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Surveytime Review 2024 – Is It Legit and How Do You Make Money?

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Are you living paycheck to paycheck? 

If so, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 64% of Americans are in the same position.

But what happens when you need some extra cash? 

One option is to take online surveys. This isn’t a job that pays 100k without a degree, but it’s not a bad way to supplement your income.

And if you want money fast, there’s one site that’s especially useful: Surveytime.

It’s similar to InboxDollars and Branded Surveys, which I also really like from our list of surveys that pay cash instantly.

In this Surveytime review, I’ll describe the site’s instant payout feature and help you decide if it’s the right platform for you. 

What is Surveytime?

Surveytime is a paid survey site that’s all about speed and simplicity. 

They pay out $1 for each survey. There’s no crazy points system, and you won’t have to guess how much you’ll get paid. 

One survey = 1 dollar, plain and simple.

Another amazing feature: You’ll receive the money as soon as you finish each survey. There’s no cashout threshold. In fact, there’s no cashing out involved at all. 

Just take the surveys, and you’ll get paid through Paypal or gift cards as you go. 

Gentleman sitting at his laptop completing online surveys after reading a Surveytime review.
With instant payouts, Surveytime is a great place to make a quick buck – literally.
Source: Unsplash

How Does Surveytime Work?

In a lot of ways, Surveytime is a standard survey site. You take surveys about a variety of topics, and they pay you for your efforts.

There are basically three steps to using the platform:

  1. Sign up for Surveytime (it’s totally free).
  2. Take a short “introductory survey,” so they know more about you.
  3. Complete available surveys, receiving $1 after each one.

You can get the money sent to your Paypal or receive gift cards to Target, Amazon, and other popular brands.

Again, Surveytime is all about “simplicity!” 

How Do You Make Money on Surveytime? 

Some rewards sites offer a wide variety of earning opportunities, but Surveytime is completely survey-centric.

Where you do get some variety is in the types of surveys available. Surveytime even uses the information from your “introductory survey” to offer surveys that match your interests. 

This is good news for two reasons:

  1. The more interesting the surveys, the more fun you’ll have on the site.
  2. The more fun you have, the faster you’ll go, and the more you’ll earn!

Some surveys might take longer than others, but you’ll get paid $1 no matter what. 

Sounds unfair? I hear you. 

But here’s the thing: Surveytime prioritizes speed and consistency. And that has its own benefits. 

Young woman learning how to make extra cash online with a Surveytime review.
Surveytime offers different types of surveys, so you’re more likely to find ones you enjoy. 
Source: Unsplash

Is Surveytime Legit?

Surveytime is a legitimate platform. How can I be sure?

Well, Surveytime is run by, a market research company based in Israel. 

So that’s reassuring in itself. This isn’t some sketchy operation run by a few dudes in a basement. It’s attached to a brand. A brand with executives and a public profile. 

And then there are the reviews to consider. Surveytime has an excellent 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot. 

Can you find a bad Surveytime review out there? 

Sure. I’d never claim the site is perfect. But when a platform has above a 4-star rating, you can be pretty certain it’s legit.

Is Surveytime Safe?

All the evidence I can find suggests that Surveytime is indeed safe. 

I see no signs of fraud, no stories of people stealing data. It seems the site does exactly what it claims to do: pay people for completing surveys.

One thing to note: Surveytime does use the information you share with them for marketing purposes, and you could receive advertisements based on the data you’ve provided. But at least they’re honest about it, describing their practices clearly in the privacy policy they post online. 

Overall, I’d say there’s nothing to be suspicious of here. 

Pros and Cons of Surveytime

It’s time for this Surveytime review to take a closer look at the platform’s benefits and drawbacks. 

Here’s what makes the site stand out – both for better and for worse.


  • Instant payouts. Have you completed a survey? Then you’ll get paid in a matter of minutes. No waiting, no cashout process, just earnings delivered immediately.
  • Available around the world. You don’t have to be from the U.S. to use this platform. In fact, you don’t even have to be from an English-speaking country.
  • Email notifications for new survey opportunities. With Surveytime, you won’t have to worry as much about missing available surveys.
  • Multiple payout options. You can get paid through Paypal or receive a gift card to a retailer of your choice.


  • Spotty customer service. If something goes wrong, it can be hard to get clear answers. 
  • Tough to qualify for surveys. Some survey designers are picky about who takes their surveys. So, you might struggle because of demographic issues beyond your control. 
  • No bonus payment for signing up. Some platforms give you some money for registering, but not Surveytime.

Surveytime Reviews

Surveytime has been around for years, which means there are plenty of reviews available online. 

What are actual users saying about the platform? Let’s take a look – one Surveytime review at a time.

A user recently praised the site for its structure and ease of use. They even described a survey as “fun to complete,” which is always an added bonus!

