68 Side Hustles To Make Money In Your Spare Time

Looking for side hustles to make money? Increasing your income means you can crush your financial goals faster. It also means extra work. You’re busy enough as it is, so the side hustle you choose to make money needs to fit into your life. 

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What’s a side hustle? What to watch out for when choosing a side hustle What to think about when picking a side hustle New techie side hustle ideas for 2019 Side hustles to make money from home Side hustles ideas for busy moms and dads   Introvert side hustles to make money online Easiest side hustles for extroverts Side hustles to make money for the creatives Passive side hustle ideas so you can set it and forget it  Where should side hustle income go?  Don’t be afraid to switch side hustles Why the side hustle is the ultimate side hack How Side Hustling Helped Me Pay Off $68,000 In Student Debt

What’s a side hustle?

Have you ever heard of moonlighting? The exact definition is “to hold a second job in addition to a regular one” A side hustle is the same thing. It’s work you take on in addition to your day job. A side hustle is a way to give yourself a side income. The benefits of a side hustle are that you have a choice.  You can choose a side job where you’re the boss or you have a boss. You get to decide how much of your time and energy you want to devote to making some extra money. 

What to watch out for when choosing a side hustle

When you’re looking at side hustles, we’d like to include a caution statement. Most side hustles should have a low cost of entry. Unless it’s real estate investing, this is for your own financial health. The idea of a side hustle is to bring in income, not lose it. For example, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies often charge large fees or entry costs to get started with them. LuLaRoe is one of the MLM companies that charges about $5,500 just to sign on. This is predatory, and part of choosing a side hustle means avoiding anything that makes you pay out of pocket for a possible promise of making money. 

What to think about when picking a side hustle 

Finding the right side hustle is kind of like online dating. You have a profile full of job skills and you’re ready to use them. Before swiping right and left on the eligible side hustles, you need to set your value criteria.  Your value criteria is everything you’re willing to put into the side hustle and everything you want to get out of it. It sounds just like a relationship. Decide how you feel about: 
  • Growth: Is the side hustle scalable? Can it grow or can you take on more work?
  • ProfitabilityHow much can you make from this side hustle? Can you make more with additional experience?
  • Time: Is the side hustle a good use of your time? Is it easy for you to fit it into your day?
  • Energy: How much of your life energy are you willing to exchange for money? Will it leave you too drained to be with your loved ones?
Since side hustles need to work for your life we’ve put together a tailored selection of side income ideas. From the busy mom to the tech-savvy college student you should be able to find a side hustle that works for where you’re at now. Get ready to swipe right.  

New techie side hustles ideas for 2019 

Technology is ever-evolving. This means there are new side hustles to make money every year. Here are a few new side hustles ideas for 2019. 

1. AirBnB experience host

AirBnB is now hosting experiences. An experience needs to “go beyond” a typical tour or class. If you’re a local expert you can get paid to share your knowledge. Do you have horses? Are you a chef? Can you lead a photography tour at night? Any kind of activity could be a possible match for AirBnB experiences. AirBnB even provides insurance for all the experience hosts. 

2. Rent out your Tesla 

There is a steady buzz of conversation around the fully electric cars made by Tesla. With a new Model Y coming out in 2020, the buzz isn’t going to stop. They’re also expensive to buy, making it a luxury some people will pay for.  You can rent out your Tesla on Turo. It won’t cost you any gas and maintenance is equally minimal.  Meaning your Tesla could be an earth-friendly money-making machine. You don’t have to just rent your Tesla, either, any car will do.  

3. Apply to be a social media manager 

Building an online presence has never been more important. Major firms are willing to pay for it too. If you have a knack for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any kind of social platform, then this could be your perfect side hustle. Social media managers often work remotely. Since you can schedule posts ahead of time, it can be the perfect side hustle to put your marketing skills to work. 

4. Become a virtual assistant 

If you excel at keeping a company moving using resources online, then you would be a great virtual assistant. The job varies from employer to employer, but you’ll likely be doing administrative tasks. This could be scheduling appointments, sending e-mails, video messaging and more. 

