Mistplay vs Swagbucks

Mistplay vs Swagbucks: Is There A Gaming App Better Than Mistplay? We Investigate

Mistplay vs Swagbucks
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If you’re a millennial, there’s a good chance you love playing video games. And if you’re like most millennials, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make some extra money. So what’s better than a gaming app that pays you to play? Mistplay is one such app that rewards gamers with points for completing quests, watching ads, and more.

But is it really the best option out there? Swagbucks is another popular option that offers gamers a variety of ways to earn SB (Swag Bucks) points, including playing games. So when you compare Mistplay vs Swagbucks, which one is better? We investigate.

Mistplay vs. Swagbucks At A Glance

Our #1 Choice
Price Free
Supported Platforms Android devices
Age Limit 18+
Ads Yes
Point Conversion $5=1500 points
Cashout threshold Variable, depends on the gift card being redeemed. Some options include 1500 Units=$5.00 when swapping for a Visa card, and 3,000 units=$10.00 worth of Steam Credit
Cashout options
  • Google Play
  • GameStop
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Amazon
  • Steam Credit
  • Visa card
  • PayPal
Average earnings Varies according to how much a player plays, the kinds of games they play, and their game levels
Star Rating 4.2
# of Ratings 232,000 +
# of Downloads 10 Million +

What Is Mistplay?

The gaming app Mistplay has been grabbing much attention lately and many people wonder if you can actually make money playing games on your phone or other similar apps like it. 

You can earn points by playing games on Mistplay which are redeemable for a variety of rewards including gift cards and cash via PayPal. The more you play, the greater your reward.

Check out our in-depth Mistplay review.

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How Does Mistplay Work?

The idea behind Mistplay is simple: play longer, earn more. The app will reward you with points that can be used for gift cards once your account reaches certain levels of activity and engagement- so what are the steps to use Mistplay? 


Download The Android App Now


Discover new games


Play and collect points. There are different types of points including:

  • Units = the in-app currency that can be accumulated and redeemed for gift cards
  • PXP = Player Experience Points. Users have one PXP level for their entire Mistplay account. Advance to a new PXP level to earn more GXP (and indirectly more units) while playing games in Mistplay.
  • GXP = Gamer Experience Points. Spend time in the game and earn more GXP to advance to higher GXP levels. GXPs are specific to the particular game being played.


Redeem units for rewards, either as e-gift cards or cash directly deposited to your PayPal account


Unlock achievement badges to get more units for rewards. Every reward you earn will give a boost in the number of units that can be redeemed for cash prizes, and every week there is always a contest going on where winners receive awesome grand prizes. 

You can also unlock achievement badges by completing missions. Each earned badge equals more units to spend on rewards.

How To Earn Units On Mistplay:

Earn badges for completing tasks in different levels within each game and advancing through them.

Easy ways to earn Mistplay units

Earn 200 Points, Sign Up
  • Boosted games
  • Higher reward speed-rated games get you more units to earn
  • Gain Game Experience Points (GXP) the longer you play
    • Reach checkpoints by earning GXP to earn even more units
  • Connect to Mistplay social media platforms
  • Subscribe to the newsletter (sign up through the Bonus tab of Mistplay and opt into the emails) – 15 units
  • Join contests 
  • Refer a friend – 100 units

Is Mistplay Legit?

Mistplay is a legit app that lets you download games and play to earn units that can be redeemed for prizes.

Mistplay has an average rating on the Google Play store of  3.7 stars 246,600 total reviews at the time of writing. It should be noted Mistplay is not available on the App Store.

It was started in 2015 by Henri Machalani. They have a blog and an established social media presence.

Now, the recent reviews leave something to be desired and are trending negatively on both Google Play store and TrustPilot, however, it should be noted that on Google Play they are working hard to respond to each negative review with words of encouragement to reach out to their support at support.mistplay.com so that they can assist the disappointed players. That isn’t the work of a scammer.

It seems that the app is prone to be scammed by bots so they are likely handling that situation as best as they can and are having some technical difficulties that are affecting their users. 

What Real Users Think About Mistplay

Reviews on TrustPilot and Google Play store are seeing a recent decline in quality mostly geared towards technical issues including face verification and other issues that cause slowdowns on users’ phones.

This 5-star reviewer is pleased and has tried many other gaming apps like Mistplay but finds Mistplay to be the best. They have averaged $10 per week and have seen fast payout times for the gift cards of about 3 days.

This happy 4-star user states that you actually can cash out with Mistplay and have already gotten an Amazon gift card and have gotten cash for playing games from PayPal twice. They do mention a face verification issue and how it relates to wearing glasses. They love the games that are offered.

This critical 2-star reviewer says they thought the app was great and that it did what they say they would do, where you earn units to redeem for cash. However, the last update had bugs that are a pain to deal with. 

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What Is Swagbucks?

You can get rewarded for doing things like shopping, taking surveys, and playing games with the Swagbucks app.

