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Get Paid to Watch Netflix [2023] How to Get Paid $1,000

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What if you could get paid to watch Netflix? Read on to learn how to get paid $1,000 while watching your favorite shows and movies.

It’s no secret that watching Netflix is amazing. That’s why Netflix has 238.4 million paid subscribers around the world!

But here’s something that is a secret: You can get paid to watch Netflix

That’s right, you can enjoy your favorite programs – and pad your income while you’re at it! 

But how? The key is to find a Netflix-friendly side hustle.

Below, I’ll walk you through the best ways to get paid to watch Netflix. 

Keep reading, because making money is about to get a lot more entertaining!

How to Get Paid To Watch Netflix

With the right strategy, you can make some serious money while watching Netflix – over $1,000, in fact.

You probably won’t make $1,000 with just one of these strategies. But if you mix and match, you could end up with some serious earnings.

So here are the top ways to get paid to watch Netflix!

1 – Play Games

Earnings Potential: $50 per month

Imagine you’re watching your favorite show on the TV while playing games on your smartphone – and you’re actually getting paid to do it. 

It might sound impossible, but it’s not. Lots of online platforms will give you real money for playing games, making this an excellent way to get paid to watch Netflix.

The first step is to identify games that are legit. Because let’s face it. The internet is full of scammers. 

But plenty of games are legit. They’re run by real companies, and they have a proven track record of paying their users.

Terrific options include:

  • Mistplay: A gaming platform with over 10 million downloads and a 4.1-star rating in the Google Play store. 
  • Blackout Bingo: A skills-based bingo game that lets you compete for real cash.
  • Bowling Battle: A super fun bowling game with real cash prizes.

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And if you’re especially interested in digital bowling, here’s a breakdown of the best bowling apps

Playing Bowling Battle is an awesome and easy way to get paid to watch Netflix. 
The Bowling Battle app gives you a fun way to make money while watching Netflix. 
Source: Skillz

2 – Answer Surveys

Earnings Potential: $5 per day

Answering surveys is super easy. In fact, it’s so easy that you can do it while watching Netflix! So grab your device, turn to your favorite show on the TV, and get started. 

Getting paid to take surveys is generally a three-step process:

  1. Create an account with a reputable survey platform.
  2. Choose from a list of available surveys and answer all the questions.
  3. Receive money to your account, and then cash out when you reach a certain threshold (usually around $5). 

The internet is literally full of survey sites – and plenty of them are 100% legit. Survey Junkie is an especially popular platform. Not only does it offer paid surveys, but you can also earn money just by letting the company monitor your online activity (be sure to check out Survey Junkie’s SJ Pulse).

Then there are Swagbucks and InboxDollars, which both pay users to play games as well as take surveys. Not a bad way to make a buck, right?

Check out this list of surveys that pay cash instantly.

Now, I want to be real here. You’re not going to make $1,000 quickly just by taking surveys. But if you combine survey-taking with other strategies, you could make some serious money – all while watching your favorite shows.

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3 – Submit Receipts

Earnings Potential: $150 per year

You know when you check out at a store, and the cashier asks if you’d like your receipt? You might want to start saying “yes” because now, you can turn those receipts into gift cards. 

How? By using Fetch.

The Fetch app lets you earn rewards on your purchases by uploading receipts. You can upload receipts from anywhere, but your best bet is to be strategic and shop at certain partner retailers. That’s because some brands offer more rewards than others.

To upload receipts, you just have to scan them with your smartphone. And you know what that means – you can totally do it while watching Netflix!

You can upload up to 35 receipts a week, and you’ll get points credited to your account as you go. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for a gift card to Amazon, Walmart, or another popular retailer. 

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4 – Get a Job as a Nighttime Sitter

Earnings Potential: $20+ per hour

Babysitting can be a hectic job – until it’s not. There are those crazy hours before bedtime and then that sweet, relaxing period once the kiddos fall asleep. 

That means if you can find nighttime babysitting gigs, you could end up watching a lot of on-the-clock Netflix. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Finding babysitting work might seem tough – and it was before the internet. But now, you can use to find jobs in your area. 

Start by signing up on the website. Then, peruse the job boards to see what’s available. With a bit of luck, you’ll find some opportunities for nocturnal babysitting – which is basically a way to get paid to watch Netflix!

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Babysitting with is a great way to get paid to watch Netflix. 
On, you can find nighttime babysitting jobs where you basically get paid to watch Netflix. 

