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Is Solitaire King Legit [2024] Reviews, Pros and Cons 

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Solitaire card games began in the 1700s, and they might have been used for fortune-telling. Pretty cool, right?

Now, digital solitaire is used for different purposes – things like having fun, killing time, and making money. 

Yes, I said “making money,” and I’m completely serious.  

Solitaire King is one of several app-based solitaire games that claim to send out real cash prizes. 

But is Solitaire King legit? And is it even worth playing?

Yes, and yes!

Below, I’ll tell you how the game works and explain why it’s worth downloading. 

What is Solitaire King?

Solitaire King is an app-based solitaire game where you face opponents from around the world to win real cash prizes.

The idea behind the game is simple:

  1. You enter tournaments with other users of the same skill level.
  2. The players compete against each other in a fast-paced solitaire game.
  3. The winners get actual money – which they can then withdraw from their account.

But is Solitaire King legit? It is! That’s why it gets 4.8 stars from Apple App Store users.

In this review, I’m talking about the “Solitaire King” game that’s developed by JoyBox Studio Limited and available for iOS on the Apple App Store. There are other games called “Solitaire King” or “Solitaire Kings,” but they’re not part of this discussion. 

So, if this article inspires you to play Solitaire King, make sure you download the right one!

Two Solitaire King screens, one with a rabbit at the game table with cards and one displaying the various payout platforms available.
Solitaire King is a skills-based game that offers real cash prizes.
Source: Apple App Store

Is Solitaire King Legit?

Before downloading the game and putting your money on the line, it’s important to answer a key question: Is Solitaire King legit?

I’ve looked into it, and I’ve decided Solitaire King is a legitimate way to make some money online. Here’s why:

  • Solitaire King is offered by a reputable app developer called JoyBox Studio Limited, a global company with offices in 4 different countries, including the U.S. 
  • The app uses legitimate services like PayPal and Apple Pay to make payments. 
  • The Solitaire King mobile app has 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store, which suggests most users have had a positive experience.

Sure, Solitaire King isn’t a household name. And it’s not like you can count on the game as a source of steady income – so don’t quit your day job! 

But as an entertaining game that offers real cash prizes, Solitaire King is 100% legit.

Is Solitaire King Worth It?

When you heard about a solitaire game that offers real money, your first question was probably, “Is Solitaire King legit?” Well, I’ve answered that question. The game is legit, and it sends out real cash prizes.

But there’s an important follow-up question: Is Solitaire King really worth playing?

For lots of people, it is! That’s why the Solitaire King mobile app gets 4.8 stars from users on the Apple App Store. 

What makes Solitaire King worth it? 

First of all, it’s genuinely fun. This isn’t your ancestors’ solitaire game where you sit around mindlessly moving cards. You’ll be playing an action-packed version of the game where speed and strategy are crucial. Oh, and you’ll be facing off against real rivals from around the world. Sounds exhilarating, right?

There’s also the fact that you can win money with Solitaire King, and the game generally pays out as promised. 

Will you make a killing? Probably not. I haven’t heard of anyone paying their bills by playing Solitaire King. But if your goal is to have some fun and make a bit of spare change while you’re at it, I definitely recommend downloading the Solitaire King app. 

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How Does Solitaire King Work?

Solitaire King is a skills-based solitaire game where you’ll play against real people for prizes.

Here’s how to win real cash prizes with Solitaire King:

  1. Download the Solitaire King app from the Apple App Store (you must be at least 17 years old to play).
  2. Join a multiplayer tournament, where you’ll be matched with other people in your skill level. You’ll likely have to pay an entry fee. 
  3. Earn money to your account by winning tournaments.
  4. Cash-out through PayPal, Apple Pay, or another payment service.

In each tournament, you’ll share the same deck with other players. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for other people to take their turns. You’ll go at your own speed, trying to beat the game before the 5 minutes are up. 

The rules of the game are based on standard solitaire. You’ll move cards from a “tableau” to a “foundation pile,” separating them by suit and stacking them in ascending order.

Confused? Don’t worry – you’ll get the hang of it in no time. People have been playing solitaire for centuries because it’s so straightforward and simple!

Of course, Solitaire King is more than just a standard solitaire game. Not only will you be playing against real opponents, but if you really excel, you could end up on the Solitaire King leaderboard. And that could earn you more than just bragging rights! You might even tap into the “Super Jackpot” pool – which is a great way to maximize your earnings. 

Three Solitaire King screens showing real player matching, huge prize entrance with prizes up to $4,200, and that you can withdraw quickly.
With Solitaire King, you can win cash prizes and then withdraw the money quickly.
Source: Apple App Store

What is The Catch With Solitaire King? 

There’s no “catch” with Solitaire King. The game works as promised, letting you participate in multiplayer tournaments and then sending you money when you win.

Is Solitaire King Safe?

I know app-based games with real prizes can sound sketchy, but in the case of Solitaire King, there’s nothing to worry about. 

The app works with legit payment services like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Cash App, so it’s not like you’ll be giving random people access to your bank account. And I can’t find any news about security issues related to Solitaire King.

Now, the app does collect personal data, including your browsing activity, and it reserves the right to share that data with third parties. Annoying? Maybe, but let’s get real. Like it or not, most apps and platforms are doing this. 

