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Cointiply Review 2024: Is Cointiply Legit?

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Do you spend over 7 hours looking at a screen each day? 

If so, your screen time is average for a modern American.

That’s a lot of time with devices. What if you could turn all that searching and surfing into a form of income? 

With Cointiply, you can.

Cointiply pays cryptocurrency in exchange for doing simple online tasks. 

The earnings aren’t great (this isn’t a ticket to long-term financial security), but you can pick up some extra money here and there.


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What is Cointiply?

View of Cointiply online user dashboard to earn cryptocurrency online.
Get started with Cointiply to easily and quickly earn cryptocurrency online!
Source: Cointiply

Cointiply is a website that pays you in cryptocurrency for responding to surveys, playing games, and completing other online tasks.

Have you heard of “Bitcoin faucets” or websites that give out small amounts of Bitcoin for free? 

How about Get-Paid-To (GTP) websites, which pay people for doing simple online jobs? 

Well, Cointiply is a combination of the two. 

The site gives away cryptocurrency each hour, but you can earn more by completing online tasks. 

What separates Cointiply from other paid survey sites is that the earnings are all paid out in crypto. 

As you complete online tasks, you’ll receive Cointiply “Coins.” You can then cash out by converting these coins into Bitcoin, DOGE, Dashcoin, or Litecoin.

The earnings from Cointiply are hardly astronomical. Even Cointiply itself says the average user earns only $30/month. 

So is this going to act as a full-time job? Absolutely not.

But could it help to pad your income, especially if you already spend a lot of time online? For sure.

So basically, using Cointiply could be helpful to some people and pointless for others.

This Cointiply review won’t tell you whether you should use the site. It will lay out the facts so you can make a choice that’s right for you.

A person completing games on their mobile device through the Cointiply app to earn cryptocurrency.
With Cointiply, you can earn crypto by playing online games.
Source: Unsplash 

How Does Cointiply Work?

Cointiply works by giving users cryptocurrency in exchange for doing simple online tasks like watching videos and completing surveys. 

As you do the work, special “Coins” are added to your balance. You can withdraw your money once you’ve accumulated 30,000 Coins, which equals $3.00. 

The process for using Cointiply is simple:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the site.
  • Step 2: Complete the tasks that you’re offered
  • Step 3: Cash out by turning your Cointiply coins into crypto

Paid tasks on Cointiply include:

  • Playing games (on a desktop or mobile device)
  • Responding to surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Signing up for services

Cointiply also acts as a “Bitcoin faucet,” meaning users can receive a small amount of cryptocurrency each day just for being on the site. 

But remember, these “automatic” payments are quite small. To take full advantage of Cointiply, you’ll need to complete tasks.

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How to Sign Up For Cointiply

Signing up for Cointiply is easy – like, really easy. 

You don’t even have to give them your last name.

Just go to the Cointiply website and click “Sign Up.”

Then, you’ll provide the following:

  • Your first name
  • Your email address

After that, it’s just a matter of entering and confirming a password (they’ll even create one for you), completing the reCAPTCHA check (to verify you’re not a robot), and clicking “Sign Up Now.”

The site will take you to your portal, and you can start completing tasks right away. 

The whole process seriously takes less than 30 seconds.

Using the platform on a desktop is a breeze, but it’s also available on mobile devices. Android users can even download a Cointiply App from the Google Play Store. 

There’s no Cointiply App for Apple yet, but IOS users can still access Cointiply through a browser.

Cointiply mobile app is available for Android users through the Google Play Store.
You can use Cointiply with a computer or a mobile device.
Source: Unsplash

Is Cointiply Legit?

Cointiply seems to be a perfectly legitimate platform. Why do I say that? Because a whole lot of people report their positive experiences online.

If a get-paid-to website ripped off its users, the internet would be full of horror stories. With Cointiply, it’s just the opposite. 

The site has a decent 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot, with user after user singing the site’s praises. 

There are, of course, people who call Cointiply a “scam,” but most are just upset that their accounts were suddenly closed. 

This doesn’t mean that the site’s “fraudulent.” It just shows that misunderstandings about Cointiply’s policies are common.

What people should really care about is whether Cointiply actually pays out the money in users’ balances. And on this front, everything seems to check out.

Is Cointiply Safe?

Using Cointiply seems to be completely safe. 

I haven’t encountered any stories of people being ripped off or having their data stolen. In fact, the vast majority of online reviews are positive.

But I want this Cointiply review to be completely forthcoming, so it’s worth mentioning a potential complication. 

Cointiply pays out in cryptocurrency, not U.S. dollars. Of course, you can immediately convert your crypto to U.S. currency if you’d like, but it’s likely that many users keep their earnings in crypto.

Cryptocurrencies, for now, tend to be less stable than standard “fiat” currencies like the U.S. dollar.

