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Is Flash Rewards Legit? [2024] Flash Rewards Reviews

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What would you do with a $750 Amazon gift card? This is the incentive that Flash Rewards uses to entice people to their affiliate deals program. A whopping 37.6% of all ecommerce transactions took place on Amazon last year, so it’s no wonder Flash Rewards has become such a popular option for shoppers looking to earn a bit of extra cash. 

If you’re looking for some supplemental income, you’re likely wondering — is Flash Rewards legit? We’ve analyzed Flash Rewards reviews and key features to help you decide. 

Get Rewarded in a Flash

  • Flash Rewards offers gift card rewards for completing online tasks with affiliates.
  • Tasks include playing games, signing up for subscriptions, completing surveys, or shopping online.
  • Earnings increase with completed offers, ranging from $100 to $500 payouts.
  • Sign up is free, requiring personal information and identity verification, followed by a questionnaire to match users with relevant offers.

What Is Flash Rewards? 

Flash Rewards is a platform that gives users gift card rewards for completing tasks online. These tasks usually involve interacting with Flash Rewards affiliates in some way. 

Examples of Flash Rewards tasks include playing mobile games, signing up for online subscriptions, downloading apps, completing surveys or shopping online using affiliate promo codes. In exchange for completing these tasks, users can earn gift cards to popular sites like Amazon and Shein or cash out through PayPal. 

Flash Rewards has several earnings tiers. Completing more offers will help you earn more rewards. For example, completing five offers can yield a $100 payout, while completing 15 offers yields a $500 payout. 

The Flash Rewards website offering a $100 gift card for completing 5 deals or a $1,000 reward for completing 25 deals.
The Flash Rewards website offering a $100 gift card for completing five deals. 
Source: Flash Rewards

Is Flash Rewards Legit / Is Flashrewards.co Legit? 

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a bit of extra money, you might be wondering — Is Flash Rewards legit? The short answer is yes, Flash Rewards is a legitimate affiliate rewards program. Users who successfully complete Flash Rewards offers can earn gift cards and rewards in exchange for their participation. 

However, there are some things to be aware of before using Flash Rewards. Many Flash Rewards deals require you to spend money before you can make money. For example, many of the activities on the site require users to make a purchase from a specific site. 

Additionally, some offers will require you to sign up for subscription services. Although you may get a free trial of the service initially, you could be charged for the service later on if you don’t cancel in time. 

FlashRewards reviews also indicate that the company doesn’t offer great customer service. While the company claims to process most offers in just a few days, it can sometimes take as long as two months to process and approve orders. 

Is Flash Rewards Worth It? 

Flash Rewards could be worthwhile for some people, but it won’t be the best money-making option for everyone. Flash Rewards is best for users who have plenty of free time to explore and complete different offers. To make the most of Flash Rewards, you’ll also need to be able to spend money upfront on offers without it impacting your overall budget. 

Flash Rewards isn’t ideal for people who are on a tight budget or need extra money right away. If you’re unable to spend money upfront, you won’t be able to complete many of the offers on the site. Additionally, payouts can take time to process, so you may not receive your reward until weeks or even months after you complete the tasks. 

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How Does Flash Rewards Work? 

Creating an account with Flash Rewards is free. To sign up, you’ll need to provide some personal information, including your name, your birthday, your address, and your contact information. They’ll use your contact information to send offers directly to your phone and email. You’ll also need to verify your identity by uploading identifying documents. 

Once you’ve created an account, you will complete a questionnaire about your general internet use and online shopping habits. This helps Flash Rewards match you with offers that they think you’ll be interested in. 

When you visit the Flash Rewards site, you’ll see a long list of deals that you can complete to earn points. To earn points, you must click on the deal link directly from the Flash Rewards website — you won’t earn points if you go through the retailer directly. You’ll also need to follow the instructions for each deal correctly in order to earn points. You can earn gift cards by playing games, completing shopping offers, or signing up for subscriptions. 

Once you’ve completed your first deal, you’ll have 60 days to complete the remaining number of deals required to earn a reward. As you complete deals, be sure to take screenshots and save relevant emails relating to each deal. This is because you’ll need to submit proof of each deal when you redeem your rewards. Keeping records can also help you remember to cancel unwanted subscriptions later on. 

It can take five or more days for your completed deals to show up in your account. In some cases, it can take as long as 60 days to process a deal. When you want to cash out your rewards, you’ll need to submit proof of completed deals and verify your identity a second time. Then, you can select the gift card you’d like to receive. Gift cards can be sent to your email address or shipped to your home, and they typically take seven to 10 days to process. 

The Flash Rewards website explaining how you can earn rewards for completing deals with their partners and mentioning that payment for services may be required.
The Flash Rewards website explaining how you can earn rewards.
Source: Flash Rewards

What Is The Catch With Flash Rewards? 

