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Is Buff Legit [2024] Review, Pros and Cons

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Tons of people play video games — 2.58 billion, to be exact. 

But here’s something lots of those gamers might not know: You can earn rewards for playing!

Buff is an exciting platform that runs in the background while you play games on your PC or mobile device. You’ll get points as you play, and you can exchange those points for gift cards and other rewards.

So, is Buff legit? 

Good news: It is!

In this Buff review, I’ll tell you how the platform works and explain why you can trust it. 

What Is Buff? 

Buff is a loyalty platform that rewards you for playing video games.

No, you don’t have to play obscure, random games to get rewarded. You can play popular games like Fortnite and Halo while Buff runs in the background.

Earn Rewards for Playing Your Favorite Games with Buff

  • Play over 1,500 PC games like Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, and League of Legends
  • Earn gift cards, gaming gear, Steam keys, and more by simply playing the games you love
  • Download Buff to track your in-game stats and earn “Buffs” based on your performance
  • Join a community of over 450,000 active daily users, access gameplay tips, and watch highlights

There are two versions of Buff:

  • The desktop version for PC games
  • The mobile version for app-based games (available through the Apple App Store or the Google Play store)

With either version, you’ll earn points (called “Buffs,” “Buff Points,” or “BP”) as you play. You can exchange those BPs for exciting rewards, including Steam keys, gaming gear, and Amazon gift cards.

But is Buff legit? Absolutely! Just consider how much the platform has grown in recent years. 

Buff was founded in 2018, and it already has over 450,000 daily active users. A platform that popular is usually worth trying!

The Bfuff app displayed on a cell phone showing different games you can earn points playing.
You can use Buff to earn rewards while playing PC games and mobile games. 
Source: Buff

Is Buff Legit / Is Buff Gaming Legit?

Getting rewarded for playing video games? Who wouldn’t be intrigued? But before signing up, you should consider an all-important question: Is Buff legit?

I’m here to tell you it is.

Buff is a decent-sized company with over 10 employees and headquarters in Tel Aviv. So, this isn’t some dude in his grandma’s basement. It’s a real-deal operation!

And the platform is generally well-liked by users. It gets 3.9 stars from reviewers on Trustpilot, which puts it in the “great” range. On the Apple App Store, the Buff mobile app gets 4.9 stars.

None of this means you’re guaranteed to enjoy your experience with Buff. You can find plenty of complaints about the platform online. Some users say that the app is full of bugs, and others claim that the most popular rewards are rarely available. 

But is Buff legit? Yes — you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or cheated. 

Is Buff Worth It?

Buff is worth it for anyone who wants to earn extra rewards while playing video games.

Is Buff legit? For sure.

And is it free? Yes! (Or you can pay for a “Premium” subscription.)

There’s really no reason not to give it a shot.

The platform runs in the background, so it’s not like you have to change your gaming habits — and you can get rewarded for your skills. What’s not to like?

Earn Rewards for Playing Your Favorite Games with Buff

  • Play over 1,500 PC games like Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, and League of Legends
  • Earn gift cards, gaming gear, Steam keys, and more by simply playing the games you love
  • Download Buff to track your in-game stats and earn “Buffs” based on your performance
  • Join a community of over 450,000 active daily users, access gameplay tips, and watch highlights

One small downside is that Buff doesn’t pay out in cash. So, if it’s money you’re after, you’ll need to try another platform. For ideas, learn about these apps that pay cash and how you can earn free money now.

But if you’re a gamer and earning gift cards and other rewards is enough, then Buff is absolutely worth trying. 

You’re already playing games anyway, right? You might as well get rewarded!

How Does Buff Work?

Is Buff appealing? Of course. You get rewarded for playing video games! Is Buff legit? Yes, it’s run by a real, reputable company.

Okay, glad that’s settled!

Now, let’s examine how the platform works.

Here’s the basic process for earning rewards with Buff:

  1. Download the program. To use Buff on your PC, you’ll have to download the “Buff Achievement Tracker” for Windows. Just head to the official Buff website and click “Download” in the top-right corner. To use Buff with mobile games, download the Buff app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Play games (with Buff running in the background). You don’t have to do anything special. Just play the games as you normally would, and your Buff balance should steadily grow. You could also earn extra “BPs” for doing well in the game, so you’ll be incentivized to really bring it!
  3. Redeem your “Buffs” at the Buff Marketplace. Each item will have its own price, so you can easily see which rewards you can afford.

You can use Buff with over 1,500 different games, including popular options like:

  • Fortnite
  • Minecraft 
  • Halo
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • Overwatch

What about prizes? Unfortunately, users sometimes complain that the most desirable rewards aren’t always available. But potential rewards include:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Steam gift cards
  • Roblox e-cards
  • Riot access codes
  • Fallout 4 CD keys

By using Buff, you could fund your next gaming adventure!

Another exciting perk is that Buff will capture your gameplay highlights for you. So when you finish your session, you can relive your best moments and even share them with friends. There’s nothing like finding a new way to show off!

While the standard version of Buff is free, you can also pay for a “premium” experience. There are 3 levels to choose from: Premium ($35.99/year), Premium Plus ($53.99/year), and Premium Elite ($69.99/year). 

By subscribing to these premium plans, you’ll get perks like:

  • Extra “buffs” (a.k.a. points) 
  • An “earnings boost”
  • Access to exclusive rewards from the marketplace
  • The chance to participate in “challenges” for more points
  • Entry to the Buff Discord channel

Whether you sign up for a free account or pay for Buff Premium, you’ll get the pleasure of earning rewards for playing video games. 

A screen in the Buff app showing recordings of game sessions.
Buff runs in the background as you play your favorite video games, and it will even capture highlights.
Source: Buff

What Is The Catch With Buff? 

