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Is Ipsos iSay Legit [2024]

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Taking surveys is an easy way to make some money online. And with the market research industry’s global revenue hitting $84 billion in 2023, it’s not hard to find these opportunities. But not all survey platforms are reliable. 

I’m going to talk about a survey site that’s been getting a lot of attention: Ipsos iSay. Not only does the site offer surveys, but you could also get paid to complete product reviews. 

But is Ipsos iSay legit? 

Well, Ipsos iSay is part of a massive company with over 17,000 employees and offices located around the world. Pretty legit, right?

I’ll describe how the platform works, explain why it’s worth your time, and share some Ipsos iSay reviews to answer the question, “Is Ipsos iSay legit?” 

What is Ipsos iSay?

Ipsos iSay is an online platform that will pay you to take surveys. 

In a lot of ways, Ipsos iSay is a standard survey site. You sign up, choose surveys to take, and then receive points for completing them. You go on to exchange those points for money (delivered through PayPal) or a gift card. 

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But there’s something that makes Ipsos iSay stand out: It’s part of a massive and reputable company.

In the world of market research, Ipsos is a big name. It’s one of the largest market research companies in the world, and the studies it conducts help businesses make major decisions. 

So when you take surveys with Ipsos iSay, you’re not just making a quick buck. You’re also helping businesses gain real insight from everyday consumers.

A cell phone displaying the Ipsos iSay app showing total points earned as well as avaiable surveys and how long they should take.
You can use Ipsos iSay to take surveys on your phone to make money wherever, whenever.
Source: Apple App Store

Is Ipsos iSay Legit?

Before signing up for Ipsos iSay, it’s important to consider whether it’s really a reputable platform. After all, you don’t want to get ripped off (and we all know the internet is full of scammers).

So – is Ipsos iSay legit?

Absolutely! It’s run by Ipsos, which is one of the most well-known market research firms in the world.

Here are some key facts about Ipsos:

  • It was founded in 1975.
  • It’s the world’s 3rd largest market research company.
  • It has over 5,000 clients.

This proves that Ipsos iSay isn’t some small-time operation. It’s a survey platform run by a massive corporation. 

It doesn’t get much more legit than that!

Is Ipsos iSay Worth It?

Ipsos iSay is worth it for anyone who wants to make some easy money on the side. 

Now, let’s be real. You’re not going to make a living with Ipsos iSay. But some users claim to have made around $100 a month – which isn’t bad for taking surveys!

Ipsos iSay also gives you something more than money: flexibility. 

You don’t have to work a certain number of hours or take surveys at a specific time. Just pull out your device when you have a chance and take a quick survey. There’s no easier way to make money in a waiting room or at a bus stop!

So, if you’re out of work, you could use Ipsos iSay to help make ends meet. Learn more here about how to make money without a job.

And if you’re looking for a side hustle, Ipsos iSay is great for that, too! 

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How Does Ipsos iSay Work?

Ipsos iSay lets you take paid surveys on your own time, and then you can withdraw your earnings as cash or gift cards. It’s a flexible side gig, letting you earn some decent money in your free time.

I’ve already answered the key question of “Is Ipsos iSay legit?” Reminder: It is!

But now, it’s time for this Ipsos iSay review to explain how the platform works.

Here’s the step-by-step process for using Ipsos iSay:

  1. Sign up for the platform. Just head to the official Ipsos iSay website and click “Sign up” in the top-right corner. From there, you’ll answer some basic questions about your identity. Then your account will be up and running! You can also start by downloading the Ipsos iSay mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  1. Take surveys and participate in studies. Ipsos iSay is mostly a survey site, but you can also join focus groups and even sample products. The information you provide will help companies improve their offerings, and you’ll receive points as you go.
  1. Redeem your points for money or gift cards. Want cash? You can request a PayPal transfer. Prefer a gift card? Ipsos iSay offers gift cards to popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. 

You can take surveys through your web browser or through the Ipsos iSay mobile app. Either way, you can “work” whenever you want – which makes this a super flexible way to pad your income.

When starting with Ipsos iSay, keep in mind that there’s a $5 (equivalent to 500 points) minimum for cashout. It’s also worth remembering that requesting cash (as opposed to a gift card) requires more points – but barely. You can get a $5 gift card for just 500 points, but you’ll need 510 points if you prefer to receive $5 in cash through PayPal. 

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The Ipsos iSay app displaying available surveys and point values.
Ipsos iSay will send you cash or gift cards if you complete simple surveys. 
Source: Apple App Store

What is The Catch With Ipsos iSay?

The closest thing to a “catch” with Ipsos iSay is that it can take 3 to 4 weeks to receive a payout. So, if your goal is to get money ASAP, you’re better off choosing a different survey platform that’s known for paying out faster. 

But don’t worry. If you’re thinking, “I need money desperately,” we have some suggestions. 

Is Ipsos iSay Safe?

Using Ipsos iSay sure seems like a good idea. You can earn money and gift cards just for sharing your opinions. What’s not to like?

But you might still be asking a key question: Is Ipsos iSay legit – and is it safe?

Here’s the verdict of my Ipsos iSay review: The platform is 100% safe to use.

What makes me so sure? For one thing, the Ipsos iSay mobile app is highly rated, earning 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store as well. You wouldn’t see those types of ratings if users were encountering security issues. 

Then there’s the fact that I can’t find any reports of scams involving Ipsos iSay. Remember, Ipsos is a major company – so if they were in the habit of ripping people off, it would probably make the news.

Ipsos is a big name with a reputation to protect, which means the Ipsos iSay survey platform can be trusted.

Pros and Cons of Ipsos iSay

After doing some serious research and reading a lot of Ipsos iSay reviews, I can confirm that the platform is pretty appealing, but it’s not perfect. Let’s take a look at some of its strengths and weaknesses.