5. Create a course

Online courses aren’t an especially new side hustle in 2019. What is getting easier is the access to platforms that teach you how to do it. Not only this, but online learning is becoming normalized. Being able to add a course completion to LinkedIn or a resume can increase job chances. If you know of a problem you can solve, then look into creating an online course.

6. Market your drone footage 

If you bought one of the nice drones that can do aeriel videography or photography you also bought a new side hustle. Aerial drone footage is needed for more than weddings and hipster videos on YouTube. Real estate agencies, surveying agencies, and even some construction companies need drone footage. You can find gigs on any job search site or market yourself to companies locally. 

Side hustles to make money from home. (Yes, even the couch.)

Working from home is becoming increasingly. Here are some side hustles to make money from home. 

7. Become an AirBnB host 

Literally make money from your home with this side hustle. If you have a guest room or basement that can be fixed up and listed, you should give it a try. You can even rent out your entire home while you’re on vacation or traveling. Input your location and size of the space on AirBnB.com to get an estimate of how much you can make every month. 

8. Open an Etsy store 

If you make any sort of unique product, then Etsy is the place to be. Etsy is an easy way to open an online store for vintage, custom, or handmade anything. Whether you make leather goods or a “Pooping Pooches” calendar, you’ll find customers for it. 

9. House sit to make money from other homes

You can easily make some extra money by watching other homes. Start with some friends or family so you have references and then spread the word. If you want to have an online profile sign up with Housesitter.com or create your own website.  You can offer additional services like mowing the lawn or cleaning to earn even more. 

10. Be a social media influencer 

If you already have a large following on social media, chances are you have built some influence too. Social media influencers have the power to affect purchase decisions based on the trust they’ve built with their audience. If you have products you believe in, look for affiliate partnerships and start using your following to generate some side income.

11. Create how-to tutorials

Skills like cake decorating and building a garden shed don’t come naturally to everyone. If you possess a skill like this, consider creating how-to tutorials. You can start by uploading them to YouTube for free. This can generate traffic locally. If you have a full range of skills, consider teaching them online for Udemy to make money from home.

12. Sell your photographs 

If you have a hard drive or two full of the perfect shots, then this could be the side hustle for you. Stock photo websites like SmugMug Pro and Shutterstock offer a platform for you to sell your images. Pricing structures vary depending on where you post your photographs. But it’s a great way to start making money from your photo skills without having to spend every weekend at a wedding. 

13. Offer music lessons

A great side hustle to make money from home are music lessons. If you play any kind of instrument and feel like you’re pro enough to teach, start marketing lessons. Open up your home on specific days and make money from what you’re passionate about. The same can be done if you can sing. Offer voice coaching lessons. Reach out to the local school band teacher as a way to start.

14. Sell your clothing 

You can sell clothes online, and it’s easier than ever with Poshmark. Download the app and list your clothing from your phone. You can create your own “closet” full of the things you never wear anymore. As soon as someone purchases your item, ship it out. Poshmark will create the shipping label for you with tracking. Easy peasy.

15. List your electronics 

Gazelle will buy your electronics. Get those dusty items out of the house and into the hands of someone who will use them. Gazelle focuses on selling Apple products, but will also accept some other brands of cell phones. You can get a quote online for the item before sending it in.

16. Start a bookkeeper business 

If you’re a wiz with your own spreadsheets and finances, then consider becoming a bookkeeper as a side hustle from home. Bookkeepers maintain the finance books for a business and they need to be computer proficient. You don’t need a degree to get started, but you can pursue a certificate from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers or the National Bookkeepers Association. Having one of these will up your credibility if you don’t have bookkeeping experience already on your resume.

17. Counsel people online 

Online counseling can be the perfect side hustle for someone who already has formal training as a counselor, psychologist, or therapist. Online counseling is governed by the same state regulations as it would be in person. Betterhelp, Talkspace, and Breakthrough are all platforms that host counselors looking for some extra work.

