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Is Solitaire Clash Legit [2024] Reviews

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Solitaire has been around since the 1800s. Typically, it’s meant to be played alone. I mean, it’s called “solitaire” for a reason. 

But wouldn’t it be fun to play against other people (and for real money)? 

That’s the exact premise behind Solitaire Clash! It’s an app-based game that has attracted users from around the country.

But before rushing to download the game, you’ve probably got some questions. Is Solitaire Clash legit? And how does it work, anyway?

I’ll explain in this Solitaire Clash review. 

What is Solitaire Clash?

Solitaire Clash is a form of digital solitaire that lets you earn real cash prizes. It’s an app-based game available for iOS (on the Apple App Store) and Android (on the Galaxy Store).

You know how solitaire can be slow and methodical? Well, not Solitaire Clash! 

In this game, you rush to arrange the deck faster than the competition – often with real money on the line. It’s designed to be exciting, and according to many users, it really is.

If you come out on top, you can collect your winnings through PayPal, Apple Pay, or another partnering payment service.

And if you’re wondering, “Is Solitaire Clash legit?” I’ve got good news. It’s highly rated by users, and it’s run by a legitimate company called AviaGames.

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Solitaire Clash screenshots showing gameplay, how you can win cash, and a PayPal payout of $504.80.
Solitaire Clash is a skills-based game with real cash prizes.
Source: Apple App Store

Is Solitaire Clash Legit? 

Solitaire Clash is definitely a legitimate game. 

How do I know? 

First, let’s consider the app developer, AviaGames. It’s one of the most reputable developers in the app-based gaming industry. The company gets an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and it has a physical address in San Mateo, California. So yeah, nothing to worry about there. 

Now, let’s look at the user ratings for Solitaire Clash. They’re super reassuring! The app has 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store and 5 stars on the Galaxy Store. 

And it’s not like we’re looking at a tiny sample size. Between the two app stores, Solitaire Clash has received a rating from over 200,000 users.

So, is Solitaire Clash legit? Yes! The evidence speaks for itself. 

Is Solitaire Clash Worth It? 

Solitaire Clash is worth it for anyone willing to accept a little risk and ready to work hard to improve their skills.

With some online games, you earn prizes just by playing. For opportunities like that, read this article on how to earn gift cards by playing games.

Solitaire Clash is different. It’s basically a form of gambling. You use your own money to buy into a cash tournament. If you finish in the top 3, you’ll win money. But if you don’t, you’ll come out behind.

Here’s my advice: Download the Solitaire Clash app and spend some time playing the free version of the game. This will allow you to test your skills. Then, give the cash tournaments a shot when you feel good and ready.

Maybe you’ll lose miserably. Then what? You could keep trying to improve, or you could just settle for the free version of the game. After all, Solitaire Clash is a great form of entertainment, even if you don’t win cash.

And if you do win? Then keep at it! You might have found a new way to earn a little money on the side.

How Does Solitaire Clash Work?

Playing the game is pretty straightforward – and this Solitaire Clash review will make it even simpler.

Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make sure you trust the app. Is Solitaire Clash legit? It is! Just look at the app’s high ratings across multiple app stores. This will give you some serious peace of mind.
  1. Double-check that you’re eligible to play. You have to be 18 or older to play Solitaire Clash. Cash tournaments are also unavailable in some states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and U.S. territories like Puerto Rico. Users in these places can still play the free version of the game. 
  1. Download the app for free. Solitaire Clash (by AviaGames) is available on the Apple App Store and the Galaxy Store. There’s a similar app with the same name in the Google Play Store, but it’s a different game created by a different developer. 
  1. Choose your gameplay option. You can play free games or put your money on the line in cash tournaments. You’ll win if you finish in the top 3 of a tournament, which will have 5 to 10 other players. 
  1. Withdraw your winnings (hopefully!). There’s no guarantee that you’ll win. But if you do, you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Venmo.

In addition to winning money through cash tournaments, you can earn gift cards through in-game events and win extra cash through exciting “minigames.” 

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Another great perk of Solitaire Clash is that there are no ads. That means you can focus on what matters: Improving your skills and winning!

Okay, that covers the nuts and bolts. But what about the fun part – the actual game? 

Colorful Solitaire Clash screenshots showing a tournament options and prize pools.
Solitaire Clash is a skills-based game – and talented players can win real money. 
Source: Apple App Store

Solitaire Clash is basically a standard version of solitaire. You get a 52-card deck with some cards laid out in columns. Your job is to rearrange the cards until you can stack each suit in ascending order. 

But here’s where things get zany: With Solitaire Clash, you need to be fast. There’s no satisfaction just in finishing the game. You need to earn more points than the competition, and you do that by stacking cards quickly. 

So yes, Solitaire Clash can get the adrenaline going! It also requires skill, meaning you’ll (hopefully) get better as you go.

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What is The Catch With Solitaire Clash?

The main catch with Solitaire Clash is that you can’t withdraw “bonus cash.” There are two currencies within the app: the real money you deposit yourself and win and the bonus cash you earn within the game. Bonus cash can only be used for in-app purchases. 

Is Solitaire Clash Safe?

Solitaire Clash is completely safe to play. 

I know it can be stressful any time you have to transfer money to and from an app. But Solitaire Clash alleviates those concerns by partnering with reputable payment services.

When you send money to Solitaire Clash, you do it through platforms like:

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Venmo

It doesn’t get much safer than that!

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Pros and Cons of Solitaire Clash

Is Solitaire Clash legit? Yes, but there’s more to the conversation than that! Here are the app’s pros and cons.