5 – Lower Your Bills

Earnings Potential: $100+ per month

So, let’s say you really want to watch Netflix, but you feel you should spend your time doing something more lucrative. Good thinking. I applaud your sense of financial responsibility!

But here’s an idea. Why don’t you just take a few minutes to lower your bills and then watch Netflix with a clean conscience? Because yes – you can seriously slash your monthly expenses in a matter of minutes, especially if you use Rocket Money.

Rocket Money is a budgeting app that specializes in canceling unwanted subscriptions. You can see all your subscriptions in one place, then use the app to eliminate the ones you don’t really need. 

And thanks to Rocket Money’s bill negotiation feature, you can save money on your utilities while you’re at it. They’ll take care of the negotiations for you, and you’ll only pay extra for the service if they succeed in getting you a lower price. 

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Of course, there are other ways to save money besides just cutting subscriptions and renegotiating your bills. Check out this guide that explains How to Save $10,000 in a Year.

6 – Find an Easy Job

Earnings Potential: $22+ per hour

Have you ever seen someone “just chillin’” on the job and thought, “Where can I apply?”

Maybe it’s time you applied for one of those “cake” positions. They’re out there for the taking, and they could even help you get paid to watch Netflix.

There are plenty of jobs where you could watch Netflix without even breaking the rules. For example, you could try:

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With pretty much any work-from-home job, you can slip in a little Netflix here and there. Some people like to call it “background noise.” 

Are you jealous of the pajama-wearing Netflix watchers who get to work from home every day? Don’t complain about them – join them! 

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7 – Become a Netflix Tagger

Earnings Potential: $25+ per hour

A “Netflix Tagger” is someone who labels shows and movies to help improve the Netflix algorithm. 

And how do they know what labels to use? By watching the shows and movies! This is a fantastic way to get paid to watch Netflix.

Unfortunately, landing this job isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ll have to head over to the jobs section of the Netflix website to see if there are positions available. 

*Note: Netflix calls taggers “Editorial Insights Content Analysts,” so that’s what you should type into the search bar.

These positions aren’t always available in the United States. At the time of this article’s publication, the only tagger jobs listed are in Korea.

But the Korean job posting does give a snapshot of the requirements, which include:

  • Four years of experience in the media or entertainment industries
  • A deep knowledge of the “entertainment landscape”
  • Cross-functional and presentation skills

If you manage to land the gig, you won’t just be snacking on popcorn with a remote in your hand. You’ll have to meet deadlines, compile data, and think critically about what you’re watching.  

Still, working as a Netflix tagger is a way to get paid to watch Netflix. So, if it sounds like your dream job, keep an eye on that Netflix jobs page. You might just get lucky!

Commonly Asked Questions About Getting Paid To Watch Netflix  

Can You Get Paid to Watch Netflix?

With the right side hustle, you can get paid to watch Netflix. Here are some options to consider:

Get Paid $1,000 to Watch Netflix?

You can make $1,000 by doing simple online tasks – and with Netflix on in the background. Try playing games and taking online surveys. It will take some time, but you’ll reach $1,000 eventually. 

Netflix Tagging?

Netflix tagging is a way to get paid to watch Netflix. The good news? It’s a super fun job, allowing you to watch TV and then tag the programs with the appropriate labels. The bad news? These jobs are actually tough to get – so monitor the Netflix website for openings. 

Make Money Watching Movies on Netflix?

If you have a knack for multitasking, you can absolutely make money while watching movies on Netflix. Here are some things to try:

How Much Do You Get Paid to Watch Netflix?

If you work as a Netflix Tagger, you could make $25 – $30 per hour. Unfortunately, these jobs can be hard to come by. You could also try playing games and taking online surveys while watching TV, which is how many people get paid to watch Netflix. 

How to Get Paid by Netflix to Watch Movies?

Netflix pays people to watch, analyze, and label movies – but these “tagger” positions are often unavailable. You could also do one of these jobs while watching Netflix:

Can You Actually Get Paid to Watch Netflix?

You can get paid to watch Netflix if you become a “Netflix tagger.” This means you watch shows and movies and then label them to help the Netflix algorithm. And if there are no tagger positions available, you can find another easy job that allows you to get paid to watch Netflix while you work. 

How Do You Get a Tagger Job on Netflix?

Tagger jobs are tough to find, so you need to watch the jobs section of the Netflix website like a hawk. If an “Editorial Insights Content Analyst” position opens up, click “Apply Now” and send in your resume. And here’s a tip: Emphasize your experience in the entertainment industry if you have any.