18. Answer questions in your area of expertise

Just Answers is an online platform where doctors, lawyers, CPA’s and even animal behaviorists can sign up to answer people’s questions. Make money from your couch or in between appointments. Just Answers says top experts earn $1,000 a month.

19. Get paid for simple tasks

Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace run by Amazon. ‘Requesters’ input virtual tasks that they need to be completed and you can try to snag the gig. Tasks can include moderating content, research, or data organization. If you’re looking to make money in your spare time, it’s worth checking out.

20. Start your own Amazon merch store

Do you have some killer ideas for T-shirts and tote bags? Then open up an Amazon Merch store and earn royalties on every item sold. You’ll need to be able to upload your own customized design. Amazon will review the work to check for plagiarism and then approve it for sale. Once the design is up, you can make money online without doing anything more.

21. Tutor students virtually 

Students need help with homework or understanding new concepts from school. If you’re a teacher or used to be, you can sign up to tutor students online at Tutors.com. You can set your own prices and schedule, plus they won’t charge you a subscription fee. 

23. Repair electronics at home 

As long as you don’t mind having a few busted tablets sitting in your office, then repairing electronics from home can be done. There are countless YouTube videos on how to fix certain items if you need a refresher. Then sell the item online or to Gazelle. It’s like flipping furniture, but with electronics. 

Side hustles ideas for busy moms and dads  

Hiring a baby sitter so you can work on your side hustle isn’t ideal. Flexibility to work when the kids are napping or having them be able to sit on your hip is what these side hustles are all about. Here are side hustles ideas for busy moms and dads:

24. Start a blog 

Blogging isn’t immediately lucrative, but after some time you can make money. Parents share everything from potty training tips to recipes on their blogs. Once you have enough traffic, you can make money through ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

25. Rent out your car

Are there days when you’re home with the kids? Consider renting out your car on Turo. They’ll connect you with responsible drivers and you can sit back with the kids and earn some extra cash.

26. Drive for Uber or Lyft

In between carpool, you can drive for Uber or Lyft to make some extra money. You might need to vacuum up the crumbs in the back seat, but that probably needed to happen anyway.

27. Deliver for Postmates 

Not so sure about driving people around? What about delivering packages and food by car or bike? Postmates is a delivery service that is easy to sign up with. They have no fees or time commitments. You decide when you’re free to work…which is perfect for a busy mom or dad side hustle. 

28. Sell your stuff on Facebook marketplace

There are lots of ways you can sell your stuff, but Facebook Marketplace is major hub for kids’ items. Old bassinet or toys? List them online and make money for the clothes your kids are already outgrowing.

29. Thrift and flip home decor and furniture 

If you’re great at turning thrift store furniture finds into treasured pieces for the home, then it’s time to start making it your side hustle. Thrift and flip doesn’t just have to be a dresser. You can make money by creating home decor out of old decor, too. The best part is your kids can come along for the thrifting and maybe even the flipping.

30. Pick up work in your own neighborhood 

An easy and flexible way to make extra money could be in your neighbor’s yard or home. The Nextdoor app allows neighbors to post about the ‘goings-on’ in the area and any need for jobs. You can mow a lawn or feed someone’s cat right around the corner to make some money.

31. Make money from shopping online 

Anyone with kids knows you’re going to buy a steady supply of items. Whether it’s baby shampoo or school supplies, get paid for what you already buy. Ibotta and Ebates are just a few of the platforms for this side hustle.

32. Babysit for friends 

Offer to babysit your friend’s kids while they work. You can trade babysitting services to keep money in your pocket, or you can charge as part of your side hustle game. If you really enjoy it, you can even consider opening a daycare.

33. Have a garage sale 

This isn’t a consistent side hustle, but it’s an easy way to make some money in the summer. Kids clothes and toys are always popular items at garage sales. You can even have the kids set up their own side hustle lemonade stand at the sale. It’s never too early to learn.