  • You can win real money. Unlike some other digital solitaire games, Solitaire Clash really sends out cash prizes.
  • There’s a free gameplay option. That means you can practice and improve your skills before putting money on the line.
  • The app’s developer has a strong reputation. AviaGames has a large stable of app-based games, and it gets an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 


  • You have to use your own money to enter cash tournaments. So yes, you could win money, but there’s a risk of losing money, too.
  • Only the top 3 finishers win. The rest of the players in a cash tournament will come out behind.
  • You can’t withdraw “bonus cash.” This is a rule that some users find confusing. The app’s “bonus cash” is only for making in-app purchases and buying into tournaments.

Solitaire Clash Reviews 

I’ve already answered the biggest question: Is Solitaire Clash legit?

Reminder: It is!

So, how are real users experiencing the game? Let’s find out by looking at some reviews on the Apple App Store.

In a 5-star Solitaire Clash review, someone called it “a fun game,” but they also complained that it’s “really hard to win anything.” 

A 5-star reviewer calls it a fun game but is disappointed with how hard it is to win.
A Solitaire Clash user says the game is fun to play.
Source: Apple App Store

Another user said Solitaire Clash is “worth it if you’re good.” 

They also reported a mix-up regarding the game’s “bonus cash.” Some people mistakenly think you can withdraw bonus cash as actual money, but it’s only for in-app use.

In a 4-star review, someone says Solitaire Clash is worth it for skilled players. 
Source: Apple App Store

Another user agreed that Solitaire Clash is fun but complained that they didn’t make any money. 

a 3-star review from a  Solitaire Clash player who thinks the game is fun but hard to win, especially at lower buy-in amounts.
A reviewer calls Solitaire Clash a “mixed bag.”
Source: Apple App Store

In a 1-star Solitaire Clash review, a user called the app a “complete scam.” They won some money at first but then got stuck in a losing streak. They were also annoyed by the “bonus dollars,” which can be pretty misleading for new users. 

A 1-star Solitaire Clash review from a player who thinks it's a scam set up so you lose most of the time.
An angry Solitaire Clash user calls the game a “complete scam.” 
Source: Apple App Store

Is Solitaire Clash Legit Reddit 

I found a Reddit thread where someone asked how Solitaire Clash can claim to pay out in real money. 

Like many others, they basically wanted to know: Is Solitaire Clash legit?

Someone on Reddit asking how the claims made in a Solitaire Clash ad can be legitimate, posting a screenshot of the ad where someone claims to make hundreds per day playing the game.
A Redditor starts a thread by asking about Solitaire Clash. 
Source: Reddit

Someone responded with a detailed description of how Solitaire Clash works. They compared playing the game to going to a casino. You can truly win money, but you could also come out behind. 

A Solitaire Clash player explains on Reddit that you can earn enough free gems to play for money, but it takes a lot.
In a Reddit response, someone explains the general idea behind Solitaire Clash.
Source: Reddit

Another user called Solitaire Clash a “complete scam,” complaining that you can’t tell if your opponents are real people or bots.

A Reddit post from someone who thinks Solitaire Clash is a scam and that the other players are bots.
A Redditor claims that Solitaire Clash is a scam.
Source: Reddit

Solitaire Clash Reviews BBB 

Solitaire Clash hasn’t been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), probably because it’s just an app and not its own business.

But the BBB has reviewed AviaGames, which is the developer behind the Solitaire Clash app. And the review is super positive! 

The BBB gives AviaGames an A+ grade, which is as good as it gets. This rating is based on several factors, including the company’s complaint history and the transparency of its practices.

Unfortunately, AviaGames isn’t an “accredited business” with the BBB, but that’s not a big deal. Some companies never get around to requesting accreditation. 

So, is Solitaire Clash legit? Its parent company is, and that’s always a good sign. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Solitaire Clash

Solitaire Clash Competitors / Alternatives to Solitaire Clash / Similar to Solitaire Clash?

Here are some app-based gaming platforms that offer real cash prizes, just like Solitaire Clash:

Here are some more of the best GPT Sites that pay you for tasks like playing games and taking surveys. There are even apps that pay you to walk!

 And find more free games that pay real money instantly here.

Is Solitaire Clash a Scam?

Solitaire Clash isn’t a scam. It’s a legit app run by AviaGames, which is a reputable developer with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Just know ahead of time that you have to use real money to buy into cash tournaments.

Does Solitaire Clash Really Pay?

Solitaire Clash really does pay. The game lets you play for free, but you’ll have to pay an entry fee if you want to try for a payout. You’ll win money if you’re one of the top 3 players at the end of a cash tournament.

Can You Actually Win Money from Solitaire Clash?

You can win real money on Solitaire Clash. There are two gameplay options: free games and cash tournaments. The cash tournaments have an entry fee. And if you finish in the top 3, you’ll win! You can then withdraw your earnings through PayPal or another partnering service. 

How Do I Withdraw Money from Solitaire Clash?

You can withdraw money from Solitaire Clash through secure payment services like PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Venmo. 

How Much is Solitaire Clash?

Solitaire Clash is completely free to download. Once you have the app, you can play for free or enter cash tournaments. Each cash tournament has its own entry fee, so you’ll decide how much to risk. 

Solitaire Clash vs Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Clash and Solitaire Cash have similar models, offering a mix of free games and cash tournaments. One small difference is that tournaments on Solitaire Cash can have up to 20 participants, while Solitaire Clash maxes out at 11. Make your own comparison with this Solitaire Cash review.

Solitaire Clash Codes?

You can find Solitaire Clash promo codes on Reddit. These codes can give you “bonus cash,” which isn’t real money but can be used within the game.