Fetch Rewards Review: Is Fetch Rewards Cashback App A Good Way To Make Money?

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Like many other apps with options for cashback and free gift cards, Fetch Rewardst may cause hesitation in some potential users. These programs may seem too good to be true. Earning money by simply scanning receipts isn’t exactly a common way to make an income.

Although many may be skeptical, Fetch Rewards has created a cash-back app that gives consumers free rewards on nearly anything they buy from a store just by snapping a picture of the receipt. This article will dive deep into the mechanics of how this works, as well as its effectiveness overall.

At A Glance

Our #1 Choice
Rating 3.71*

Price  Free
Supported Platforms  App-based
Age Limit  13
Ads  No
Point Conversion 1,000 = $1.00 in a gift card, merchandise, or magazine subscription of choice.
Cash out threshold 3,000 points
Cash out options Gift cards
cash cards
magazine subscriptions
Average earnings  Depends on platform usage
Star Rating 1.73 stars on Better Business Bureau
4.6 stars on Google Play Store
4.8 stars on App Store
# of Ratings  2.5 Million +
# of Downloads  16 Million +

*This rating is an average of the available reviews from BBB, Google Play store and the App Store.

What Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app and cash back program based in Madison, Wisconsin, that helps you save money and gives you rewards to scan and upload receipts. Every time you go shopping, whether online or in-person and using cash or credit cards, you can save your receipts to later earn money through the app by simply taking a picture and uploading it.

Fetch Rewards allows you to skip all of the technical details of earning cashback by taking care of it for you. This will enable you to receive cash back and earn extra points nearly instantly, and it is one of the easiest ways to earn a little extra spending money. Unlike many other cash back apps, Fetch Rewards offers a gigantic range of gift cards, cash cards, and other discounts to exchange Fetch rewards points for.

Occasionally, Fetch Rewards will offer limited-time deals and promotions, which can help to maximize your savings. They also will award points in exchange for purchasing a certain product listed within the app.

In April of 2021, users had scanned one billion receipts on the app! The app is easy to use and organizes all of the discounts and gift cards so they are all easy to find and access.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work?

Signing Up With Fetch Rewards only takes a quick few minutes. Upon signing up, you will also receive a sign-up bonus that usually amounts to 2,000 points with an additional 1,000 for the first receipt you scan.

Every user has a referral code that they can use to refer a friend to the app, and you can earn 2,000 points every time they sign up and scan a receipt. You can use receipts from the grocery store, the gas station, and any online shop. Keep in mind that you must scan the receipt within 14 days of the initial purchase.

With the rewards you earn, you earn points based on the store and the amount of money you spent. For every 1,000 points you earn, which does not take long to reach, you get $1.00 in cash back. As you shop more and more, and are consistent with uploading snaps of your receipts (we recommend doing it right there in the store or when you get back to your car so you don’t forget) you can rack up a good amount of money that you would have missed otherwise over time.

Once you have at least 3,000 points, (the equivalent of $3) you can exchange them through your method of choice, whether it be gift cards, merchandise, charity donations, and much more.

Download And Scan Your Receipts For Cash

Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Fetch Rewards is 100% legitimate, and its users do earn rewards and real cashback for their purchases by using their receipts. Although the rewards may be small, Fetch Rewards does give real payouts to its users. On average, users can earn between $15 to $50 in gift cards over a year. This may not be much to help pay bills, but it surely is useful for padding your bank account. Perhaps save the git card rewards to help offset your holiday shopping toward the end of the year?

Users that are not happy with their experience on Fetch Rewards often leave reviews with full explanations. With such a wide online presence, there are plenty of reviews, blogs, and more provided by real users giving their honest opinion about the app. Most of the complaints on Better Business Bureau have been closed and solved. They are fairly open about their business practices, and are usually transparent as a company overall.

Although the app is legit, there have been a few claims that Fetch Rewards was stealing information from its users. These arguments were quickly shut down when the company revealed that the app does not share users’ personal information, but shares information from the receipts scanned privately. This is how Fetch Rewards earns its commissions, and core user data is protected throughout their experience.

Real User Reviews For Fetch Rewards

Because Fetch Rewards is such a popular app, there are plenty of worthy user reviews on many platforms that can help you form your own opinion. Platforms like Better Business Bureau, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot are all reliable sources to read real customer reviews with unbiased opinions.