34. Complete household chores 

The Takl app is a new way for people to get fast help with household chores. They have set prices- so you’ll know what you get paid. Tasks include installing curtain rods, removing tree limbs, or even organizing a space. You can pick up whatever jobs you want, when you want. That is the kind of flexibility every busy mom and dad needs in a side hustle.

35. Review books online 

This side hustle is a dream for the book nerd. Publishers will pay for book reviews. The Online Book Club and Kirkus Media are a few places you can start looking. Sneak in the book review while the kids are napping and put some money in their savings. It’s a win-win.

36. Donate your plasma 

Companies will pay you for your plasma. That’s the clear liquid part of your blood that’s extracted by spinning it down. The process takes some time, but you can do it several times a month if you’re in good health. Lookup a plasma donation center near you to see what they pay.

Introvert side hustles to make money online

Not feeling like hanging out with people for your side hustle? That’s totally fine. There are plenty of side hustles to make money without face-to-face interactions. Here are side hustles for the introverts (and those tired of people):

37. Walk dogs 

People need their pooches pampered and this means walking while they are at work. The best part is, you don’t need to deal with anyone other than a cute dog. You can sign up to be a dog walker on Rover. Build up your profile and reviews with neighbors and friends to start.

38. Write an e-book 

Create an e-book that fills a need. This might be a more time-consuming side hustle, but will eventually be a source of passive income.  You can sell it on your own platform if you have one. Alternatively, you can list your e-book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Payhip.

39. Pet sit 

An easy way to grow your dog walking side hustle is pet sitting. You can offer to have animals stay with you at home or you can stay at the owner’s home. It can really help your professional profile if you’ve had any experience as a vet tech or with giving medications.

40. Be a freelance proofreader or writer 

If you’re a natural wordsmith, picking up freelance gigs could be a great side hustle to make money online. You’ll need a portfolio to prove your skills. To start building this you can use a platform like Upwork or iWriter.

41. Freelance your graphic design or web design skills 

Mad design skills? If you’re proficient in the Adobe Suite or HTML makes you a prime candidate for freelance graphic design or web design gigs. You can start to find side hustle work on platforms like Behance or FlexJobs.

42. Get paid to listen to music 

You heard right: It’s quite possibly the introvert’s dream side hustle. You can create a profile, start listening to music, give feedback and make money. Musisxray, Slicethepie, or Hitpredictor are just a few of the companies looking for music feedback.

43. Code online to make money

In a world that exists partially online, learning to code is a much-needed skill. It can be the perfect skill to start your side hustle. You can learn to code online through a variety of courses. If you already know how to code you can start searching for side gigs on Fivver.

44. Sell your hair 

You can make some money from your mane. The best wigs and extensions are made from human hair and there is a market for it. Buyandsellhair.com and Onlinehairaffair.com are two companies looking to purchase human hair. This is a once or twice a year side hustle but could become a tradition to pad your travel savings.

45. Do email marketing for companies

Are you a marketing expert in your day job? Maybe you write the most convincing office emails. Email marketing is a side hustle that is easy to market to anyone or any business in the online world. From the comfort of your couch and computer, you can compose emails for people and market their product or brand.

46. Write resumes 

A resume writer is a common side gig posting on websites like FlexJobs and Indeed. The job is to produce professional resumes for clients. For some clients, the resume will also need to be SEO friendly to get past the computer screening software used by large companies to filter resumes.

47. Review movies 

Movie buffs can use their expertise of film to make money online. ScreenRant, Bustle, and Taste of Cinema are just a few of the companies looking for movie reviews. It doesn’t stop there either. They also need reviews for TV shows and video games. 

Easiest side hustles for extroverts

If you aren’t an extrovert you definitely know one. Extroverts who derive their energy from interacting with others will find a side hustle to make money from this list. 

48. Teach English online 

If you’re comfortable talking on camera and teaching, then this side hustle could be the perfect fit. Students from around the world want to learn English and companies are hiring teachers on a part-time basis to teach them. VIP Kids is one option to look into. 