Five-star Surveytime review from a user on Trustpilot.
A Surveytime review on Trustpilot calls the platform “awesome.”
Source: Trustpilot

Another user gave the platform four stars, which suggests they liked their overall Surveytime experience. 

But why not five stars? Well, it seems the user struggled to qualify for surveys, which is a common critique of the site. 

Four-star Surveytime review from a user on Trustpilot.
A user gives Surveytime a positive review but hopes for higher earnings in the future.
Source: Trustpilot

The “not qualifying” issue is frustrating enough, but one reviewer also experienced another problem: surveys failing to load. This lowered their earnings on the site to an estimated 50 cents per hour.

Negative Surveytime review from a user who struggled with surveys not loading properly.
A Surveytime review complains about surveys not loading.
Source: Trustpilot

Another user had a mixed experience – years of satisfaction followed by getting underpaid for a survey. The technical issue must have been a blow, but at least it’s encouraging to read about years of successful payouts before the one mistake!

Two-star Surveytime review from user who claims they were underpaid by the platform.
A Surveytime user says they used the site successfully for years but then got underpaid for a survey.
Source: Trustpilot

Surveytime Reviews Reddit

With so many obvious benefits, Surveytime has attracted a fair bit of attention on Reddit. 

In one Surveytime review, a user wonders why even more people aren’t talking about the site. They’re especially excited about the platform’s instant payments. 

But there’s a small concern in the review, too. Apparently, the user has been getting some surveys that pay only 50¢, which contradicts Surveytime’s claim that all surveys pay $1. 

Does this make me doubt the site’s legitimacy? 

No. Small discrepancies like this can happen. But it’s definitely something to watch out for as you start taking surveys on the site.

Glowing Surveytime review from Reddit user who loves how the platform pays out instantly.
An enthusiastic reviewer praises Surveytime’s instant payments.
Source: Reddit

In another Reddit thread about Surveytime, someone questioned whether getting paid $1 per survey is actually so great. 

A user responded by stating the obvious: Each person has to decide whether it’s worth it to them. But they also said they complete the surveys while “multitasking and not paying much attention,” which is perfect for a low-stress side hustle.

Surveytime review from a user who thinks $1 per survey isn’t a lot.
A Surveytime user says they complete surveys while multitasking. 
Source: Reddit

A final Reddit Surveytime review does a lovely job of summarizing the platform’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The good? Instant payments.

The not-so-good? The fact that it can take “ages” to qualify for a survey.

Surveytime review from a user in the UK who earned $3 using the survey platform.
Surveytime matches users with available surveys based on their profile and demographics. 
Source: Reddit

Is Surveytime Worth It?

To decide whether or not Surveytime is worth it, you’ll have to assess your own goals and expectations, then consider what Surveytime can and can’t do.

Let’s start with what it can do: Offer instant payouts. With most survey sites, you’ll have to reach a cashout threshold before you can access funds, and that can take days. With Surveytime, you can sign up now, then get money less than an hour later.

That makes it a pretty appealing option for anyone who needs cash – not next week, not tomorrow, but now!

But what can’t Surveytime do? 

Well, it can’t guarantee you’ll qualify for survey after survey. Sometimes, you might be disqualified from surveys you wish you could take. And that means you can’t count on the site for consistent income.

So here’s my takeaway: This is the best survey site out there for getting funds immediately. But, as far as long-term earnings go, it’s just one option among many. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Surveytime

What is the Alternative to Surveytime?

There are lots of survey sites online. You could try Qmee, which is similar to Surveytime in that there’s no cashout threshold.

Beyond that, you could use other survey sites like Survey Junkie, Kashkick, and Branded Surveys. And here we’ve answered the question, “Is Apex Focus Group legit?”

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Is Surveytime Legal?

Yes, Surveytime is legal. It’s a legitimate platform run by, a known market research company based in Israel, and I see no history of legal complaints.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal for Surveytime?

Surveytime doesn’t have a minimum withdrawal. In fact, they don’t have withdrawals at all. Instead, they pay you instantly each time you complete a survey. 

Surveytime Tricks?

Surveytime tricks include: 

  1. Don’t expect to qualify for every survey available.
  2. Fill out your profile honestly so you get relevant surveys.
  3. Earn more by taking surveys on the go with the Surveytime mobile app.

How to Earn Money on Surveytime?

Surveytime is all about simplicity, so earning money on the platform is straightforward. Just make an account and take the introductory survey. Then, take additional surveys as they become available. You’ll earn $1 each time, which you can receive through Paypal or as a gift card. 

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Is Surveytime Real or Fake?

Surveytime is definitely a real platform. It’s part of, a legit Israeli company, and it has thousands of online reviews from real users.

How Long Does Surveytime Take to Pay?

Surveytime pays immediately. That means you’ll get your payment, which is $1 for each survey, as soon as you finish. That’s a big part of what sets Surveytime apart from its competitors! 

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Surveytime App?

Surveytime has an app available on Google Play and the Apple Store. You can also access the platform through a standard web browser.