Plenty of users have left reviews on Better Business Bureau, for example; this makes it easy to figure out what flaws there may be in the company that could be deal-breakers for you before downloading the app. It could also highlight features you are looking for in a cash back app.

This user thinks Fetch Rewards is the best cash back app that is less hassle than other apps.

5-star Fetch Rewards review says it's less hassle than other apps.

Fetch Rewards is easy to use, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn points, resulting in plenty of satisfied members. As long as users properly use the app, they can see big rewards for daily purchases. You can easily skip the hassle of scanning barcodes by just scanning the entire receipt.

This user has had several $10 gift cards rewarded to them over the past year.

Although Fetch Rewards yields good results, some people have trouble with the app and are disappointed. Even though Fetch Rewards is legit, it is important to be cautious and notify Customer Support of any problems you encounter.

The amount of cashback you may receive from Fetch Rewards can be insignificant. You will have to spend a lot of money to earn a lot in return, and it is not a reliable source of income. We stress that you should see this as a way to add up some savings over time rather than an alternative to your day job.

Become The Next Happy Fetch Rewards User, Get The App

Fetch Rewards Pros And Cons

  • Don’t have to worry about clipping coupons
  • Two weeks to submit receipts after a purchase
  • Exchange redeemed points for real-world money through cash cards
  • No bank account required, making it great for teens and adults alike
  • You and a friend can get $2 in points just for giving them your referral code and signing a receipt
  • Flexible with the types of receipts they accept
  • Occasionally, the app has bugs and some receipts cannot be scanned
  • Not every receipt is eligible for rewards points
  • The app is only available in the United States
  • Doesn’t offer direct deposit
  • Don’t earn much cashback per receipt; points can take a while to add up

Bottom Line: So, Is Fetch Rewards Cashback App A Good Way To Make Money?

Overall, I think Fetch Rewards is a worthy cash back app useful for earning extra pocket change during the week. I have used the app in the past, and its user-friendliness and the ability to quickly earn money upon signing up have made Fetch Rewards one of my favorite apps to earn money from purchases. With that said, you cannot expect to make lots of money from using Fetch Rewards, but it is a great way to get rewarded for the purchases you already make.

On the other hand, some noticeable flaws within the app may hinder your experience. There are a few bugs in the app from time to time that may not allow you to reach the full cashback potential.

I still believe that Fetch Rewards is worth a shot if you want to earn just a few extra dollars throughout the month. Learn more about how to save with Fetch Rewards.


How long does Fetch Rewards take to process gift cards?

It usually takes less than 72 hours for Fetch Rewards to process gift cards for receipts scanned. Sometimes, though, there may be errors in processing due to your Fetch Rewards account and security issues.

How do I redeem Fetch Rewards?

First, tap the Rewards tab at the bottom of the screen to search for a reward you want to redeem. Once you have found the reward you want, check the amount of points you have and the number of points you need for the reward. Select the value that you want to redeem, and tap the Get My Rewards button to receive your reward. Now, it will be processed and sent to you within 72 hours.

Can you use other people’s receipts on Fetch Rewards?

There is no way for Fetch Rewards to know if the receipt is yours or not. I would suggest refraining from claiming others’ awards, though. One quick hack to make extra: once your initial sign up bonus is awarded, you’ll be making about 25 points per receipt. If you have time, why not split your orders up at check out? Super easy to do at self-checkout machines to generate more receipts.

How old can receipts be for Fetch?

Receipts can be two weeks old before they expire and cannot be used in Fetch Rewards.

Can you scan gas receipts on Fetch?

Yes, you can scan gas receipts on Fetch Rewards, as well as grocery receipts, those from the convenience store, online, and much more.

What is the catch with Fetch Rewards?

The catch with Fetch Rewards is that the payout is low for the money spent on groceries. You cannot get rich, and it will not help much with paying bills. Fetch Rewards also collects a small amount of personal data when you sign up for the app.

How many people use Fetch Rewards?

Currently, well over 5.5 million people use Fetch Rewards to scan their receipts and earn cashback from their purchases. The app has been downloaded over 16 million times.

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