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Perpay Review [2024] – Is Perpay Legit?

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Buy now, pay later (BNPL) apps have become super popular in recent years.

Americans have always loved buying things on credit. It’s why the average consumer has three credit cards. And now, BNPL services like Perpay give people even more financial flexibility. 

But how exactly does Perpay work? Is it different from other BNPL services?

And, most importantly, can Perpay be trusted?

Below, you’ll find answers to all those questions in my complete Perpay review

At a Glance

If you’re looking to build credit, Perpay may be just the thing for you. With Perpay, you can use your everyday purchases to help improve your credit score. Members receive a personalized spending limit that they can use at Perpay’s online marketplace, which has more than 1,000 brands.

When you make a purchase and set up your payments, a small payment for your order will automatically be deducted from your paycheck until you’ve paid it off. Each on-time payment will help build your credit history. In as little as four months, you could see your credit score increase by an average of 36 points!

The best part? There is no credit check required to apply for a Perpay account. This could be the credit boost you’ve been looking for.

What is Perpay?

Perpay is a buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) service that lets you pay for purchases in installments with money drawn directly from your paycheck. 

When you make purchases through Perpay, you get pretty amazing terms:

  • Flexible repayment schedules
  • No fees
  • No interest

But how’s it possible? 

Well, Perpay only accepts you if you have full-time employment, have at least three months of employment history with your current employer, and receive paychecks via direct deposit. 

Plus, they take the money you owe them right from your paycheck. That means they can be pretty positive you’ll pay up!

And while anyone could appreciate Perpay, it’s especially useful if you’re trying to build credit. That’s because Perpay will inform the credit bureaus that you’re making payments, and that’ll make your credit score go up. On average, Perpay claims users see a 36-point credit score increase by using the service. 

So with Perpay, you get the convenience of a BNPL service with a bit of improved financial health on the side. No wonder the platform has over 6 million members! 

Perpay only accepts users that have full-time employment.
You’ll likely qualify for Perpay if you receive direct deposits from a full-time job.
Source: Unsplash

How Does Perpay Work? 

The Perpay BNPL service is pretty straightforward, but it’s still best to know exactly how it works before signing up. This Perpay review breaks it down for you. 

The first step is to make sure you qualify. 

Perpay requirements include:

  • Maintaining full-time employment (or receiving income from Social Security or Veterans Affairs)
  • Having already spent three months working with your current employer
  • Receiving your pay through direct deposit 
  • Having an active cell phone
  • Not having any active bankruptcies
  • Being in good standing with your financial obligations

Unfortunately, that leaves out contractors, gig workers, and other independent workers – who might consider a different BNPL option. Here’s a full list of popular buy now, pay later apps

But if you meet Perpay’s requirements, your next step is to apply through the official Perpay website. And there’s no credit check involved, so you don’t have to worry about your credit score taking a hit.

Once your account is up and running, you’ll be able to shop with over 1,000 associated brands. 

I know. It’s a bummer that you can’t use Perpay for all purchases, but at least they offer popular brands like Samsung, HP, and KitchenAid. So you’ll probably find at least a few companies that you were planning on shopping with, anyway.

When you make a purchase, you won’t pay for it right away. Instead, you’ll set up a payment plan with Perpay. The payments will align with your paycheck schedule, so each time you get paid by your employer, Perpay will take some of the money.

Just be aware: They won’t ship your order until you’ve made at least one payment, which should happen when you receive your next paycheck via direct deposit. As you use the Perpay BNPL service and establish a payment history, you’ll gain access to more shipping options. 

Perpay also offers a paid service: Perpay+. It costs $2 a month, but it’s what allows Perpay to improve your credit score. You’ll be able to activate Perpay+ through your account’s online dashboard after you complete four months of on-time payments totaling over $200.

Is Perpay Legit? 

Perpay is absolutely a legit BNPL service. Here are four reasons why I’m so sure:

  • Reason #1: The company has physical headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, and you can even find them on the map! 
  • Reason #2: Perpay partners with reputable companies like JPMorgan Chase and Experian.
  • Reason #3: Perpay has over 6 million members.
  • Reason #4: The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where it has an A- rating.

Is Perpay Safe?

Perpay is a safe and trustworthy BNPL platform.

Believe me. I can see why you’d think twice before giving a company access to your hard-earned paycheck. But I can’t find any record of Perpay ripping people off. They take the money you’ve agreed to give them and not a cent more.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the occasional negative Perpay review online. Users complain about all sorts of things, from high prices to poor customer service. 

But those aren’t safety issues. 

When it comes to basic integrity, Perpay is a company you can trust. 

Perpay BNPL company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.
Perpay is a legitimate company with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.
Source: Unsplash

Pros and Cons of Perpay

Like pretty much any service, Perpay BNPL has its strengths and weaknesses. My goal in this Perpay review is to make those factors clear – so you can decide whether to use the platform.


  • Flexible payment terms. Do you want to make lots of smaller payments or a few big ones? With Perpay, you get to decide!
  • No fees or interest payments. You’ll pay the total price of the item you’ve purchased – and that’s it. The only exception is the $2 monthly fee you’ll pay if you opt into Perpay+.
  • Ability to build credit. When you successfully make payments (which will happen automatically as long as you keep earning your paycheck), your credit score will go up. Just make sure you enable Perpay+ and make four months of payments that add up to $200 because that’s when the credit-building feature kicks in.  


  • Limited to certain brands and products. You’ll only be able to buy the products that appear on Perpay’s marketplace, which you can find listed on the website or the app.
  • Higher prices. Some users complain that products on the platform are more expensive than if they went directly to the retailer. 
  • Limited payment options. You’ll have to accept a payment plan that takes money from your paycheck, even if you’d rather pay some other way. You can use debit or credit cards but only for extra payments on top of an existing payment plan.