Is Flash Rewards legit? While you can earn money through this platform, there is a catch to be aware of. Many offers on Flash Rewards require you to spend money before you can earn money. You’ll also need to complete enough offers to earn a reward within 60 days, or your points will expire. Additionally, rewards can take a long time to process, and many offers will require you to submit your personal information. 

Is Flash Rewards Safe? 

While Flash Rewards isn’t inherently dangerous, there are some privacy concerns to be aware of when using this program. You’ll need to provide your personal information to make an account, and many of the deals will require you to provide your personal information as well. Some FlashRewards reviews noted that they received more scam phone calls and emails after signing up for Flash Rewards

Pros and Cons of Flash Rewards

There are advantages and disadvantages to signing up for Flash Rewards. It’s important to be aware of these factors when signing up for the platform. 


  • Good offer selection: Flash Rewards has a huge range of available offers to choose from, so it’s easy to find an offer that interests you. They also update their available offers frequently. 
  • Interesting rewards: Users can earn gift cards of up to $1,000 by completing deals. Flash Rewards has a variety of exciting reward options available, including gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Shein, as well as PayPal cashouts. 
  • Available worldwide: Flash Rewards is a global company, so anyone can sign up regardless of their location. 


  • Need to spend money: Many of the deals on the Flash Rewards site require you to spend your own money to complete them. 
  • Takes time to process rewards: It can take up to 60 days for completed deals to show up in your account, and it takes at least a week to process your rewards. 
  • Must complete tasks exactly as instructed: To get credit for the deal, you’ll need to read the fine print, follow the instructions to the letter, and provide proof of each deal to cash out. However, Flash Rewards doesn’t make this clear to users when signing up. 
  • Must cash out within 60 days: Users must complete enough deals to redeem a reward within 60 days of completing their first offer or they’ll lose their points. 
  • Increase in spam emails and texts: In many FlashRewards reviews, users note an influx of spam emails and texts after signing up for the platform. This can be annoying and creates privacy concerns. 
  • No app: While Flash Rewards claims to have a mobile app, it doesn’t appear to be currently available in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. 

Flash Rewards Reviews

Wondering – is Flash Rewards legit? Here’s what online reviews had to say about this program. 

This FlashRewards review shared a positive experience with the program. The user was able to earn a $100 gift card by completing the offers. They noted that the customer service team was very helpful and responsive. 

A Trustpilot review from a user who likes the platform and appreciates the customer service reps.
A positive Trustpilot Flash Rewards review from a user who sees it as a fun and easy way to earn extra money.
Source: Trustpilot

However, another FlashRewards review was much more mixed. This user found that it took too long for their offers to process, which made it difficult for them to level up and redeem rewards. 

A 3-star Trustpilot Flash Rewards review from a user who wasn't leveling up like they should have been because customer service said they had multiple accounts.
A Flash Rewards review from a user who like the platform initially but ran into issues recently.
Source: Trustpilot

Another FlashRewards review stated that their deals were never credited, despite completing them according to the instructions. 

A negative Trustpilot review from a Flash Rewards user who says they were cheated out of rewards for some deals.
A 2-star Trustpilot Flash Rewards review from a user who said they weren’t credited for some deals they completed.
Source: Trustpilot

Is Flash Rewards Legit Reddit

Many Reddit users have shared their experiences with Flash Rewards. These reviews give us some insight into the question – “Is Flash Rewards legit?” 

One user shared that they were able to earn a $500 Best Buy gift card by completing rewards. However, they noted that you must read the terms and conditions for every single deal to get them credited. 

A Flash Rewards user sharing their experience on Reddit. They said it isn't a scam, but there are a lot of terms and conditions to keep up with for all the offers.
Someone on Reddit sharing their mixed Flash Rewards experience.
Source: Reddit

Another user noted that you only have a narrow window of time when you can cancel an offer you signed up for with Flash Rewards while still getting credit for completing it. They recommend only joining Flash Rewards with a high level of organization and using a spreadsheet to track everything.

A Flash Rewards user on Reddit explaining the narrow window when you can cancel an offer while still getting credit for it.
Someone on Reddit explaining their mostly positive experience with Flash Rewards.
Source: Reddit

Commonly Asked Questions About Flash Rewards

Flash Rewards Competitors / Alternatives to Flash Rewards / Similar To Flash Rewards? 

Some alternatives to Flash Rewards include:

Many of these are apps that pay cash or gift cards for shopping or completing surveys online, without the privacy concerns present with Flash Rewards. 

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Is Flash Rewards a Scam? 

Is Flash Rewards legit? Flash Rewards is not a scam. Users who successfully complete the offers can cash out for gift cards. However, it’s important to read the fine print for each offer before signing up. 

Is Flash Rewards Genuine? 

Flash Rewards is a genuine rewards site. They offer gift cards and PayPal rewards for users who successfully complete their offers. However, it’s not the best way to earn free money now. Flash Rewards users should be aware that offers will require you to spend money upfront.