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Is Rewards Giant USA Legit [2024]

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Many people could benefit from having a little extra money in their pocket these days. In fact, in 2022, only 54% of American adults had three months of emergency savings. And most financial experts recommend having at least six months of emergency savings available. 

If you’re looking for ways to boost your income, you may have come across Rewards Giant USA. This affiliate marketing platform claims that users can earn up to $1,000 in gift cards by completing online offers. But is Rewards Giant USA legit? Let’s take a look at how it works and find out. 

What Is Rewards Giant USA? 

Rewards Giant USA is an affiliate rewards program. Companies partner with Rewards Giant USA to display offers on their site. When Rewards Giant USA users complete these offers, they earn points that they can redeem for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart.  

Earn Cash Towards Your Financial Goals

  • Earn Cash Rewards: Put cash rewards towards your financial goals with our program. A little help goes a long way!
  • Follow Instructions and Complete Deals: Carefully follow the instructions and complete the required Deals to start earning rewards.
  • Profit Potential: On average, participants who earn $1,000 incur about $68 in out-of-pocket costs, resulting in a $932 profit. Over 3,500 people earned through this program in the last 30 days.
  • Fast and Easy Process: Complete 25 Deals to claim a $1,000 Reward or fewer Deals for smaller rewards. Rewards are typically verified and delivered within 6-10 days of registration, following ID verification.

There are many different offers available through Rewards Giant USA. These include completing surveys, signing up for subscriptions, playing online games, or making a purchase with a coupon code. Offers must be completed through the Rewards Giant USA website to earn points. The more points you earn, the larger the gift card you can redeem. 

A Pepsi vs Coca Cola poll on the Rewards Giant website and an offer to earn a $100 gift card by completing 5 rewards.
An offer on the Rewards Giant USA website to complete 5 deals to claim a $100 Walmart gift card. 
Source: Rewards Giant USA

Is Rewards Giant USA Legit / Is Rewards Giant Legit? 

If you’re interested in earning extra money, you might be wondering — is Rewards Giant USA legit? Yes, Rewards Giant USA is a legitimate rewards site. Users who successfully complete the offers listed on the site can earn gift cards by playing games, completing surveys, signing up for subscriptions, and more. 

While the deals listed on Rewards Giant USA are certainly appealing, there are some things to be aware of before you sign up for this site. The biggest caveat with this rewards site is that many of the offers require you to spend your own money to earn points. It can also take time for payments to process, as some offers take up to 60 days to complete. 

Additionally, users will need to closely follow the instructions listed in the fine print to get credit for offers. For example, many deals require users to sign up for a subscription service but will only credit the deal if you remain subscribed for a specific amount of time. You’ll also need to document each deal thoroughly, as the site requires proof of completion in order to cash out your rewards. 

Is Rewards Giant USA Worth It? 

Rewards Giant USA could be worthwhile for some users, but it won’t be for everyone. Many offers require you to spend money upfront, and some offers can be very time consuming to complete. 

This means that Rewards Giant USA is best for users who can afford to spend extra money and are comfortable with online shopping. If you already make frequent online purchases and like playing online games, you could potentially earn money for things you already enjoy doing. It’s also best for people who have plenty of spare time and don’t need cash right away, as deals can take time to complete. 

If you’re on a tight budget and need free money now, Rewards Giant might not be the best choice for you. Instead, look for other survey sites or side hustles where you can earn a payout more quickly, without spending money. 

Rewards Giant USA is also not the best option for users who are very concerned with online privacy. That’s because you’ll need to provide your personal information to get started. There’s also a chance that your information could be shared with third-party affiliates. 

How Does Rewards Giant USA Work? 

Signing up for Rewards Giant USA is free. To complete your profile, you’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, and address. Rewards Giant USA will need to verify your identity before you can start completing offers on the site. You’ll also need to provide your contact information. Rewards Giant USA will use this to send you emails and text messages with offers. 

Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll need to complete a questionnaire about your online purchasing habits. Rewards Giant USA will use this to send you offers that best match your interests. 

When you log into Rewards Giant USA, you’ll see a long list of offers you can complete to earn points. Some examples of deals you might see include shopping at online retailers, downloading apps, playing games, or taking surveys. 

To complete the deal, you must click the link on Rewards Giant USA and follow the instructions. You won’t receive credit if you make a purchase from the affiliate independently. While you’re completing the deal, be sure to take screenshots and save any relevant emails, as you’ll need to provide proof of completion later on. 

Points will be credited to your account after you’ve completed your deals. While Rewards Giant USA says that most deals are credited within five days, it can sometimes take as long as 60 days to receive credit. 

After you’ve completed your first deal, you’ll have 60 days to complete more deals and earn a reward. If you don’t complete enough deals to redeem an award, you’ll lose your points after 60 days. 

