7 Totally Legit Ways To Make Money On Your Smartphone

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March 15, 2019
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You probably spend a ton of time on your phone every day, like, an embarrassing amount of time. Now, just imagine if you were to put that time to good use, so you could earn money on your phone for doing all of the things that you are already doing — playing games, shopping, and downloading new apps. You would need your head examined to not take advantage of doing this, right?

This is your lucky day because we’ve assembled our favorite apps to earn money on your phone. Think about it–you could be on the beach, bored at work, sitting in a car, binge watching Game of Thrones –and making money at the same time. It’s really that easy.

1. Get Paid Just To Unlock Your Phone

If you’re already working a 9-to-5, you are going to want a side gig to be super easy–the less work the better.

So how does getting paid for doing absolutely no work sound? S’more (download for Android) is a new app that pays you to put ads on the lock screen of your mobile phone. You don’t even have to tap on that ads, just let S’more display the ads on your lock-screen to earn rewards. Not only that, but by taking bonus surveys and, referring friends you can earn even more points. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon, AMC, Starbucks, etc. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but we promise it’s not.

Earn easy money with S’more

2. Make Money Trying New Games

This will go down in the history books as one of our favorite money making discoveries here at The Money Manual: we have found a way to get paid for downloading and trying new apps.

Thanks to AppKarma (download for Android or iOS) making actual cash for trying new apps is easy peasy. Here’s how it works: Once you download AppKarma you’ll have various options of earning via other apps. Some apps you’ll just need to download and play for a few minutes to earn points that you can then redeem for cash or gift cards. In other instances, you’ll need to do it a bit more like finishing certain missions or reaching a certain level in a game.

Once you have earned enough points, you can exchange your points for cash that will be paid out via PayPal or for gift cards. The Money Manual readers will get 500 extra points when you sign up, plus you’ll get an email shortly after signing up with a special promo code worth another 750 bonus points!

Playing games for cash with AppKarma

3. Earn Gift Cards Every Time You Search The Internet

Think about the time amount of time you spend browsing the internet (confession: I just spent two hours looking up cat videos). Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn that time spent into cold hard cash? Thanks to Swagbucks (download for Android), you can. Download the app, and follow Swagbucks’ prompts to set up the app so it can alert you to cash back opportunities. Then, earn gift cards every time you shop at participating stores including Amazon and Walmart. But the cash doesn’t stop there: Watch fun videos and play games within the app and get free gift cards, too!

Stop wasting time Googling and earn money using the Swagbucks app (download for Android) every time you are bored. New users get a free $10 just for signing up.

Sign up for Swagbucks

4. Play Lottery Style Games And Win Cash Without Spending $1

The app Long Game Savings (download for Android or iOS) is all about helping people save money, but it’s making it fun by rewarding its users with cash just for playing games online.

Wondering how it works? By keeping to your savings goals set on the Long Game app, you earn points which are used to play lottery style games (think spin the wheel and Powerball). Rewards for the games even include cold-hard cash (up to $1,000,000). And did we mention that users also get .1% interest on their savings account?

Just download the app (Android or iOS) link your bank account, and open your own FDIC insured Long Game savings account to start saving and playing lottery games. You’ll even get 300 free bonus Coins plus up to 3,000 free bonus Coins when you make your first deposit. It’s like playing the lottery except instead of spending money your actually saving and earning.

Sign up for Long Game

5. Earn Gift Cards Every Time You Shop (Even Just For Entering Stores)

A lot of people joke that shopping is their favorite hobby, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn that hobby into a way to actually earn money on your phone?

With Shopkick (download for Android and iOS) you can–and all you need is a phone to do it. The way that it works is you get points–called kicks–just for scanning barcodes of certain products in stores and for making purchase (it works for online purchases, too)! You even get kicks in some stores just for entering a store! Shopping basically turns into a fun scavenger hunt for points when you are using Shopkick.

There are other ways to earn kicks too, like watching videos about products within the Shopkick app, which you can do right on your phone! Once you’ve earned enough points you can trade your earnings in for gift cards to place like Walmart and Amazon or a number of others. Shopkick users have earned an insane amount of money in gift cards, to the tune of $78 million total, and people swear by using this app to earn extra money on the side.

Get paid to shop with Shopkick

6. Finally: An Excuse To Spend More Time Playing Games On Your Phone

With MistPlay (download for Android) you’ll get paid to both play and test new games. The more time you spend on the app and the more games you play, the more rewards you’ll earn. You can then redeem those rewards for gift cards via the app. Sweet is right.

Just install Mistplay then visit the offer wall to get started playing games and earning. Each game you play is absolutely free and the app adds new games into its mix each week. Yeah, we’d probably do this for free but getting paid for it is even better.

Get paid to game with Mistplay

7. Start Investing With Just $5 Right On Your Phone

It’s impossible to get ahead financially just by saving, and because of that it’s critical to start investing your money in order to grow it. With Stash (download for Android or iOS) you can start investing in the stock market with just $5 directly via the app on your phone. Stash allows you to buy a fraction of a stock or an ETF instead of having to invest in a whole share.

Starting with $5 (yup, the price of your morning coffee), you can work with Stash to build an investment portfolio that reflects your interests, beliefs, and goals. By investing just $5 a week, and assuming your portfolio grows by an average of 5% per year (a pretty modest growth rate), your portfolio will be worth a staggering $17,274 in 30 years.

Get a free $5 when you open a Stash Account and have a brokerage account approved!

Start investing with Stash

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