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Wynter.com Review [2024] Is Wynter Legit? 

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Recent research indicates 45% of working Americans have some form of side hustle. If you need a side hustle, an easy and popular one is participating in market research online. Many use sites like Swagbucks to make money taking surveys.

Wynter.com is a unique market research site. Wynter works with users who have specific professional titles and connects them with B2B organizations that value their input. 

For qualifying professionals, taking Wynter market research tests could be the perfect side hustle. In this Wynter.com review, we explore the platform to see if it’s worth your time. 

What Is Wynter.com? 

Wynter.com is a market research platform that connects brands with their target audience. Brands work with Wynter to launch detailed customer interviews, research studies, and product testing. Users get paid to participate in these activities, and they can be lucrative — the platform states that they pay up to $600 for participating in some market research activities. 

Wynter is different from other survey and market research sites in that they seek out participants with specific professional backgrounds. This is because many of their clients are B2B companies with a very limited or specific target audience. 

In particular, Wynter tends to look for users with tech, marketing, or operations roles who are influential decision-makers in their organizations. Be sure to check the full list of target roles, as they do work with some professionals in other fields. 

The Wynter.com website inviting new participants to see if they qualify to get paid for participating in market research activities.
Wynter pays professionals for participating in market research activities relevant to their field.
Source: Wynter.com

Is Wynter.com Legit? 

If you’re interested in participating in market research, you might be wondering: Is Wynter legit? Wynter is a legitimate market research platform where qualifying users can earn real money for participating in studies, interviews, and demos. The platform has a wide range of payment and reward options and offers reasonable payment processing times. 

The site is very secure and easy to use. You may be asked to provide some personal information, as well as information about the work you do, but this information will only be used for market research purposes. 

Is Wynter.com Worth It? 

With interesting market research projects and fair compensation, Wynter.com is worthwhile for those who qualify for the platform. However, it won’t be the right fit for everyone. 

Wynter is best for professionals looking to make a little extra cash in their spare time. When compared to other survey and market research sites, Wynter offers much higher reward amounts. You could easily make $5 to $15 just for taking a quick 10-minute survey, and some longer projects pay as much as $600. You’ll also be sent projects that are relevant to your industry, which you could find interesting. 

But Wynter may not be the best choice for those who need free money now or those looking for a reliable, consistent side hustle. This is because surveys and other market research opportunities are only available periodically, and they fill up fast. On top of that, not everyone will qualify for Wynter, as you need to work in a specific role. 

If you’re looking for a more accessible side hustle, you might prefer to earn gift cards by playing games instead, or try other survey sites that cater to a wider audience.  

Wynter.com explaining their 3-step process from signing up to participating in market research to getting paid.
A 3-step overview of how Wynter.com works: Sign up, participate, get paid. 
Source: Wynter.com

How Does Wynter.com Work?

Interested participants can sign up for Wynter using their Google account or email address. Then, you’ll need to answer a few questions to make sure you qualify. This includes sharing your work email, LinkedIn profile, and job title. Wynter will then review this information to make sure you’re a fit for their services and match you with the right market research opportunities. 

Once you’ve signed up, Wynter will email you when they have an opportunity that fits your profile. You’ll also see these opportunities when you log into the Wynter website. 

There are many different types of online tests and market research activities you might qualify for. Some are structured like traditional research surveys while others require you to record your screen and audio while you react to website copy or emails. 

In some cases, you may even be invited to 1-on-1 interviews or product demos. These meetings happen via video chat and are more time consuming than a standard survey, but they also come with higher reward amounts. In some cases, these interviews could pay as much as $500 for an hour of your time. 

After you participate in a market research project, Wynter will send you payment automatically within five days. Rewards are sent via Tremendous, and you’ll be able to choose PayPal, prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, or charitable donations. Keep in mind that if you make more than $600 per year on Wynter, you’ll need to pay taxes on your earnings. 

What Is The Catch With Wynter.com? 

Wynter.com offers relatively high reward amounts, so you might be wondering — what’s the catch? Is Wynter legit? 