49. Inspire health by being a personal trainer 

Gyms require certain qualifications to be a personal trainer. They will also take a percentage of your pay. However, you can become a personal trainer who works out of your own home gym. No gym? Personal trainers are still needed for running, biking, and other free outdoor activities. Plus, you get to be as chatty as you want with your clients.

50. Officiate weddings 

Do you love, love…and talking in front of crowds?  You can become an ordained minister online and choose the church you would like to be affiliated with. Turn this into your weekend side hustle and unite couples for life, while getting paid for it.  Every state has certain guidelines for ministers, so be sure to do your research.

51. Open a farmer’s market booth 

Farmer’s markets and bazaars are a hub of activity and small talk. If you make anything from baked goods to cat toys, opening a market booth could be the perfect side hustle. The markets are typically only on the weekends and seasonal, meaning you can still maintain your day job. 

52. Be a local travel guide 

If you know your city and surrounding area like the back of your hand, then you should look into becoming a local travel guide. This is where the extrovert’s talkativeness can truly shine. Large travel companies like Explorica hire local guides for all of their excursions. If you just want to get a taste for it, sign up on ToursbyLocals.com and start small.

53. Be a personal shopper

Love to shop? All kinds of companies are hiring personal shoppers. Walmart hires personal shoppers to fill grocery cart orders made online. Amazon hires fashionistas to style customers online. The avenues for personal shoppers are vast and can fit into the side hustle category.

54. Wash and detail cars 

Put your pressure washer and knowledge of cars to use with a mobile car detailing service. You can begin with something as simple as a Facebook business page and grow from there. Not having to bring a car to the shop for detailing is a huge plus for customers. You can also put your charming conversational skills to work and get those five-star reviews online.

55. Use your handy skills 

If you’re a reliable handy man or woman, then you can put those skills to use for your next side hustle. Taskrabbit connects individuals who need some handy work done with background-checked people like you. Some tasks could be putting together furniture, moving heavy items or mounting a TV on the wall.

56. Deliver groceries 

Most of the major grocery stores are offering grocery delivery. They need drivers who will bring the groceries directly to the customer’s door and have some small talk while they unload. Some stores are hiring individuals to do both shopping and delivery. It’s an easy side hustle, with no experience required.

57. Get a part-time job

If you definitely need to be out and about for your side hustle, then consider getting a part-time job. Retail and restaurants are almost always hiring part-time. If they can make it work with your day job schedule then it could be an easy side hustle for you.  The Highest Paying Work-From-Home Jobs

Side hustles to make money for the creatives

Your art and passion for something creative can easily make you some money. If your day job doesn’t feed this side of you, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your creative juices a space to flow. 

58. Put your interior decorating skills to work

Can you rearrange furniture in a way that just makes sense? Do you get color schemes? Interior decorating or staging homes might be the side hustle for your creative side. Having experience is helpful for booking clients, so you may need to complete an internship first.

59. Groom pets 

If you’ve ever shown dogs or worked for a groomer, then you have an artful skill that can be a lucrative side hustle. Not everyone can get their pet to a groomer and mobile pet grooming is a niche that you can get into. Set your own schedule and book clients when it works for your day job.

60. Mix beats as a DJ

You’ll need to put in the hustle to start this side hustle, but the space for DJ’s is there. Weddings and events always need some bumpin’ beats. Have a way to get your music and DJ profile online and then start to market your services.

61. Start a photography business 

If you’re a natural at photography and understand a camera, then start a photography business. People need wedding photos, baby pics, and headshots. Not squeamish? Birth photography is the new trend for expecting parents and could be a niche worth exploring to grow your side hustle.

62. Be an extra in a movie 

Your dreams of being a movie star could come true. Well, at least partially. You can be paid to be an extra in a film. You’ll need headshots and a resume first, then register with companies like Backstage.com to see what gigs are around the area. If you want to go even bigger, you can find a casting agency in your local area.