Perpay Reviews

Perpay has a lot of people talking online. 

Some users are full of praise – like this person who successfully used Perpay to build credit.

Five-star Perpay review from a customer who used the service to build their credit.
A 5-star Perpay review says the service helps raise your credit score.
Source: Trustpilot

Another positive Perpay review describes the service as the “best beginner BNPL.” 

The one drawback? Some of the products are more expensive than usual.

Four-star Perpay review from a user who likes the BNPL option but not the increased prices.
A reviewer describes Perpay BNPL as the best option for beginners. 
Source: Trustpilot

Some users think those price markups are annoying but manageable. Others (like the person who left this negative Perpay review) say the markups destroy an otherwise-solid service.

Negative Perpay review from a user who disliked the price markups of products.
A Perpay review calls the markups on the service “outrageous.”
Source: Trustpilot

And here’s one last Perpay review with a slightly different complaint. Apparently, it can be difficult to pay off your balance early, although, Perpay claims it’s an option. 

Three-star Perpay review from a customer who had trouble paying off a balance ahead of schedule.
A Perpay BNPL user says that it can be difficult to pay off a balance early.
Source: Trustpilot

Perpay Reviews Reddit

Over on Reddit, a user asked whether anyone had successfully ordered a PS5 through Perpay. They asked in the “Scams” subreddit, so I guess they were worried!

A Reddit user asked fellow patrons if Perpay was a scam.
A Reddit user asks if anyone has successfully ordered the PS5 with Perpay.
Source: Reddit

People responded by sharing their own Perpay experiences, and most of those experiences were positive.

A positive Perpay review from a user on Reddit.
A Reddit user reports that they received a PS5 on time through Perpay.
Source: Reddit
Reassuring Perpay review from a customer who claims they received everything they ordered on the BNPL platform.
A Perpay user says they’ve received everything they’ve ever ordered through the service. 
Source: Reddit
A positive Perpay review from a Reddit user who claims they received the new Xbox they ordered through the BNPL service.
A positive Perpay review on Reddit describes receiving a new Xbox “fresh out of the box.”
Source: Reddit

But a few people did share complaints. One user says they were falsely accused of missing payments, while another had an issue with a warranty.

Negative Perpay review from a user who was accused of missing payments.
A current Perpay member says they’ve been falsely accused of missing payments.
Source: Reddit
Perpay review from a user who struggled using a warranty on a product they purchased through the BNPL service.
Someone on Reddit says they couldn’t use the warranty on an Xbox purchased with Perpay.
Source: Reddit

So Perpay might be a truly unique service, but it’s similar to other platforms in one important way: Some people love it, while others don’t.

Where does that leave you? 

My suggestion is just to make sure you fully understand the service before signing up. That way, you’ll know what to expect!

Perpay Credit Builder Review

To build credit with your Perpay account, your first step is to activate Perpay+ through your online Perpay dashboard.

From there, you’ll have to make on-time payments for four months, and those payments must add up to at least $200.

Once you’ve met those requirements, Perpay will start sharing your payment history with the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

And since the money is coming straight from your paycheck via direct deposit, you shouldn’t miss any payments. That means your credit score is almost certain to rise!

Perpay’s own research suggests that the credit-building service is effective – with the average user’s score increasing by 36 points in the first three months. 

That’s the sort of boost that can have a serious positive impact on your overall financial health.

Is Perpay Worth It?

Perpay is absolutely worth it for some people, especially if you want to build credit without using a credit card.

That’s because Perpay’s credit-building feature is so effective. 

Think about it: Credit bureaus want to see that you can successfully pay off loans. Well, using the Perpay BNPL service is essentially a loan, and you have to pay it off since they’ll take the money automatically from your paycheck. 

So if you don’t trust yourself with a credit card (or would simply prefer not to use one), this represents an alternative way to increase your credit score. 

And even if you’re not worried about your credit, Perpay could still be a useful service for buying products and paying for them later. 

Are you worried about the higher prices? I get that. It’s definitely annoying that you can’t check out the marketplace before signing up. 

But here’s the good news: Perpay is free (until you opt into Perplay+), and registering won’t affect your credit score.

That means you can give Perpay a try without the risk!

Commonly Asked Questions About Perpay

What are Alternatives to Perpay?

There are several buy now, pay later (BNPL) services that are similar to Perpay, including:

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Is Perpay a Scam?

Perpay isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate BNPL service that takes payments directly from your paycheck. And you don’t have to take my word for it – just check out Perpay’s A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Perpay Vs. Affirm?

Perpay and Affirm are both buy now, pay later (BNPL) services, but they have very different formats. Affirm conducts a soft credit check to determine eligibility, and once you’re in, you can shop almost anywhere. Prepay bases eligibility on employment and lets you shop only with certain partnered brands. Check out these Affirm reviews to learn more. 

Does Perpay Really Help Your Credit?

Yes, Perpay can really help your credit (as long as you use Perpay+ and meet the requirements for credit building). According to Perpay’s own research, the average credit-building user raises their score by 36 points in three months.

If you need more help fixing your credit, check out our comparison of Credit Saint vs Lexington Law, or see if working with the best tradeline companies could be the right credit repair solution for you. 

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Why Are Perpay Prices So High?

Perpay doesn’t come out and say why their prices are sometimes higher, but some people on various review platforms speculate that the company buys products from retailers. This forces them to charge even more to make a profit. 

How Does Perpay Direct Deposit Work?

When you buy a product on Perpay, you agree to a payment plan that aligns with the payment schedule from your job. Perpay then takes the agreed-upon amount out of each paycheck through direct deposit. If you can’t split your paycheck like this yourself, Perpay will do it for you.