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Is Solitaire Smash Legit [2024] Reviews

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Is Solitaire Smash legit? With the proliferation of play-for-cash apps, that’s a fair question. Because solitaire is an easy-to-learn game, it’s unsurprising that it has migrated into the digital world. Once thought to be a one-player game, solitaire variants have become popular as two-player games among the world’s 3.24 billion online gamers.

With Solitaire Smash, a top-12 free casino game on the App Store, two-or-more-player solitaire has entered the play-for-cash world. This Solitaire Smash review will explore Solitaire Smash’s gameplay, its rules, features, and risks, as well as the opinions and experiences of the app’s users.

What is Solitaire Smash?

Developed by Play Perfect, Solitaire Smash is a game app released on the iOS platform that lets you digitally play the card game solitaire against other players. By playing against other players, either individually or in a tournament structure, you have the opportunity to win free money now.              

Purple, green, and gold Solitaire Smash screen showing prize pool amounts, high bets, and entry fees.
Colorful Solitaire Smash tournament screen featuring prize pools, high bets, and entry fees.
Source:  Apple App Store

Unlike bingo games that payout real money but use ads to generate revenue, Solitaire Smash is ad-free. Solitaire Smash does have ads, but for its own features.

Users are required to deposit funds to play games that offer the chance to win money. There are also free games that players can use to practice before playing a game that requires a deposit.

Solitaire Smash is one of the most popular casino apps in Apple’s app store, ranked in the top 10 along with other solitaire games as well as with World Series of Poker’s Texas Hold’Em app.

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Is Solitaire Smash Legit?

The answer to the question “Is Solitaire Smash legit?” is a resounding “Yes.” The app delivers on its promise to enable users to win real money by playing against other users in solitaire. The main thing to remember about Solitaire Smash is that in order to win money, you have to deposit money as there is a fee to play any of the games where winning money is an option.

Solitaire Smash has thus far received largely favorable reviews on the Apple App Store. With a 4.8 out of 5 star rating and over 39,000 reviews, it would seem like Solitaire Smash delivers on what it promises. However, users are raising concerns about bot usage (playing against an automated opponent when you think you’re playing against a live opponent).

Is Solitaire Smash Worth It?

The question of whether or not Solitaire Smash is worth it is dependent on how often you win. While Solitaire Smash costs nothing to download, to win money you are required to deposit money. The games that present the opportunity to win money all require an entry fee to play.

However, you are not required to deposit funds to simply play the game. Solitaire Smash offers games where winning money is not involved and depositing money is not required. Instead you play with virtual money. Many players use these games as practice or, if they are new to Solitaire Smash, to familiarize themselves with how the game works.

How Does Solitaire Smash Work?

The first step in playing Solitaire Smash is downloading it from the Apple App Store (there is currently no version for Android). Once it’s downloaded, you create your account and take a short tutorial that shows you how to play.

Once you’ve completed that, you can practice the game by playing games that don’t cost real money and provide the opportunity to win virtual currency called gems. Winning gems allows you to continue playing the free version of Solitaire Smash, and the game starts you off with enough gems to play multiple free games.

The rules of the game are the same as regular solitaire, the object being to end up with four piles of cards, one of each suit. The competitive aspect of the game is that the games are timed. It’s not enough to get through your deck, you also have to complete the game faster than your opponent in order to win.

Screenshot of Solitaire Smash game in progress with a hand moving a card into place and the time elapsed and score displayed.
Screenshot of Solitaire Smash gameplay featuring rows of cards.
Source: Apple App Store

To play in competitive tournament games requires an entry fee. Entry fees can range from a few dollars to $20. Prize pools can range from $5 to $120. For any game you wish to enter, Solitaire Smash will tell you how much it costs to play, how much you can win, and how many players you will be competing against.

Similar to other apps that pay cash, Solitaire Smash allows you to cash out your winnings to Apple Money, PayPal, or directly to a linked bank account. This differs from other apps that allow you to earn gift cards by playing games. Solitaire Smash sometimes awards “bonus cash” (cash awarded for exceeding a certain dollar amount). This cash cannot be cashed out. It only allows you to keep playing.

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What is The Catch With Solitaire Smash?

The only “catch” with Solitaire Smash is that you have to spend money to win money. Any games offering the opportunity to win money require a deposit, which is the money that is risked when playing a cash game. If the user loses, the deposit money is not refunded.

Is Solitaire Smash Safe?

Solitaire Smash uses trusted and secure platforms such as Apple Pay and PayPal to allow users to receive funds. The app also uses encryption to ensure deposits are securely handled.

This goes a long way to answering “Is Solitaire Smash legit?” as the companies that enable the transfer of money between the user and the app want to ensure a positive experience.

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Pros and Cons of Solitaire Smash

Opportunity to win real moneyReal money games require a deposit.
Free games availableOnly available on iOS.
Intuitive user interfaceYour deposit is lost if you lose a real money game.
Pays real cash as prizes instead of gift cards or subscriptions.Cash tournaments not available in certain states due to legal restrictions

Solitaire Smash Reviews

The majority of Solitaire Smash reviews on the Apple App Store are favorable. Users that have reviewed Solitaire Smash positively take a realistic view of how much money they can win on the app and simply have fun winning what they can. They do note that they can win much more than they bet in any given game.