63. Gallery sit on the weekend

Love art but don’t know how to make it? You can still feed your creative need by applying to be a gallery sitter. Museums and galleries all hire people to sit in the space and make sure no one gets too close to artwork or dumps their coffee on the floor. Meanwhile, you get to be immersed in whatever show is on display.

64. Market your makeup artistry 

Being a makeup artist is a creative skill that’s needed for plays and weddings. Make a few YouTube videos or create an Instagram to act as your portfolio. Then start spreading the word about the magic you can do with makeup.

65. Become a professional organizer 

It’s truly a creative skill to be able to organize other people’s things. The basis is creative spatial awareness.  If that sounds like your jam, then the creative side hustle for you could be professional organizing. There are some companies that hire professional organizers, but you could also start your own side business and market yourself. 

66. Sell your voice

Voice-over acting is needed for TV, radio shows, and audiobooks. If your voice has ever been praised for its beauty or character then consider making this your side hustle. Voices Now and Voice Talent are two platforms you can investigate for this side hustle.

67. Cook for others

Even if you don’t live in Hollywood, people still hire personal chefs. The jobs could be consistent work or a one-off event where your catering skills are required.  If your creativity is in cooking, then try to make it your next side hustle. You can start by posting your profile on HireAChef.com. 

Passive side hustle ideas so you can set it and forget it 

68. Passive income ideas

If you’re the type of person who wants to build an empire and then kick back and watch it run itself, then you’ve got to find a passive income stream. Passive income is something that makes you money while you sleep. Some of the side hustles mentioned above can become passive income streams. Here are a few examples of side hustles that take work at first, but then become an income stream without you needing to do anything:  
  • Etsy store with printables 
  • E-books
  • Blogging 
  • Amazon merch store
  • Vending machines
  • YouTube channels 
  • Creating an app 
Even though these are passive, they may not be insanely profitable.  If you really want to ramp up your side hustle passive income game, think about investing in real estate and rental properties. This kind of side hustle takes a significant amount of money to start and you’ll need to research the area to be sure you can make money. That said, it’s a way to bring in a much bigger revenue stream.  It’s a huge leap from an Amazon merch store, but it could be what will build your long term wealth. 

Where should side hustle income go? 

Now that you’ve made a side hustle a part of your life, you need to decide where the money will go. If you want the money to keep growing for you, keep it in a high-yield savings account. This is simply a bank account with a higher interest rate than your traditional bank savings.  Another way to make your money grow is to invest it. You can put your side hustle income straight into a retirement account. Your future self will thank you for it.  You can also think about making your side hustle income go to one goal. Paying off debt is a hard financial endeavor. Having a second income stream solely dedicated to this goal can be helpful in reaching the debt-free finish line.  No matter what you do with the side hustle income, have a plan for it. This way the money is working for you and your goals instead of disappearing for random purchases. 

Don’t be afraid to switch side hustles

Finding a side hustle to make money that works for you can be tough. Don’t be afraid to quit the side hustle. If you’re not making money or it’s sucking the life out of you, it’s time to move on. The list above is expansive. You have other options.   As life progresses, you’ll also grow and change. Maybe you become a busy mom or dad. That can mean it’s time to switch side hustles. Keep things in perspective. Try new things, but be willing to give them up if it’s a stressor. What you bring into your life should be a benefit.  It is side income after all. 

Why the side job is the ultimate life hack

Having a side hustle to make extra money really is a life hack. If you’re a teacher who can’t ask for a raise, adding a side hustle is like giving yourself one. If you’re a stay at home parent, it’s the perfect way to start your kids college fund. The side hustle is a way to get your financial goals met.  Don’t forget: 
  • You pay taxes on the side job income
  • Allocate the funds to a goal
  • Quit a side hustle that doesn’t work for you 
Lastly, share your side hustle quest with friends. They may want to get some extra cash coming in too.  Bethany McCamish is a personal finance writer and the founder of His & Her Fi. All Illustrations: Laura Caseley For The Money Manual