So, let’s say you earn money on Cointiply, then leave your earnings in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. 

Are your earnings “safe?” 

Not necessarily. This is because they’re subject to the volatility of the crypto market. 

If, for example, you keep your earnings in Bitcoin and then the price of Bitcoin plummets, the money you made on Cointiply won’t be worth as much in the “real world.”

Pros and Cons of Cointiply


  • Plenty of paid tasks are available. Many users report that there is enough work to keep them busy and keep them earning money. 
  • Interesting variety of tasks. Doing the same thing again and again, can be boring. Users say that Cointiply avoids this by mixing up the available tasks. 
  • Super easy to join. Getting started takes less than a minute.


  • Payouts are only possible in cryptocurrencies. Options include Bitcoin, DOGE, Dashcoin, and LTC (Litecoin). Hoping to earn in U.S. dollars? Then this isn’t the platform for you. 
  • The pay isn’t the highest. Cointiply says the average user earns $30 per month. That’s…something, but it’s not exactly great. Keep in mind you can earn more than average, but you’ll have to complete more tasks. 

Cointiply Reviews

Cointiply users leave lots of online reviews, and most of those reviews are positive.

One user on Trustpilot described how they’ve successfully received 19 payouts from Cointiply. 

That’s the type of story that makes Cointiply sound 100% legit.

Positive Cointiply review from a user on Trustpilot.
A Cointiply review on Trustpilot highlights the smooth payout process.
Source: Trustpilot

Another reviewer on Trustpilot even went so far as to call Cointiply “the best faucet in the business.” They were especially impressed by how quickly their payout appeared in their Coinbase wallet.

Five star Cointiply review from Trustpilot user.
An enthusiastic Cointiply review praises the company for its quick payouts.
Source: Trustpilot

Of course, not every Cointiply user comes away with a positive story. 

I noticed two common problems:

  • Getting suddenly banned 
  • Simply not making enough money for the platform to be worth it.

One Cointiply review on Trustpilot described what it was like to be suddenly kicked off the platform. While it’s tough to assess the situation without more details, I can definitely sympathize with the user’s frustration. 

It seemed like things were going well, and then – bam! She was off the site.

One star Cointiply review from a user on Trustpilot who was banned from the Cointiply platform.
A Cointiply review slams the site for banning them without an explanation.
Source: Trustpilot

And then there’s the simple fact that, on Cointiply, it’s unlikely you’ll earn a lot of money. 

One Reddit user, responding to a question about if Cointiply is worth it, responded by explaining how the payout is less than minimum wage. 

Reddit user who claims people make less than minimum wage on Cointiply.
Someone on Reddit says it’s wiser to work a “real job” than earn below minimum wage on Cointiply.
Source: Reddit

I’ll be honest: This Reddit user is kind of on to something. Is making $30 a month on Cointiply really the best way to construct a brighter financial future? Probably not. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Maybe you’ll really enjoy the online tasks that Cointiply gives you!

Commonly Asked Questions About Cointiply

Is Cointiply a Scam?

Cointiply is not a scam. All evidence suggests the site is fair and legitimate. Cointiply has a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot, and tons of reviewers describe positive experiences with the site.

How Much Can You Make From Cointiply?

According to Cointiply, the average user makes around $30 each month, while top earners make hundreds. Ultimately, earnings depend on how much time you spend completing tasks on the site.

Can You Make Money on Cointiply?

You can absolutely make money on Cointiply. According to the site, the average user makes around $30 per month. But can you get rich on Cointiply or even earn a sustainable living? Probably not.

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What is Better Than Cointiply?

Cointiply has several competitors – and while they’re not necessarily better, they do provide other options. One alternative is FaucetPay, which has a very similar model. Another option is Prolific, which is a standard survey site that pays in dollars, not crypto. 

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Is Cointiply Free?

Cointiply is completely free. To sign up, you only need to provide your first name and email address. The process is practically instantaneous, and they won’t charge you a dime.

Is Cointiply Real or Fake?

Cointiply is a real, legitimate website. Does that mean it’s right for you? Not necessarily – the earnings aren’t great. But if you decide it’s worth it, you can at least rest assured that you won’t get ripped off. 

What is Cointiply Minimum Withdrawal?

If you’re receiving your money as DOGE, Litecoin, or Dashcoin, you can withdraw from Cointiply once your balance reaches 30,000 Coins (which equals $3.00.) If you’re receiving your money as Bitcoin, your balance must have at least 50,000 Coins. Payments are processed within 24-72 hours. 

How to Earn in Cointiply?

You can earn in Cointiply by playing games, responding to surveys, watching videos, and engaging in other online tasks. Cointiply also works as a “Bitcoin faucet.” This means you can receive tiny amounts of Bitcoin on the side for free.