At least Solitaire King is honest. The developers state their practices clearly in a detailed privacy policy that you can find on their website. 

The main question is this: Is Solitaire King legit and safe? My answer is definitely “yes.”

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Pros and Cons of Solitaire King

Is Solitaire King legit? Yes – but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. There are both pros and cons to consider. 


  • The game is super entertaining. With fast-paced tournaments and opponents from around the world, Solitaire King is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
  • The mobile app is highly rated. When an app gets 4.8 stars from Apple App Store users, it must have something going for it.
  • You can win real cash prizes. If you win a tournament or make the Solitaire King leaderboard, you’ll get a tangible reward and a real boost to your bank account!


  • The app is only available for iOS devices. That means Android users are out of luck.
  • Some users report issues withdrawing their prize money. In negative reviews, some people have complained that their withdrawals weren’t approved. 
  • The customer service can be iffy. Some users have complained that customer support tickets are dropped before the issue has been resolved. 

Solitaire King Reviews

Solitaire King is a popular game. On the Apple App Store, it’s received over 14,000 ratings!

It’s no surprise, then, that the Solitaire King app has also received plenty of reviews. Let’s take a look at them to see what real users are saying.

In a 5-star review, someone described Solitaire King as the “best solitaire game I’ve found.” They were super impressed by their earnings, saying they once won $25 for reaching the “bronze level” within the game.

A 5-star Solitaire King review from a user who enjoys the game and is happy with the money they're making playing but feels payouts take too long.
A Solitaire King user says they consider the app the “best solitaire game.” 
Source: Apple App Store

In another 5-star Solitaire King review, someone wrote, “What a great game!” They loved the app’s wide variety of tournament options, which gave them flexibility when deciding how much money to risk in entry fees.

A 5-star Solitaire King review from a user who loves the game and likes that you can win discounts on your entry fee.
In a 5-star Solitaire King review, someone praises the game’s wide variety of levels. 
Source: Apple App Store

Most users seem to love Solitaire King. That’s why it has 4.8 stars! But I did find a few negative reviews.

One person called Solitaire King “very misleading.” They said they didn’t receive the “daily reward” they’d been promised, and they couldn’t understand why they kept losing games.

A 2-star Solitaire King review from a user who doesn't understand why they lose when hitting high scores in record time and sometimes win when they're not doing nearly as well.
In a 2-star Solitaire King review, a user worries they were “being duped into paying.” 
Source: Apple App Store

In another 2-star review, someone said Solitaire King was fun, but after three successful payouts, they suddenly couldn’t access the money they’d earned.

A 2-star Solitaire King review from a user who says they are having trouble making withdrawals and not getting help from customer support.
A Solitaire King user complains that the withdrawal process didn’t work. 
Source: Apple App Store

Is Solitaire King Legit Reddit

I found a few Solitaire King threads on Reddit, but they had nothing to do with the question, “Is Solitaire King legit?” They were mostly just for sharing promo codes.

But I did find a thread where someone asked about the legitimacy of solitaire games in general.

A Reddit post from someone asking how likely you are to making money playing online solitaire.
Someone on Reddit asks if you can make money playing online solitaire. 
Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, only two people answered. 

One suggested playing poker instead – but it seemed to be a joke.

Someone on Reddit suggesting playing poker instead of online solitaire.
A less-than-serious Redditor suggests playing poker instead of solitaire.
Source: Reddit

Another Redditor pointed out that “anytime you gamble, the odds favor the house.” 

It’s true that games like Solitaire King are basically a form of gambling. So, when you’re playing, be sure not to spend too much money on “entry fees.” 

Someone on Reddit comparing gaming apps where you can win money to gambling at casinos.
Someone on Reddit compares online solitaire games to casinos. 
Source: Reddit

Solitaire King Reviews BBB

Solitaire King doesn’t have a page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website – and neither does its parent company, JoyBox Studio Limited.

Is this a cause for concern? Not really. It’s often the case that smaller companies simply haven’t asked for BBB accreditation. 

Plus, remember, Solitaire King gets 4.8 stars from Apple App Store users. So, even without looking at BBB reviews, I can answer the question, “Is Solitaire King legit?” with a “Yes!”

Commonly Asked Questions About Solitaire King

Solitaire King Competitors / Alternatives to Solitaire King / Similar to Solitaire King? 

Just like Solitaire King, these solitaire games offer real cash prizes:

Do You Really Win Money on Solitaire King?

Yes, you can win real money on Solitaire King. There are two ways to do it. One is to participate in tournaments with other players from around the world. The other is to make the Solitaire King Leaderboard, which will make you eligible for the “Super Jackpot pool.”

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Solitaire King Cash Out?

Solitaire King uses legit payment apps like PayPal and Cash App for withdrawals. Some reviewers complain that they couldn’t withdraw their winnings, but these seem to be outliers. The Solitaire King app has 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store – which suggests most withdrawals are successful. 

Solitaire Cash vs Solitaire King?

Solitaire Clash and Solitaire King are very similar. They’re both app-based solitaire games that offer real cash prizes, and they’re both totally legit. One advantage of Solitaire Cash is that it’s available for Android and iOS, while Solitaire King only works with iOS devices.