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How to Make Money Without a Job [2024] And Without Working! 

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According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 6.5 million Americans are unemployed. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering how to make ends meet.

I won’t lie to you – it isn’t always easy. But there are ways to earn income even without working.

Below, I’ll give you some options for how to make money without a job. That way, you can do what’s necessary to stay afloat.

Don’t worry – none of these options are painful or difficult. And some of them can even be fun!

How to Make Money Without a Job

There’s no single answer to the question of how to make money without a job. Each person’s situation is different.

As you start strategizing, ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I have time to put towards making money?
  • Do I have some cash set aside that I could invest?
  • What sort of money-making activities would I find enjoyable?

That last question is surprisingly important because if you’re having fun doing an activity, you’re more likely to stick with it!

So, with those questions in mind, here are the best ways to make money without a job. 

Donate Plasma

How to Get Started: Make an appointment at a plasma collecting facility.

For some folks, donating plasma is the go-to answer for how to make money without a job. It involves no work whatsoever, just a tiny bit of preparation. 

Donating plasma is a lot like donating blood. The major difference is that the plasma collectors will pay you – and quite a lot, too! The plasma company BioLife offers new donors up to $850.

While the first donation is usually the most lucrative, you can donate plasma up to 13 times a year. So, let’s say you earn $75 per visit, which is on the higher end of the typical range. That means you could earn $975 in a year!

For more information on this unique money-making opportunity, read this guide on how to donate plasma for money

Submit Receipts for Cash

How to Get Started: Download the Fetch app on your smartphone.

You know all those receipts you toss in the trash on your way out of the store? Stop throwing them away! You can use an online platform to turn them into rewards.

Fetch is a reputable rewards platform where you can start submitting receipts.

Here’s how to make money without a job by using Fetch:

  1. Download the Fetch App for iOS or Android.
  2. Submit receipts to the platform by taking pictures with your phone.
  3. Earn points for each receipt. 
  4. Redeem those points for gift cards to your favorite brands. 

So technically, you’ll be getting gift cards, not money – but does it really matter? You can use the gift card to get something you were planning to buy anyway, so you’ll still be saving. 

And if you do want to turn those gift cards in to money, learn how to get instant cash for gift cards.

To learn more about Fetch, read this article on “Is Fetch Rewards safe?” 

You could also try Rakuten, a cash-back platform where you can earn rewards for online and in-store shopping. 

Read this Rakuten review to learn more. 

Learn how to make money without a job by using the Fetch app to earn cashback. 
The Fetch app allows you to earn gift cards for submitting receipts. 
Source: Apple App Store

Open a High-Yield Savings Account

How to Get Started: Apply for a high-yield savings account online.

If you already have some money set aside, then the question of how to make money without a job becomes a whole lot easier. Start by putting that money somewhere it can earn interest!

Plenty of high-yield savings accounts (HYSA) have amazingly high-interest rates. 

Take the Platinum Savings Account from CIT Bank, for example. At the time of this publication, you can earn 5.05% APY (annual percentage yield). That means you can deposit $10,000, and by the end of a year, you’ll have earned over $500 (if the interest rate remains the same).

Just make sure you read the fine print before opening an account. The CIT Bank Platinum Savings Account has a minimum balance of $5,000 to earn the maximum rate. If you have less than that in your account, you’ll earn just 0.25% APY. Many HYSAs have similar requirements.

Check out this guide to 7% interest savings accounts. Most legitimate HYSAs don’t offer rates quite that high, but you can still earn some serious money!

You can also maximize your earnings by putting your money into a certificate of deposit (CD), money market account, or some other investment. Learn more with this article that explains which savings account will earn you the most money

And if you’re looking to boost your balance fast, check out these banks with immediate sign-up bonus.

Take Online Surveys

How to Get Started: Sign up for an online survey platform (like Swagbucks). 

Do you have opinions? If so, here’s how to make money without a job: Take online surveys!

It’s really as simple as it sounds. You just need to create an account with an online survey platform and share some basic background information. From there, you can choose from the available surveys. You’ll get points for submitting your answers, and you can then redeem them for cash or gift cards – depending on the platform. 

The key, of course, is to find a reliable platform. You don’t want to waste your time with a scam!

Here are three reputable survey sites to consider:

Looking for more survey options? Here’s a list of surveys for gift cards.

Also check out our answers to the questions, “Is Apex Focus Group legit?” and “Is Inbox Dollars Legit?” for more ways to make money with surveys and focus groups.

Play Games Online 

How to Get Started: Sign up for a gaming platform or download a gaming app (like Mistplay).

Imagine a world where you can get paid for playing games. Then, stop imagining – because that world already exists!

Between paid gaming platforms and individual games with real-world prizes, there are countless ways to earn money by gaming. All you have to do is find the right options and then start playing. 

As far as platforms go, Mistplay is probably the most famous. It will create a personalized list of games based on your tastes and then give you gift cards for playing them.

Rewarded Play is a similar platform known for introducing users to the hottest new games. Do you like to be on the cutting edge? Then Rewarded Play is perfect!

And when it comes to individual games, I’d recommend Solitaire Cash. It’s a skills-based version of digital solitaire where you can win real cash prizes. Read this Solitaire Cash review to learn more. 