The best part is that it’s free. You’ll earn points called “SB” which can be redeemed toward gift cards or cash via PayPal.  It really helps add up fast if your lifestyle involves regular gameplay on your phone. Read our in-depth review Swagbucks review.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

When you make in-game purchases through Swagbucks’ GSN partners or play some original free games, like Scrabble, then they’ll give out points called SB. Collect SB once each activity is completed – after that you can cash them in for money via PayPal or gift cards from more than 200 top retailers including Visa, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more.

You can also opt to play against other players – for a small fee. For example, play Solitaire Rush and compete against other players for real cash prizes. You’ll earn 4 Swagbucks (SB) for every dollar you spend in cash entry fees.

Each SB is worth one cent, so if you have 5,000 SBs, you’ve earned $50 – just for playing games on your phone. 

Why Not Give It A Try For Yourself?

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks has an A- score on BBB.org and has been accredited since 2010. They have been in business. Their parent company, Prodege, has been in business since 2005.

There is a large number of reviews, mostly positive, on reputable review sites including TrustPilot and Google Play. This evidence suggests that Swagbucks is indeed legit and is not out to scam you. 

What Do Real Users Think About Swagbucks

Swagbucks is faring well with real users. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive on TrustPilot with over 25,500+ reviews. They average 4.3 stars out of 5 and have 83% of reviewers giving them a good or excellent rating. On Google Play store they have an average rating of 4.2 and 82,700+ reviews at the time of writing.

Almost all of the reviews that mention the games in Swagbucks are positive.

This 5-star reviewer from TrustPilot has been using the platform for at least 15 years and they mention there’s decent money to be made for playing games. 

This critical 3-star reviewer from Google Play says they don’t feel it is worth your time playing these games but mention if it’s something you like doing then it’s good.

This 1-star reviewer from Google Play suggests you take screenshots of offers as you come across them. 

See For Yourself

Mistplay Pros And Cons


  • Receiving Gift Cards
  • No Credit Card Info Required
  • No Ads Within The App And Games
  • Free To Play
  • Pays Promptly (receive gift cards within 48 hours)

  • You Can’t Earn Direct Cash
  • Only For Android Phone Users
  • Earning Points Gets Challenging
  • Must download each individual game on top of the Mistplay App
  • Must permit usage access for Mistplay to track your time to earn units
  • Games must be launched and downloaded via Mistplay’s app
  • Low Earnings

Swagbucks Pros And Cons


  • Tons of game options
  • Easy user interface both on mobile and on a desktop
  • Reliable payout
  • Easy and fun side income

  • Not all users will qualify for all games
  • Minimal income earning potential
  • Some long waits to qualify to receive rewards

Bottom Line: Which Gaming App Is Best For Earning, Mistplay or Swagbucks?

If you are someone who plays a lot of mobile games, why not earn a gift card or two, or better yet some actual cash via Paypal, doing something you would do for free?

In the Mistplay vs Swagbucks debate, Mistplay is great for folks who already love playing games on their phone. Their games are fun and easy to pass the time with. However, the earnings are limited in that gaming is their niche and there are no other earning options.

Swagbucks on the other hand are diverse in their offerings and have something for everyone, including games, surveys, and many other options.

When it comes to earning potential for playing games, to earn a $5 gift card with Mistplay you have to generate 1,500 units, and you can average about $50 a month.

With Swagbucks, average players can expect to earn between $25 and $100 in PayPal Cash or gift cards every month. But for the higher-end games that you pay to play, you can earn huge profits.

For example, just putting in $20 to play the highest potential payout game available right now on Swagbucks (SI Sportsbook) can be worth $144 (14,400 SB). so Swagbucks wins this round of the Misplay vs Swagbucks competition.

The audience is clearly more in favor of Swagbucks with their consistently positive reviews whereas Mistplay is struggling to keep their players happy. Both are legitimate gaming platforms that do payout but when it comes right down to it for Mistplay Vs Swagbucks,  Swagbucks is the gaming platform that is best for earning and is the clear winner.


How long does it take Swagbucks to pay? 

Swagbucks typically pays within 24-48 hours however it can be a bit longer getting your first payment as they have to verify your banking details. 

How do you cashout on Swagbucks?

You can receive cash funds through PayPal, gift cards are delivered to you via electronic vouchers sent to your email inbox (check your spam if you don’t see it in your primary).

What is the Swagbucks conversion rate?

100 SB = one dollar

Is Mistplay free?

Mistplay is a free app in that you will not trade money to play however you will be trading your data and of course your time. 

What gift cards does Mistplay offer?

  • Amazon
  • Prepaid visa cards
  • Best Buy
  • Cineplex
  • Google Play Store Credit
  • iTunes credit

Does Mistplay have a PayPal cash-out option?

According to the Mistplay website, you can cash out your Mistplay earnings to your PayPal account. However, the writer was unable to substantiate this at the time of writing as there was no apparent way to do so within the app.  

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