As mentioned, we found in our Wynter.com review that this site only accepts participants working in certain professions. You also need to be based in the United States or Canada, the United Kingdom, or Europe to sign up. On top of that, Wynter doesn’t have projects consistently available to join, which means that your income from the platform can vary widely. 

Is Wynter.com Safe? 

Yes, Wynter.com is a safe platform to use. The website is very secure, and any information you provide is only used for market research purposes. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of secure payment options. 

Pros and Cons of Wynter.com 

Before getting started with Wynter, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. Here are the pros and cons we noted while conducting our Wynter.com review. 


  • High reward amounts: When compared to other market research sites and GPT sites, Wynter offers reasonable reward amounts. The site compensates users fairly for the time and effort they put into the projects. 
  • Fast processing times: Wynter processes payments automatically after you finish a market research project, and you’ll receive your reward within five days. 
  • Variety of reward options: Wynter partners with Tremendous to offer a wide range of reward options, including PayPal deposits. 
  • Interesting projects: Many projects focus on reviewing new products or marketing concepts that are directly related to your work, which can be interesting. 


  • Not available to everyone: Wynter is only open to professionals who work in very specific roles. The platform is also only available in the United States and Canada. 
  • Opportunities aren’t consistent: Wynter users note that project invitations can be sporadic, so it’s very difficult to make money consistently on the platform. 
  • No mobile app: Since Wynter doesn’t offer a mobile app, there’s no way to participate in projects while you’re on the go. 

Wynter.com Reviews 

The online reviews Wynter users have left about their experiences with the platform provide more insight into how the platform works and what to expect. 

One Wynter.com review noted that the surveys and other market research opportunities offered great compensation, but they didn’t receive survey invitations very often. 

A 4-star Slashdot review from a Wynter.com user happy with the pay and speed of payouts.
A 4-star Slashdot review from a Wynter.com user happy with the site and the pay and only disappointed that they don’t get more opportunities to participate.
Source: Slashdot.org

Another Wynter.com review mentioned that they had completed several tests on the site and had always been paid quickly. They also noted that they had focused primarily on the written surveys and tests, rather than video testing. 

A Reddit user who has been getting paid for taking surveys on Wynter.com and wishes they had more opportunities to participate.
A Reddit user says they’ve taken over 10 surveys on Wynter.com and had no problems getting paid. 
Source: Reddit

This Wynter.com user posted on Reddit that they thought their email address might’ve been sold after signing up and that they hadn’t been invited to participate in anything. They thought it might be a scam but came back a month later with the update that they had received a survey. 

Two Reddit posts from a user who initially thought Wynter.com could be a scam but returned later to say they had received a survey from the platform that would pay $5 for about 6 minutes of their time.
Two Reddit posts from one user a month apart, first suspicious that Wynter.com might be a scam to grab email addresses and then updating that they had received their first survey. 
Source: Reddit

Commonly Asked Questions About Wynter.com 

Wynter.com Competitors / Alternatives To Wynter.com / Similar To Wynter.com? 

There are many online market research platforms and apps that pay cash that are similar to Wynter.com. These include: 

Is Wynter.com a Scam? 

You might be wondering — is Wynter.com legit? This platform is not a scam. You can make real money by completing surveys and other market research projects with Wynter.com. 

Does Wynter.com Payout / Does Wynter Really Pay You? 

Yes, Wynter.com really pays its users. In fact, many projects on Wynter come with lucrative payment amounts, sometimes as high as $600. 

Once you’ve completed a market research project on Wynter, you’ll receive compensation automatically through Tremendous. You can redeem cash rewards through PayPal or opt for a variety of other payment options, such as gift cards or charitable donations in your name. 

How Do You Get Paid on Wynter? 

After you complete a market research project on Wynter, you’ll be paid automatically. You’ll receive an email within five days from a digital rewards platform called Tremendous stating that you’ve been compensated. You can then log onto Tremendous and select the reward you’d like. You can choose from PayPal, prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, and charitable donations. 

Is Wynter Trustworthy? 

Yes, Wynter is a trustworthy platform. They are a legitimate market research company that works with major B2B organizations. Users are compensated fairly for their time and input with secure payment options. All information you share with Wynter is stored securely and is used for market research purposes only.