Want to play a unique take on a classic game just for fun? Check out our Monopoly Go review.

And if you like playing games where you can win money, here are a few more to check out:

Also check out these games that pay real money instantly, and if you like competing in Solitaire tournaments to win extra cash, check out Is Solitaire King Legit?

For more opportunities to play games, take surveys, and test new apps to earn money, check out these reviews:

If you like playing games to win gift cards, check out this article, and learn here how to get a free DoorDash gift card and a free Sephora gift card.

Learn about more ways to win real money online instantly. And if you’d like to make money taking pictures, check out our ClickaSnap review.

Also, check out this complete list of apps that pay cash. It’s always best to know what options are available.

Games like Mistplay help people learn how to make money without a job easily. 
Mistplay sends you gift cards in exchange for playing games.
Source: Mistplay 

Join a Focus Group

How to Get Started: Sign up for a platform that uses focus groups (like Ipsos iSay).

Many companies want to know about “public opinion,” which makes joining a focus group an easy way to make money!

A focus group is even more laid-back than it sounds. Basically, you’ll just join other “regular folks” to discuss a product or an issue with a researcher. Not a bad way to make a buck, right?

Of course, you’re not just going to run into a researcher on the street. You need to volunteer yourself by joining a platform that offers focus groups – a platform like Ipsos iSay.

On Ipsos iSay, you’ll be asked to share your opinion in exchange for points. Then, you can redeem those points for gift cards – including an all-purpose prepaid Visa card. 

Looking for more earning opportunities that you can capitalize on quickly? Check out this guide on how to make $20 fast.

Invest in Real Estate

How to Get Started: Talk to a real estate agent, buy shares in a REIT, or join a platform like Groundfloor.

When you invest in real estate, you buy a physical property and then hope it makes you money through rent and increased property values.

If you’ve got some serious savings, you could consider investing on your own. But what if you don’t have that kind of money sitting around? You can still invest in real estate. You’ll just have to get creative!

One option is to buy into a real estate investment trust (REIT). These are companies that buy and sell real estate to make a profit. You can get a “piece of the action” by buying shares, just like you’d do with stocks. 

Another possibility is to use Groundfloor, a platform offering “fractionalized real estate investments.” With this model, you put your money towards properties that you share with other investors. This is a super affordable option, allowing you to buy in with just $100.

It’s important to remember that real estate investing carries a certain amount of risk. If a property loses value, you could come out behind! 

But in general, investing in real estate is considered a smart financial move. 

Looking for more “outside the box” answers to the question of how to make money without a job? Check out this article on alternative investments.

And if you’re curious about precious metals as an alternative investment, you can learn all about that in our Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals comparison.

Invest in Stocks

How to Get Started: Sign up for an investing platform like Stash or Public.

Stocks are shares of companies that people can buy and sell as investments. 

Investing in stocks is a bit of a risky move – but with the right mix of strategic thinking and good luck, they can help you make money without a job.

There are a few ways to invest in stocks. One option is to buy individual stocks – meaning the fate of the investment depends on a single company. This is a great way to maximize your potential returns, but it also involves accepting more risk.

Another option is to invest in a stock market fund like a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). That way, your investment will depend on a group of companies instead of just one, which decreases your risk of suffering massive losses.

However you want to invest, your first step is to find a platform that will help you become a stock trader. Stash and Public are reputable platforms with a similar business model. All you have to do is make an account, and then you can trade online. 

Looking for more investment opportunities? Check out this breakdown of the best ways to invest money

Commonly Asked Questions About How to Make Money Without a Job

How to Make Money Without Working?

Donating plasma for money is one of the most lucrative ways to make money without working. You can even earn $850 in your first month with the plasma collector BioLife. Another option is to use the internet to play games like Mistplay, take surveys with Swagbucks, and join focus groups on Ipsos iSay.  

How to Make Money Fast Without a Job / How to Make Money Without a Job Fast

One of the fastest ways to make money without a job is to donate your plasma. You can make an appointment with a plasma collector, make a donation,  and receive money right away. You could also invest in the stock market, but that comes with a bit of risk.

How to Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job?

There are lots of ways for teenagers without a job to make money, from classic gigs like babysitting to modern options like taking online surveys with Swagbucks. To learn more, check out this list of side hustles for teens and these ideas for how to make money as a teenager without a job.

How to Make Money Everyday Without a Job?

Taking online surveys, playing online games, and joining focus groups will allow you to make money every day. You could also open a high-yield savings account (HYSA), where you’ll earn a little each day in interest. Check out this HYSA from CIT Bank.

How Can I Make Money If I am Unemployed?

Making ends meet while unemployed is often a struggle, but you can earn at least a little money by completing surveys (check out Swagbucks) and playing online games. You could also try donating your plasma, which can give you $850 in your first month. 

How Do I Make Money If I Have No Money? 

If you have no money, you’ll have to start with a hustle that’s completely free.  You could start by playing games (like Mistplay), taking surveys, or earning cash back with Fetch. For more opportunities, check out this guide to earning “free money” – and yes, that’s a real thing!

For more ways to complete tasks like playing games, taking surveys, and signing up for subscriptions to make money, check out Is Flash Rewards Legit? and Is Rewards Giant USA Legit?

And for more ways to make some extra cash in your spare time, check out these side hustles from your phone.