The only “catch” with Buff is that the best prizes aren’t always available. Some users complain that, after earning points, the rewards they wanted weren’t in stock. The good news is that Buff restocks its marketplaces 2 to 3 times a week. 

Is Buff Safe?

Earning rewards for playing video games might sound amazing, but is Buff legit and safe?

Yes — Buff is completely legit and safe to use!

Your main concern is probably that the company could misuse your data. Luckily, with Buff, there’s nothing to worry about.

Buff does collect some information, and they make that perfectly clear in their privacy policy. But it’s not like they’re doing anything sketchy. The data they collect is standard stuff related to your browser and IP address. 

And while Buff can send your data to third parties, they claim they’ll only do it for a few reasons:

  • To maintain or improve the platform
  • If Buff merges with another company
  • To investigate violations or cooperate with law enforcement

Buff collects some personal data, but it doesn’t sell it. That’s why I think the platform can be considered safe. 

Pros and Cons of Buff

Buff is definitely an enticing option for gamers, but what are the platform’s strengths and weaknesses? I’ll highlight them below. 


  • The standard version is free. That means you can try the platform without spending a dime. And if you love it and want more rewards, you can always upgrade to a paid Premium subscription. 
  • There are lots of popular games on the platform. From Fortnite to Halo, many of the “big names” in gaming are available with Buff. 
  • The platform works with PCs and mobile devices. Whether you play on your computer or your smartphone, Buff can help you earn rewards.


  • Popular rewards can be “out of stock.” Buff says it restocks its marketplace 2 to 3 times each week — but if you have bad luck with your timing, you might miss out on the specific reward you’re after.
  • The platform doesn’t offer cash payments. You can only redeem “buffs” (points) for items in the Buff marketplace.
  • Some users complain about the Android app. While the platform generally gets good reviews, the Buff mobile app only has 2.4 stars on the Google Play Store, with some reviewers saying the app is full of bugs. 

Buff Reviews

Buff gets 3.9 stars from users on Trustpilot, meaning most reviews are positive. 

In a 5-star Buff review, someone predicted that “users will definitely have a great experience using the app.” Not only did this person enjoy earning rewards, but they also liked that Buff helped them discover new games.

A 5-star Trustpilot review from a Buff user happy that they can earn rewards for playing games they enjoy playing anyway.
In a 5-star review, a user recounts their positive experience with Buff.
Source: Trustpilot

Another user left a 4-star review, saying that “Buff is a good app” while also lamenting the fact that Buff users can’t request cash payments through PayPal.

A 4-star Trustpilot review from a Buff user who likes the app but wishes they would add PayPal rewards.
A user calls Buff “a good app” in a 4-star review.
Source: Trustpilot

Someone else said Buff is “pretty good” overall but that the platform made mistakes when tracking progress with Fortnite and Rocket League. That’s why the person gave the platform just 3 stars. 

A 3-star Trustpilot review from a Buff user who likes the game overall but finds it glitchy and confusing at times.
A 3-star Buff review calls the platform “pretty good” but also “a little confusing.” 
Source: Trustpilot

In a 1-star Buff review, someone made a dramatic statement: “Buff has ruined the gaming experience.” They said the app is “riddled with bugs” and requires a ton of troubleshooting. 

A 1-star Trustpilot review from a Buff user who finds the app too buggy to use most of the time.
A 1-star Buff review describes the platform as “riddled with bugs.”
Source: Trustpilot

Is Buff Legit Reddit

Someone started a Reddit thread by asking, “Is Buff legit?”

A Reddit user asking if Buff is a legitimate platform after finding conflicting opinions on Reddit.
Someone on Reddit asks, “Is Buff legit?”
Source: Reddit

Luckily, lots of people responded.

One person said that Buff is legit but that it took a long time to earn just a small reward.

A Reddit user says Buff is not a scam but that it takes too long to earn rewards to be worthwhile.
A Redditor says that Buff is legit but not worth it.
Source: Reddit

Someone else said, “The problem isn’t the earnings, it’s cashing out.” Apparently, this person kept finding that the rewards they wanted were out of stock.

A Reddit user says they're happy with their earnings but that rewards are out of stock too often.
In a Buff review on Reddit, someone says the rewards are often out of stock. 
Source: Reddit

Another user reported that they were limited to earning a certain amount of “buffs” (points) per day, which made them suspect that the platform was a scam. 

It’s worth noting that this person was using the free version of Buff. A “Premium” subscription gives you the chance to earn more points.  

A Reddit post from a Buff user who liked the platofrm at first but found that it starts limiting your earnings once you start making purchases with your rewards.
A Buff user on Reddit complains about a daily limit on how many points you can earn. 
Source: Reddit

Commonly Asked Questions About Buff 

Buff Competitors / Alternatives To Buff / Similar To Buff?

Here are some games and platforms that, like Buff, will give you rewards or money for playing games:

Learn more ways to earn gift cards by playing games.

Is Buff a Scam?

Buff isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate platform run by a real company with over 10 employees, and it will actually give you rewards for playing video games. Are those rewards massive? Not usually, and it can take some time to win a prize. But it’s easy and often fun! 

Does Buff Actually Give Rewards? 

Yes, Buff actually rewards you for playing video games. You can play popular games on your PC or mobile device while Buff runs in the background. They’ll give you points, which you can then redeem for gift cards, Steam keys, and other prizes. 

Does Buff Sell Your Info?

Buff doesn’t sell your info to third parties. In their privacy policy, they admit that they do collect user data — but they’ll only share it for specific, lawful reasons. And selling data for a profit isn’t one of those reasons.