When you’re ready to redeem your reward, you’ll need to go through a multi-step redemption process. This includes providing a second identity verification as well as proof of completion of each deal. Once you’ve been approved, you can choose the reward you’d like and you’ll receive it within seven to 10 days. Gift cards can be emailed to you virtually or sent to you via physical mail. 

The Rewards Giant website breaking down how much money most people spent on their offers to earn rewards of different values and a chart showing the number of deals to be completed to earn different rewards.
A breakdown of how many Rewards Giant deals must be completed to earn rewards of increasing value.
Source: Rewards Giant USA

What Is The Catch With Rewards Giant USA? 

So is Rewards Giant USA legit? While you can earn gift cards on this platform, there is a “catch” to be aware of. You’ll need to spend your own money on many of the offers to earn points. 

Additionally, you’ll only have 60 days to complete enough offers to redeem your rewards. Each offer also comes with fine print that must be followed exactly to earn the reward. 

Is Rewards Giant USA Safe? 

While Rewards Giant USA isn’t necessarily dangerous, there are some privacy concerns users should be aware of. You’ll need to provide personal information and identity verification to sign up, and your contact information could be shared with third-party affiliates. Many users found that they received an increase in spam calls and messages after signing up for Rewards Giant USA. 

Pros and Cons of Rewards Giant USA

To answer the question “Is Rewards Giant USA legit?” you’ll need to assess the pros and cons of this program. While there are some advantages to Rewards Giant USA, there are also some significant disadvantages to note. 


  • Enticing rewards: Rewards Giant USA has a good selection of lucrative reward options to choose from, with gift cards in amounts up to $1,000. They have rewards available from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Shein as well as PayPal cashouts. 
  • Variety of deals: There are many different deals to choose from on the Rewards Giant USA website, ranging from signing up for survey panels to playing games to making purchases. They also update their available deals frequently. 


  • Must spend money: Many of the rewards available require users to spend their own money upfront. 
  • Strict terms and conditions: To get credit for deals completed, users must follow very strict terms and conditions and provide documentation of each deal. Most notably, users only have 60 days to earn a reward once they’ve completed their first deal. 
  • Long processing times: It can take up to 60 days to process some deals, which makes it difficult to earn money quickly. 
  • Potential for invasive spam calls and texts: Some users have reported receiving an influx of spam calls, texts, and emails after sharing their phone number with Rewards Giant USA. 

Rewards Giant USA Reviews

Reading reviews is one way to answer the question: Is Rewards Giant USA legit? Here’s what some online reviewers had to share about their experiences with this platform. 

Trustpilot is flooded with negative reviews about Rewards Giant USA. In fact, there aren’t any detailed positive reviews to share about this platform. 

One reviewer noted that they didn’t receive credit for deals completed and had a poor experience with customer service. 

A 1-star Trustpilot Rewards Giant review cautioning potential users that the site just steals your data and you won't earn any rewards.
A negative Rewards Giant Trustpilot review warning users away from the site.
Source: Trustpilot

Another reviewer encountered an error message when trying to redeem their reward. 

A 1-star Trustpilot Rewards Giant review from a user who claims to be owed $1,385 that they have been unable to claim.
A negative Rewards Giant Trustpilot review from a user who says they were never able to claim the rewards they earned.
Source: Trustpilot

These negative reviews indicate that consumers should be cautious when trying this site. 

Is Rewards Giant USA Legit Reddit

Is Rewards Giant USA legit? Let’s see what Redditors have to say about their experiences with this platform. 

There isn’t much information on Reddit about Rewards Giant USA. However, there are many posts where users express concerns about the site being a scam. 

Someone on Reddit wondering if Rewards Giant is a scam.
A Rewards Giant Reddit discussion where someone expresses concern about whether Rewards Giant is a scam.
Source: Reddit

Additionally, there are many Reddit posts detailing negative experiences with similar partner sites, such as Reward Zone. This post indicated that the user was unable to complete the identity verification process to redeem rewards. Like Rewards Giant, Reward Zone is also owned by Fluent, Inc.

A Reddit user explains how they were unable to claim the rewards they had earned on Reward Zone, a subsidiary of Rewards Giant USA's parent company, Fluent, Inc.
A Reddit user details a negative experience with Reward Zone, another subsidiary of Fluent, Inc., owner of Rewards Giant USA. 
Source: Reddit

Commonly Asked Questions About Rewards Giant USA

Rewards Giant USA Competitors / Alternatives To Rewards Giant USA / Similar To Rewards Giant USA?

Rewards Giant USA is very similar to Flash Rewards, which is another rewards company owned by the same company (read Is Flash Rewards Legit? to learn more), Fluent Inc. However, there are many better apps that pay cash for shopping or surveys, such as:

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Is Rewards Giant USA a Scam? 

Rewards Giant USA is not a scam. Users can earn legitimate gift cards and other rewards by completing offers as outlined in the terms and conditions. However, there are many concerns with Rewards Giant USA to be aware of – notably, that many of their online offers require you to spend your own money.