  • The platform is run by a reputable company. Ipsos iSay is part of the larger Ipsos brand, which has over 5,000 clients around the world. 
  • You can get paid in actual money. Some survey platforms only offer gift cards, but Ipsos iSay also lets you request cash payments sent through PayPal. 
  • The payout threshold is only $5. That means you shouldn’t have to wait too long before you can request your first payment.


  • Payouts can take 3 to 4 weeks. There are other survey sites that pay out in a matter of days. 
  • You might get kicked out of some surveys. If you’re not in the targeted demographic group, you could get booted mid-survey. This is common with survey sites, so it’s not like Ipsos iSay is an outlier here – but it can still be super frustrating. 
  • Requesting a cash payment requires additional points. For example, you can get a $5 gift card for 500 points, but to request $5 through PayPal, you’ll need 510 points. 

Ipsos iSay Reviews 

Is Ipsos iSay legit? Yes – but there’s still more to consider. What’s the user experience actually like? We can look at some Ipsos iSay reviews to find out!

Users on the review site Trustpilot give Ipsos iSay an average of 4.2 stars. 

One user said that, in addition to surveys, they’d also completed some product reviews, which they said were “fun to do as a consumer.” They gave the platform 5 stars. 

A 5-star Ipsos iSay review from a user who enjoys completing surveys and earning Amazon vouchers.
In a 5-star Ipsos iSay review, a user says they’ve used the platform to get Amazon vouchers. 
Source: Trustpilot

In another 5-star Ipsos iSay review, someone said they made “real money” on the platform. 

A 5-star Ipsos iSay review from a user who likes the surveys and product sample opportunities and has found the money they make with them helpful.
An Ipsos iSay user says the platform has helped them make “real money.”
Source: Trustpilot

Of course, even a platform as popular as Ipsos iSay has a few detractors.

In a 3-star Ipsos iSay review, someone complained that they were “getting stuck” at the end of surveys. And to reset, they had to log out and log back in – which meant they didn’t get any points for the survey. 

A 3-star Ipsos iSay review from a user who says a glitch at the end of surveys often results in not getting paid for completing them.
Someone describes a costly glitch in the Ipsos iSay platform.
Source: Trustpilot

And in a 1-star Ipsos iSay review, someone complained that they didn’t receive the product samples they’d been promised. 

A 1-star Ipsos iSay review from a user who says they haven't received the product samples they were supposed to get.
A 1-star Ipsos iSay review describes a problem receiving product samples. 
Source: Trustpilot

Is Ipsos iSay Legit Reddit

I found a Reddit thread where someone asked, “Is Ipsos iSay any good?” 

That’s basically another way of asking, “Is Ipsos iSay legit?”

Someone on Reddit asking if Ipsos iSay is worthwhile.
Someone starts a Reddit thread by asking similar questions, such as, “Is Ipsos iSay legit?” 
Source: Reddit

A few Redditors responded with Ipsos iSay reviews. 

One person said the platform “used to be quite good,” but one day, they were kicked off. And worst of all, they lost their remaining points. 

Someone on Reddit explaining that they used to like Ipsos iSay but were suddenly kicked out of the program with no real explanation and lost their earned points.
A Redditor says that Ipsos iSay kicked them off.
Source: Reddit

Someone else said they got a $10 gift card from Ipsos iSay after completing a month-long trial.

Someone on Reddit stating that they had earned a $10 gift card from Ipsos iSay.
An Ipsos iSay user on Reddit describes earning a $10 gift card.
Source: Reddit

And one user left a nuanced Ipsos iSay review. They called the platform “a mixed bag,” saying that some months, they make $100 – but other months, they can only “scrape together” $20. 

An Ipsos iSay user explaining on Reddit that their income from the platform can vary from $100 a month or so to barely around $20.
Someone leaves an Ipsos iSay review on Reddit, calling the site “a mixed bag.” 
Source: Reddit

Ipsos iSay Reviews BBB 

Ipsos gets a B grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – which is a pretty good sign. 

This grade is based on several factors, including: 

  • Ipsos’s complaint history with the BBB
  • The type of business 
  • The company’s time in business
  • Ipsos’s record of transparency

Since it gets a B, Ipsos must generally be treating its users fairly!

Commonly Asked Questions About Ipsos iSay 

Ipsos iSay Competitors / Alternatives to Ipsos iSay / Similar to Ipsos iSay?

Here are some paid survey platforms like Ipsos iSay:

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Is Ipsos iSay Legit For Surveys?

Ipsos iSay is a super legit survey platform. It’s run by Ipsos, which is the 3rd-largest market research company in the world. You won’t get rich on the platform, but you can make some decent money on the side. 

Can You Make Money From Ipsos?

You can absolutely make money from Ipsos iSay. Some users report that they’ve earned as much as $100 a month. So it’s not going to work as a full-time job, but it’s a great way to make some extra cash or gift cards during your free time. 

How Do I Redeem My Ipsos Points?

To redeem your points with Ipsos iSay, just log in and open the “Rewards” tab. There, you’ll see which gift cards and PayPal cashout options you can afford. Typically, 1 point equals $.01, but you’ll have to use a few extra points to request cash instead of a gift card. 

Is I say Survey Real or Fake?

Still wondering, “Is Ipsos iSay legit?” Ipsos iSay is definitely a real survey site. In fact, it’s run by a massive market research company with a solid reputation, so it’s actually one of the most legit survey platforms in the world. 

How Much Does Ipsos I-Say Pay?

Each survey on Ipsos iSay has its own points value, which you can see before taking the survey. You can later redeem 500 points for a $5 gift card (or 510 points for $5 sent through PayPal). Some users report earning $20 to $100 per month on the platform.