A positive Solitaire Smash Apple App Store review from a player who has withdrawn $1,322 in total game winnings and wins this game the most.
A 5-star Apple App Store review from a player who plays different games but wins Solitaire Smash the most of all solitaire games.
Source: Apple

Users whose reviews were less favorable have noted difficulties withdrawing their funds and not receiving the full amount they thought they won. However, the reviews do show Solitaire Smash’s customer support reaching out to users who have bad experiences with the app.

A 3-star Apple App Store review from a Solitaire Smash player who says their payout was short.  Customer service replied trying to help.
A 3-star Apple App Store review from a Solitaire Smash player saying they did not get their full payout. Inclues a reply from customer service trying to help.
Source: Apple

Other users, while happy with the game itself, are a bit put off by the amount and frequency of ads Solitaire Smash plays encouraging users to deposit funds.

A 3-star Apple App Store review from a player who didn't like all the ads Solitaire Smash runs for their own game.
A 3-star Apple App Store review from a customer put off by all the ads Solitaire Smash runs for their own game.
Source: Apple 

Other users report a positive experience with the game but experience some technical glitches. However, the Solitaire Smash customer support team seem eager to address gameplay issues.

A 4-star Apple App Store review by a player who reported diffulty moving stacks of cards and a response from customer service trying to help.
An Apple App Store review from a player who found it difficult to move stacks of cards and a response from customer service to help.
Source: Apple 

Is Solitaire Smash Legit Reddit

If you’re looking for an answer to “Is Solitaire Smash legit?” the users of Reddit are quick to share their experiences with the app. Users on Reddit have given their own Solitaire Smash reviews, and the results are mixed. Some users have a positive experience with winning cash games and are satisfied with the frequency of their winnings.

Someone on Reddit asks if Solitaire Smash is worth it.
A Redditor asking if Solitaire Smash is worth it.
Source:  Reddit
Someone on Reddit confirms that Solitaire Smash is worth it, saying it "worked great" and they won five money games in about an hour.
A Redditor responds to someone asking if Solitaire Smash is worth it by saying that it “worked great” and they won five money games in about an hour.
Source:  Reddit

Others seem skeptical and concerned that Solitaire Smash allows the use of bots, which makes it more difficult to win money. This could cause users to ask, “Is Solitaire Smash legit?”

A Redditor says they always lose Solitaire Smash and think they're competing with robots.
A Redditor says they always lose Solitaire Smash and suspect it’s a scam with robots competing against you.
Source: Reddit

Other users are dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes to actually withdraw winnings from the app. They feel that the app would prefer that they keep playing rather than withdrawing the money they have won.

A Redditor unhappy with how long it took to win $50 that they were then unable to cash out.
A Redditor saying it took too long to make $50 and that they couldn’t withdraw their payoff.
Source: Reddit

Other Reddit commenters gave a more favorable review, specifically citing their enjoyment of the free game that can be played using “gems” (the Solitaire Smash in-game currency). They like the fact that gems are gifted to players daily and that they can be saved from day to day.

A Redditor explaining that the game pairs you with harder players to beat as you progress and that you don't have to play for real money.
A Redditor explaining that the game pairs you with more difficult players as you level up and that you can play for fake money.
Source: Reddit

Solitaire Smash Reviews BBB

Neither Play Perfect nor Solitaire Smash have been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This may give pause to users wondering “Is Solitaire Smash legit?” However, users have given their reviews of Solitaire Smash on other platforms such as Reddit and the Apple App Store.

Commonly Asked Questions About Solitaire Smash

Solitaire Smash Competitors / Alternatives to Solitaire Smash / Similar to Solitaire Smash?

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Is Solitaire Smash a Scam?

This Solitaire Smash review has determined that the app is not a scam. It allows its users an opportunity to win real money. While the app does require a deposit to play cash games, the prize pool available often exceeds the deposit.

Does Solitaire Smash Really Payout?

If the user wins their cash game, the app does allow the user to receive funds through various methods including directly to a bank account. Solitaire Smash does require verification documents when cashing out funds.

A colorful Solitaire Smash withdraw screen showing a $1,000 PayPal payout.
Screenshot of a colorful Solitaire Smash withdraw screen.
Source: Apple App Store

Solitaire Smash for Android / Solitaire Smash Google Play?

As mentioned previously, this Solitaire Smash review is for the app on the iOS platform developed by Play Perfect. Another Solitaire Smash game exists for the Android platform. This is found on the Google Play store and was developed by Baca Mihelich. It has no affiliation with the iOS app and isn’t part of this review.

Solitaire Smash Free?

There is a free version of Solitaire Smash that doesn’t require users to deposit funds. You can’t win money playing the free version of the game. This is helpful for learning the rules of the game and for practicing.

Solitaire Smash Promo Code?

Solitaire Smash sometimes releases promo codes that are often shared online on referral code sites, Reddit, and Solitaire Smash’s Facebook page. These promo codes offer users free bonus cash which can be used to play cash games. However, bonus cash cannot be cashed out.