Survey Pop Review [2024] Is Survey Pop Legit?

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In today’s tough economy, who couldn’t use a few extra dollars here and there? In fact, 11.5% of Americans lived below the poverty line in 2022, making it difficult to make ends meet. 

If you’re struggling to stay afloat, one way to make a few extra dollars is by taking surveys online. While this side hustle won’t make you rich, it can help you make extra money each month. 

One popular survey app is Survey Pop, which allows you to take surveys from your phone. In this Survey Pop review, we’ll take a closer look. 

What Is Survey Pop? 

Survey Pop is an app and website that hosts market research surveys. The platform is run by SocialLoop, a parent company that also owns Eureka Surveys (read Is Eureka Legit?) and several other survey sites. 

On Survey Pop, users participate in surveys in exchange for cash rewards or gift cards. These surveys ask about your opinions on current trends and products, as well as your habits and behaviors. You can also use the app to earn gift cards by playing games

Is Survey Pop Legit? 

When using apps that pay cash, it’s important to determine whether they’re safe and reputable before you get started. Survey Pop is a legitimate survey website — users are compensated for each survey they complete successfully. The site offers a wide range of secure payment options and rewards. 

But it’s also important to note that Survey Pop receives some poor reviews from users online. Many of these reviews mention that the platform has little customer service available, so if you encounter a technical issue while trying to redeem your rewards, it’s difficult to get help. 

The Survey Pop sign-up page marketing the app as the quickest way to earn $5 and offering a free dollar for signing up.
Survey Pop lets you earn cash or gift cards for taking surveys on your phone in your spare time.
Source: Survey Pop

Is Survey Pop Worth It?

Survey Pop will be a worthwhile side hustle for some people, but it won’t be the right option for everyone. Survey Pop is best for those looking to make a little extra cash on the side in their free time. Since Survey Pop has apps for iOS and Android, it’s easy to take a quick survey when you have a break. 

But Survey Pop’s surveys don’t pay much, and it can take time to reach the cashout threshold. This means it may not be the best option for those who need free money now or are looking for a very reliable source of income. The length and payment amounts for surveys vary widely, so they’re best for patient people with flexible schedules.  

How Does Survey Pop Work? 

Users can sign up for Survey Pop for free. The platform has apps available for iOS and Android, and you can also sign up on a desktop or laptop computer. However, you’ll only be able to take surveys on the mobile app. When signing up, you’ll need to share your email and create a password. 

Your first few surveys on Survey Pop will pay $1 each. These surveys ask questions about your demographics, purchasing behaviors, and general social attitudes. Filling out these initial questionnaires helps Survey Pop match you with more surveys in the future. 

Moving forward, surveys generally pay between $0.40 and $0.90 each, although exact amounts will vary depending on the length of the survey. Most of these surveys are hosted by Survey Pop’s market research partners. You may get disqualified from these surveys if you don’t match the target demographics, but you’ll still receive $0.01 to $0.02 in payment even if you are disqualified. 

Taking surveys is the primary way to earn money on Survey Pop, but there are several other earning methods available. For example, the platform has a daily poll that pays $0.01 each day for answering a single question. Additionally, you can earn $0.10 bonuses by sharing your location with the app, which also qualifies you for location-specific surveys. 

On top of that, Survey Pop recently launched a feature where users can earn money by testing mobile games. This feature is very similar to other GPT sites — users need to complete each task according to the instructions, which usually require you to play the game to a certain level or for a specific amount of time. 

Once you’ve earned $5 on the app, you can redeem your earnings for a reward of your choice. Survey Pop offers a variety of secure payment options, including direct deposit, PayPal, and gift cards to over 70 retailers. 

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What Is The Catch With Survey Pop? 

When conducting our Survey Pop review, we found that the platform only pays $0.01 to $0.02 when you get disqualified from a survey. Survey disqualification happens on a regular basis, and you may answer questions for several minutes before getting disqualified. 

Additionally, surveys from Survey Pop’s partners won’t pay as much as the initial qualification surveys you take when  you join the platform. 

