Source: Google Play

Cashyy App Reviews

If you’re still wondering, “Is Cashyy legit?” then you should know that Cashyy has more than 168,000 reviews on the Google Play store. It’s definitely one of the best free apps that pay real money.

As you can probably guess, the reviews range anywhere from one to five stars and run the gamut from satisfaction with the app to complaints for all sorts of reasons.

That said, the vast majority of users give the app five stars, and the current average rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars. This user writing this Cashyy review is quite pleased and is only hoping the payout for Amazon or PayPal will be as easy as the Google Play Credit payout was. 

A 5-star Cashyy review from a user who has been paid $20 in one month just using the platform here and there.

Many users state that they are simply happy that the app lives up to its promise to pay users for their time invested. This may stem partly from their dissatisfaction from other apps that turned out to be scams.

A 4-star Cashyy review from a user happy to have received their Google Play credit reward as promised.

A complaint that comes up repeatedly is that users running game apps by using Cashyy experience performance issues on their device, as well as poor response time when these issues are reported to Cashyy’s customer support.

A 3-star Cashyy review from a user who liked Cashyy at first but says their points got stuck after day 2 and stopped going up.

Another repeated complaint is that users are shorted when they cash out. When a user receives the funds in their account after cashing out, the amount received is anywhere from 5 to 40 cents smaller than what was promised by the app.

A 1-star Cashyy review from a user who says their money was never sent to their PayPal account and that they haven't heard back from their customer service email request.

Cashyy App Reviews Reddit

I found a Reddit thread where several people shared Cashyy app reviews. It’s a few years old, but it’s still a great resource for learning more about the typical user experience. 

Someone started the thread by asking if Cashyy is legit. Specifically, they wanted to know if people had managed to cash out.

A person on Reddit inquiring about Cashyy app reviews. 
A Redditor asks whether Cashyy is a scam or legit.
Source: Reddit

One person reported in their Cashyy review that they’d completed a successful cashout, and their Amazon gift card arrived a day after they requested it.

A positive Cashyy app review from a user who says the app, “worked great.”
In a Cashyy app review on Reddit, someone says they successfully earned an Amazon gift card.
Source: Reddit

Someone else left a Cashyy app review describing it as great for “earning while playing games.” They also mentioned that you can earn passive income on the app.

A Cashyy app review from someone who believes the app is a great way to earn money. 
A Redditor leaves a positive Cashyy app review, saying it’s effectively a “passive income source.”
Source: Reddit

However, not everyone reported a positive experience with Cashyy. Two people mentioned issues with their verification. 

A Cashyy app review from a person who had issues with the verification process. 
On Reddit, two users report issues with Cashyy’s verification process. 
Source: Reddit

Cashyy Reviews BBB

Cashyy doesn’t have a page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and neither does its parent company, justDice. That means it’s not an accredited business with the BBB, and it doesn’t have a BBB rating.

Is this a cause for concern? Not necessarily. It just means Cashyy still hasn’t built a large enough profile to get a rating from the BBB.

And if you ask me, no BBB rating is better than a bad BBB rating. It suggests people aren’t pestering the BBB with Cashyy complaints!

Cashyy App Pros And Cons


  • Cashyy offers a registration bonus once your account is created.
  • You can cash out directly to a PayPal account.
  • Large variety of games to choose from.


  • Mission payouts are arbitrary. The game vendors, not Cashyy, decide how much is paid out when the mission objective in the game is reached. There is really no benchmark to measure how long it will take you or how much you will earn from game to game.
  • The decrease in device performance that occurs from running games through a third party app.

Is Cashyy Worth It?

Cashyy is an app that does live up to its promise. It does indeed pay you for playing games. As with anything else, the devil is in the details. You won’t be paying rent or buying groceries with the money the app offers, and it’s up to the user to decide whether the time invested in completing the missions is worth the payout the missions offer.

Your best bet is to use this as a fun way to relax and get a few extra dollars for your regular gaming, rather than a get rich quick scheme

Commonly Asked Questions About Cashyy

How Do I Cash Out Cashyy?

When you are logged onto the Cashyy app, the first cash-out requirement is that you need to have reached the minimum threshold required to be able to withdraw funds, and this threshold varies from country to country.

At the bottom of your home screen, there is a cash icon. Once tapped, a page will load showing all of the options for payment. You can click on the one that you want to withdraw your earnings in cash to your verified PayPal account.

Users usually receive cash payments within five business days. If the user opts to convert their coins to gift cards instead of cash, cards are received within seven business days. Cashyy users can receive gift cards from brands like Sephora, iTunes, Steam, and Amazon. Each brand sets the minimum conversion amount for their gift cards.

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Is There a Cashyy Website?

Cashyy itself does not have a website, but JustDice, who owns Cashyy, does.

What are Alternatives to Cashyy?

Cashyy alternatives include:

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What is The Catch With Cashyy?

One downside to Cashyy is that the game vendors determine the prize money, not Cashyy itself. That means there’s no consistency in how much you earn. I’m not sure this quite counts as a “catch,” but it’s definitely something to be aware of. 

What Is The Best App That Pays You Real Money? 

Cashyy might be the best app that pays you real money. Why? Because you can literally earn money just by playing games, and there are multiple payout options. You can earn cash payments through PayPal or accept gift cards from Amazon and other popular brands. 

Is There a Real Game App That Pays Real Money? 

There are multiple legit gaming apps that will give you actual money to play. Cashyy is one option. It’s free to download, and you can get your cash earnings sent straight to your PayPal account. 

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Cashyy Payout? 

There are two ways to collect your Cashyy earnings. Option #1: Get cash sent to your PayPal account. Option #2: Request a gift card. Available brands include Amazon, Sephora, and Steam.

Cashyy App Review Complaints?

One common Cashyy app review complaint is that it can be hard to cash out through PayPal after the first payout has been completed. Could this be an intentional ploy? Probably not – or Cashyy wouldn’t have 4.3 stars on the Google Play store. It’s probably just a pesky glitch. 

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