Screen;shots of Survey Pop in the Apple App Store offering $5 cashouts with a variety of reward options, including PayPal, Amazon, and Visa.
Screenshots of the Survey Pop app, including a cashout of $12.54, $5 cashout reward options, and available surveys. 
Source: Apple App Store 

Is Survey Pop Safe? 

Yes, Survey Pop is a safe platform to use. The app works with reputable survey partners, and you’re free to skip any survey questions that make you uncomfortable. Survey Pop also offers a variety of safe and secure payment options, so you can choose the method you’re most comfortable with. 

Pros and Cons of Survey Pop 

As with any online survey platform, Survey Pop has its upsides and downsides. Here are some of the pros and cons we noted while conducting our Survey Pop review. 


  • Mobile apps available: Survey Pop has apps available for iOS and Android, which makes it easy to take surveys on the go. 
  • High-paying profile surveys: When you sign up for Survey Pop, you’ll be able to take several profile surveys worth $1 each. 
  • Low cashout threshold: Survey Pop has a reward redemption threshold of just $5, which is lower than many comparable survey platforms. 
  • Variety of payment options: Survey Pop has a variety of different payment options available. There are PayPal and direct deposit options as well as gift cards to over 70 retailers. 


  • Inconsistent survey rewards: After completing your profile surveys, reward amounts for each survey drop significantly, with many worth less than $0.50 each. 
  • Frequent disqualifications: Survey Pop users are frequently disqualified from surveys, which means you could spend an extensive amount of time answering questions without earning much. 
  • Limited customer service: Survey Pop customer service is only accessible via email, and response times can be slow. 

Survey Pop Reviews 

Many Survey Pop users have shared their experience with the app in online reviews. Many users have noted technical problems and customer service issues with the app while others have had a more positive experience. 

One Survey Pop review said they enjoyed the app and found it easy to cash out. They mentioned that some surveys took a long time to complete and that many resulted in disqualification. 

A 5-star Apple App Store review from a Survey Pop user who likes taking surveys and completing offers for cash with the platform but thinks the pay could be higher.
A 5-star review from a Survey Pop user who likes the app and says it is legit but wishes it paid more.
Source: Apple App Store

Other users weren’t so thrilled with their Survey Pop experience. For example, this Survey Pop review shared that they never received a reward they earned, and that they were unable to reach customer service. 

A 1-star Trustpilot review from a Survey Pop user who liked the app initially and was paid promptly but can't get paid for their second cashout attempt or get any help from the company.
A 1-star Survey Pop review from a user who says they had no problem withdrawing their first cashout but have never been able to get the second or get any help from customer service. 
Source: Trustpilot

Another Survey Pop review shared mixed experiences with the app. The user enjoyed the app in the beginning and had made several hundred dollars on it but found that the experience deteriorated the longer they used the app. They noted that payments for some surveys have gotten lower and that survey errors are common. 

A 2-star Apple App Store review from a Survey Pop user who used to love the app and made hundreds wtih it but is disappointed with recent payment reductions and gliteches that result in lower earnings.
A 2-star Survey Pop review from a user who has made several hundred dollars with the app but is disappointed with recent changes and glitches. 
Source: Apple App Store 

Commonly Asked Questions About Survey Pop 

Survey Pop Competitors / Alternatives To Survey Pop / Similar To Survey Pop? 

There are several other survey sites and apps similar to Survey Pop. These include: 

Is Survey Pop a Scam? 

No, Survey Pop is not a scam. Users are compensated accordingly for each survey they take, but it’s important to note that you won’t receive the full payment for surveys you’re disqualified for. 

How Long Does Survey Pop Take To Cash Out? 

In general, Survey Pop offers fast payment processing times. Exact cashout times will vary depending on the payment method you choose. Some payments happen instantly while others take up to three business days to process. 

Survey Pop Customer Service?

One of the downsides of using Survey Pop is that it has very limited customer service. If you have issues with the platform, you can contact them at Response times can vary, and there aren’t any 24-hour customer service options available.